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She's my sister.

Henry sat, watching as his baby sister crawled across the living room. As she stopped in front of him, Henry helped Lily up, sitting her between his lap, taking the present off his father, Henry helped his baby sister open it. He really did love his little sister and would always protect her.

"Happy first Birthday Lily." Henry said kissing her head.

"I hope your always gonna be this nice to her" JJ said smiling at her children.

"I promise mamma, I'll always look out for her."

"Were holding you to that buddy."

5 years later

Heading out onto the playground, Henry zipped up his coat, heading round to the soccer pitch, Henry joined one of the teams, as he dribbled his way through, he kicked the ball watching as it , went across he playground. Picking up the ball, he saw a group of boys from in his glass gathered around. He watched as one of them moved out the way.

"HEY!" Henry yelled rushing over he saw the group of boys surrounding his sister.

"What you want. Henry!"

"Leave her alone."

Looking forward, Henry saw his little sister, full of years, holding onto her hair.

"And what if we don't!"

"You'll have me to deal with."

"You fancy her Lamontagne. She's like 4"

"Actually she's 6 and she's my little sister."

"Ohhhh. Okay well in that case, we'll tease her some more." one of the boys said.

Picking up the ball, Henry throw it watching as it hit him in the face. Watching as he fell over crying, Henry grabbed his sisters hand, pulling her out of the way.


Nodding Lily did as she was told. Turning back around, Henry felt someone's fist in his face.


Lily, stood outside the kitchen, watching as her parents talked to Henry.

"So you gonna tell us what happened or?"

"Nothing, I just fell and it the floor."

"I'm not stupid Henry. I know what a black eye looks like I've had a few myself." Will said crossing his arms over his chest.

"Mamma" Lily said stepping into the room, holding her teddy bear close.

"Sweetie can you go play in your room, I'll be up in a few minutes."

"No. listen." Lily ran into the kitchen, standing in front of her mother.

JJ was confused but picked up her baby girl sitting her on her lap, moving her hair out of her face she looked down at Lily. "What's up sweetie?"

Looking over at her brother, Lily gave him a nod. "Henry protect me from mean boys."


"Is this true Henry?" JJ asked looking over at her 9 year old son.

Nodding Henry looked at his parents. "Yes. I told you, I'll always look out for her."

"So what really happened?" Will asked, joining them at the table."

"I kicked the ball across the playground, I went to get it and I saw some boys in my class and then I saw Lily. So I went over and saw she was crying, so I threw the ball in his face and told Lily to run."

JJ sighed, looking up at Will, as she listened to the story.

"Then, one of them punched me."

"He not in trouble?" Lily asked.

"No baby, Henry's not in trouble."

"Come on baby, lets get you to bed." JJ said picking Lily up.

Will watched as JJ carried out Lily.

"Why you do it?"

"Do what?"

"Not tell us?"

"I didn't want to sound like a brother that cares."

"But you do."

"We may not get along now, we might fight, but she will always be my sister dad."

"You're a smart kid you know that."

"I learnt from the best."



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