Chapter 2

They had been at music camp for 3 days now and Kurt and Blaine had become quite good friends finding out more about each other.

It was 9am and pretty much everyone was eating breakfast chatting in groups of people, Kurt and Blaine sat at a table on their own in a corner talking about school and friends.

"Okay everybody listen up!" Jenna one of the women in charge shouted to get everyone's attention. "You haven't done much work so far so today you are going to get into groups of four. We will give you a song to sing then you are going to go to one of the music rooms then later on you will all perform and who group we think are the best will get to go to the beach tomorrow. Okay so get into groups of four now." Everybody rushed around getting into groups apart from Kurt and Blaine who thought they may as well just see who was left at the end. After everybody was in groups there was just a girl and boy called Imogen and Matt who were boyfriend and girlfriend so they got in a group with them.

Imogen was about 5ft7 with long blonde hair that was dip died blue at the end and she had bright blue eyes. Matt was about 5ft9 with short spiked up brown hair and had Brown eyes.

Soon Darren one of the other team leaders came over to them "Hey guys so your song will be…Not like the Movies by Katy Perry. Okay?" Everyone nodded and then he walked away.

"Omg I love that song." Blaine said jumping about excitedly. Everyone else just laughed at him.

"Okay so shall we meet back down here in about an hour and then head to go and practise?" Imogen suggested.

"Okay." Kurt and Blaine said in unison and Matt nodded. Everybody went back to their rooms to chill and get ready to practise.

An hour later Kurt and Blaine stood waiting for Imogen and Matt where they said would meet. After 5 minutes of waiting, Imogen and Matt appeared at the door.

"Ready to sing?" Matt asked. Kurt and Blaine turned round smiling at the two in the door way.

"Yep and we are going to kick everyone else's ass'" Kurt replied with a small chuckle. They all head to an empty music room where there were a piano, two guitars and lots of other instruments.

"Okay so how are we going to do this? Can any of you play an instrument?" Kurt asked hopefully.

"I can play the piano and guitar." Blaine said.

"I can play the violin. But that wouldn't go well with this song so..." Imogen replied.

"I can play the guitar and that wouldn't sound right either I don't think. What about you Kurt?" Matt asked.

"I can also play the piano but not very well… do you want to play the piano Blaine?" Kurt asked smiling at Blaine.

"Sure." Blaine said grinning.

"Okay let's do this." Matt laughed.


He put it on me, I put it on,

Like there was nothing wrong.

It didn't fit,

It wasn't right.

Wasn't just the size.

They say you know,

When you know.

I don't know.


I didn't feel the fairy tale feeling, no.

Am I a stupid boy for even dreaming that I could?

If it's not like the movies,

That's how it should be, yeah.

When he's the one,

I'll come undone,

And my world will stop spinning

And that's just the beginning, yeah.


Snow white said when I was young,

"One day my prince will come."

So I'll wait for that date.

They say it's hard to meet your match,

Gotta find my better half.

So we make perfect shapes.

If stars don't align,

If it doesn't stop time,

If you can't see the sign,

Wait for it.

One hundred percent,

Worth every penny spent.

He'll be the one that

Finishes your sentences.

When Blaine started to sing Kurt sat staring at him in awe. His voice is amazing… just like him …whoa wait what?! Kurt thought. He was brought out of his day dream when it was his turn to sing.


If it's not like the movies,

That's how it should be, yeah.

When he's the one,

He'll come undone,

And my world will stop spinning,

And that's just the beginning, oh, yeah.

'Cause I know you're out there,

And you're, you're looking for me, oh.

It's a crazy idea that you were made perfectly for me

You'll see.


Just like the movies.

That's how it will be.

Cinematic and dramatic with the perfect ending, oh.

It's not like the movies, oh,

But that's how it should be, yeah.

When he's the one,

You'll come undone,

And your world will stop spinning,

And it's just the beginning.

"Woo we are going to win this thing. You guys are awesome." Imogen said to Kurt and Blaine.

"Thanks you too." Kurt smiled and Blaine nodded in agreement.

After they practised a few more times until they had it perfect they decided to go and get some lunch. Once they were sat down they talked for about 10 minutes and then everyone went silent.

"So are you two...together?" Imogen asked.

"N-no we just met the other day." Kurt replied and Blaine was sure Kurt was blushing.

"Aww too bad you'd make a great couple I think. Don't you think Matt?" She said turning toward her boyfriend.

