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Parents judgement.

Leaning against the hood of Will's car, JJ smiled widely as there lips met, pulling away as she bit down onto her lip, she felt his hand brush her cheeks.

"Your beautiful"

"Your not so bad yourself" JJ replied.

JJ kissed once again, before leaning her head back. "I better go."

"What, your mom's already watching she knows your out here."

JJ shook her head. "No wonder they hate you. You're a bad influence."

"More like you are. And besides, they've never liked me . Ever since that time I kissed you in the school play when we were like five."

JJ laughed, looking right at Will. "I remember my first kiss very well, and my mothers face."

"Yeah, I think it looks the same right now" Will said turning his head a little.

"She'll get over it, and its almost been a year, they've gotta warm up to you sometime."

"When, I've graduated college and got a proper job, maybe."

JJ smiled, letting out a breath, kissing him once again JJ let go of Will's hand, making her way up the porch, not wanting the night to end.

Peeking through the living room window, JJ's mother watched as her daughter kissed the boy she called her boyfriend, she didn't understand what her daughter saw in the boy, he had scruffy hair, wore clothes that hung off his body and drove a stupid car. Watching as JJ made her way up the porch she quickly moved away taking her seat back on the sofa. "I really hate that boy."

"He misbehaves and she thinks he's cool, he'll hurt her and she'll dump him."

"Or he'll get her pregnant and leave her"


"You know I'm right Paul he's just another boy who want's to get into her pants."

"Jennifer is smarter than that."

"Huh, well from what I just saw, I don't think she is."

Closing the front door, JJ smiled to herself walking through to the living room.

"Your late"

"I was right outside, you saw me."

"Your still late."

Rolling her eyes JJ crossed her arms over her chest, sitting on the edge of the sofa. "Why don't you like him?"

"Because, he's a bad influence, look at what he drives and what he wears."

"Like every other teenager in this town"

"He's a bad guy JJ"

"NO! no he's not, and if you actually got to know you the guy I'm in love with you'd see that he's not just a guy, who goes out gets drunk and has sex every weekend"

"Oh really"

"Yeah! I drink, I go to parties, he's not the guy you think he is."

JJ new she was crossing a line, but she was getting annoyed at how much her parents disliked Will.

"What are you saying Jennifer" Mr Jareau said turning his attention to his daughter.

"You know exactly what I'm saying so stop judging him, because I was the one, who asked him out.."

As JJ walked up the stairs she turned back towards the living room. "And oh next time, you don't have to stare at us out the window."

Sitting on her bed, JJ looked through the pictures on her laptop of her and Will, they had been dating for almost a year, and Will had hardly spent anytime with her at her house, due to her parents hatred. Hearing a sound coming from outside. JJ opened her window.

"What are you doing here?"

"Breaking the rules."

JJ smiled, locking her door. Moving her laptop of she sat down on the bed, pulling Will towards her.

"You okay?"

JJ nodded, running her hand down his chest. "Just sick of my parents hating you for no reason"

"Of course they hate me, I'm the guy every parent hates, I mean I play sports, drink, etc, etc" Will said rolling his eyes.

JJ laughed, falling back onto the bed. "But, they don't know that you're an amazing boyfriend who always puts me first and is always there for me."

"Well, one day they'll come around."

"I know they will, cause I fell in love with you. They will to."

"Parents are parents, there meant to hate me, it's there job." Will said kissing her once on the lips.



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