I skip down the road, careful not to step on the cracks between the paving stones, humming to myself. The icy wind of the winter's air nips at my cheeks, stinging my eyes and I'm sure I can feel my fingers slowly freezing into icicles in my gloves. I can see my breath; a puff of steam in the air before me; a constant cloud in front of my face, not dense enough to block my view but visible enough to distract me.

As I come to my destination; a terraced house with the number 42 in brass lettering on the door, I glance up to the window, where I see Rosa waving down at me with a large grin on her face. I wave back up to her and as I do she steps away from the window subsequently disappearing from my view. I fumble with the bolt on the gate; my fingers far too cold to do anything with full force, and make my way down the garden path. No sooner have I reached the door than I hear a click and Rosa's head pops round the side of the door.

'Anna!' she greets me by calling my name and throwing herself at me, giving me a pretty big hug considering she's a pretty small person. 'Happy Birthday!' she exclaims and I smile as she pulls me into her warm house, locking the icy weather out behind me with a slam.

I remove my wellingtons and place them under Rosa's radiator before shrugging my coat off, hooking it onto one of the unoccupied pegs on the wall to my left. Rosa has already disappeared through to her kitchen but it doesn't matter, it's not like I need showing around. I tread down the corridor in just my socks, wriggling the cold out of my toes; trying to accustom them to the sudden heat they're now on the receiving end of- a great contrast to the cold that was intoxicating them but a few minutes previously.

'Come on in then' Rosa momentarily reappears from the kitchen, impatiently grabbing my hand and dragging me through to the kitchen. I stumble from the carpeted corridor to the tiled floor of the kitchen and immediately slide across the floor, crashing into the surface that runs round the side of Rosa's kitchen. I didn't have time to think as I felt myself slipping over backwards and I could already hear Rosa and her brothers; their peals of laughter ringing in my ears. I reached my hand out, determined to grab onto something; anything in a vain attempt to stabilize myself.

I feel my hand dig into something soft and squidgy but it leaves me with no foundation to grip whatsoever and I crash to the floor, the squidgy substance collapsing with me, plummeting from the surface and landing straight in my face... it's only when I taste it I realise that the thing I tried to stable myself is was a cake! A Birthday cake! My Birthday cake!

Happy Birthday Abbey! I know I'm two days late but because I'm so pathetic it took me this long to write this lovely, pathetic piece :P I know it's rubbish but please read and review :D

Once more, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ABBEY! I SAY THIS IN REPRESENTATION OF ALL OUR FICTIONAL FRIENDS! I hope you like the cover by the way... Ella made it :P I paid her to make it because I'm a technophobic who can't use colour!

-Checky x