Hermione was still feeling horrible after everything Madame Pomfrey tried. She was in the hospital wing for two weeks now and she wasn't even feeling a bit better.

It all started two weeks ago. She was feeling happy because it was her last lesson that day.

She got to her Potions class. She didn't even care that it was Snape's class because she was sixteen and she was going to celebrate it next day. In class, Hermione felt a little dizzy and she was hot like she had a fever.

When she almost fainted in the middle of the lesson, even Snape was worried and he sent her to the hospital wing. In the hospital wing Madame Pomfrey gave her a potion and she fell asleep with worried voices surrounding her.

2 weeks later

She woke up and there was something different. "Remus…" she said weakly. If she was feeling well she would have shouted. She felt very happy for the first time in weeks.

"Hello Hermione." he said with a smile "Wow, this is not easy." he said, scratching his head.

Hermione looked to him with questioning face. "Hermione, we think you are a werewolf. You have the symptoms, so you have to move to America by yourself, not with your parents. You're going to a small place called Forks."

She felt stronger the next day; the day of her leave. She hugged Ron and Harry tightly and apparated to Forks. Her house looked lovely. All of the stuff was already there and the living room looked more like a library.

She walked through Forks and saw that they needed a part-time helper in a clothes shop. It paid better than working in the library.

She told her story to the lady of the shop (of course she didn't tell her she was a witch or a werewolf) and she got the job.

The next step was going to a normal high school. She asked the principal from Forks high school if she could come to the school. The only thing she had to do was to go to the high school and sign some papers.

The next morning, she woke up in her own bed. Quickly, she got dressed and ate. But when she looked in the mirror she saw that she was wearing her Hogwarts suit.

Running back to her room Hermione was thinking of something to wear. She chose a blue skirt with a white baggy blouse. She put exactly the same clothes in her bag (the bag was endless inside), and went to school.

She came to school and a boy came up to her. "Hey guys, a newbie." the boy said to his friends.

A friendly looking girl walked to the boy and told him to leave her alone. "Hello, I'm Bella." The girl seemed nice.

"I'm Hermione Granger." Hermione was feeling nervous. And saw two other girls walking to them.

"Hey Hermione, I'm Jessica. You're English, aren't you?" a girl with too much make-up said to her. "Yes. I am from England. It's a pleasure to meet you." Said Hermione.

The other girl looked sad "and this is Angela." Bella said pointing to the sad girl. "Her boyfriend moved two days ago."

"Oh, that's horrible." Hermione said understanding. "I had to leave all my friends in England or technically in Scotland where our school was." She felt sad after saying that.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I think we'll get along nicely. By the way, how old are you?" said the girl named Angela. She looked nice too.

"I am sixteen." Hermione responded. The blond boy looked at her.

"So, newbie, I'm Mike.' he said arrogantly. Hermione didn't like him at all.

At her break, Hermione sat with Bella, Angela, Jessica, and Mike. A few vampires walked in. "Who are they?" Hermione nodded her head to the vampires.

"Them? They're the Cullen's." Jessica said. Hermione looked at them. She had never seen a vampire before.

After school, Hermione wanted to go home but that Mike stopped her. "So, newbie, you think you're part of the group? Well you aren't. You're just the new girl who we're making fun of behind your back." he grinned evilly.

Shaking from anger, Hermione runs into the forest. She puts her bag in a tree and runs, her footprints changing into paw prints.

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