"Yeah." He smiled. Kurt and Blaine just looked at each other awkwardly.

At about 6:30pm Kurt and Blaine got ready to go for tea and the competition. Kurt wore Black tight Skinny jeans with a tight white t-shirt and white Dr Martens. Blaine wore red skinny jeans a black polo shirt and a bow tie.

"You ready to go Kurt?" Blaine shouted to Kurt who was in the bathroom making sure his hair was perfectly coiffed.

"Yeah hold on." Kurt shouted back then a minute later emerged from the bathroom. "Ready. How do I look?" Kurt asked.

"Perfect." Blaine smiled then started blushing when he realised what he had said. "Err... Right lets go." Blaine said quickly changing the subject.

When they got downstairs Imogen and Matt was sat at a table and called them over to sit with the.

"So are you ready to perform?" Imogen asked them.

"Yep. What time to we have to be in the auditorium?" Blaine asked.

"7:30 you have 20 minutes." Darren said walking past them.

"Okay eat up we'll go down when we've all finished." Kurt said shovelling pasta and salad into his mouth.

10 minutes later they had all finished and made their way down to the auditorium where most groups where already sat waiting with Jenna and a few other of the group leaders.

Kurt, Blaine, Imogen and Matt took a seat and waited for the last few groups to come. After about 10 minutes all of the groups where there and Darren was on stage.

"okay who wants to go first?" Darren asked and a group of girls got up and sang I wanna dance with somebody by Whitney Houston. Next they decided to go up to do their song, when they finished they received many claps. About 6 more groups performed, some were good others not so great. Once everyone was finished Jenna got up on stage to announce the winner.

"Okay so the winner is…. Kurt, Blaine, Imogen and Matt. Darren will drive you to the beach, be at reception for 11am." Jenna announced.

The next morning Kurt and Blaine got up and had breakfast then at 11am they went down to reception where Darren was waiting with Imogen and Matt. They got into Darren's car and then went to the beach. When they got there they splashed around in the sea, sun bathed and just messed around. Blaine and Kurt where messing around on the beach while Imogen and Matt played in the sea.

"Kurt? Can I talk to you about something?" Blaine asked nervously.

"Yeah sure what is it?" Kurt replied.

"I know we've only known each other for about 5 days but I'm beginning to really like you. I'm not good at this kind of stuff so I'm just going to say it…Kurt will you be my boyfriend? " Blaine asked.

"Yes!" Kurt replied then Blaine leant over to Kurt and pressed a kiss to his lips.

"ooo looks like someone finally got their shit together and asked the other one out." Imogen laughed. Kurt and Blaine pulled away smiling.

"Well I'm happy for you guys." Matt said smiling.

"yeah me too like I said you're a cute couple." Imogene smiled.

After a few more hours of messing around on the beach and in the sea and kissing they called Darren to pick them up. While they waited for him to come they sat on a wall holding hands.

"so maybe music camp isn't that bad at all. But I have to ask Blaine will this all end when we have to go home?" Kurt asked look down at his feet as if his shoes had become interesting.

"No of course not. We only live 2 hours away from each other and we can see each other on weekends." Blaine smiled nudged Kurt in the shoulder. They just sat there in silence and waiting for Darren to come and pick them up. When he arrived they walked hand in hand to his car and then drove all the way back in silence.

Once they got back to the house Jenna was in the reception waiting for them to see if they had a good time they all said then did and then Imogen and Matt wondered off somewhere probably to their room. Jenna eyed their hands that where laced together curiously.

"So are you two together now then?" She asked with a wink. Kurt and Blaine looked at each other and smiled nodding. "Well it's a good job you won right? Or this might not have happened so soon." She said smiling then walking away. After Jenna and Darren had both left they decided to both go up to their room to take a nap as they were exhausted from their busy day.

Once again Blaine was woke up from his sleep my Kurt moaning and talking in his sleep. "No Karofsky you can't hurt him no!" Kurt cried.

"Kurt! Kurt! It's just a dream wake up." Blaine said softly shaking Kurt to get him to wake up. Finally when he was awake he told Blaine about his dream.

"Karofsky was chasing us and he wanted to h-hurt you." Kurt sobbed.

"It's okay Kurt I'm right here. Do you want to sleep in my bed with me?" Blaine asked hugging Kurt. He felt Kurt nod into his chest so he pulled him up onto his bed. They cuddled and then drifted of back to sleep and this time there was no bad dreams to wake Kurt up only good ones of him and Blaine.