few years later Jojo was 10 and his thinks get him in trouble. "Just think
Minnows can be whales!" He shouts to his class. That is when his teacher
dropped her new glasses. In his next class he gave his other teacher a nerves
conniption. So he was suspended. His parents were not happy about this. Later
that day the ceiling was pealing and he folded the den. Jojo was thinking
again. The baby sitter was freaking out over everything Jojo did.

While that is
going on his parents are out with friends when Mona's phone rings. "Hello Mona
Mayor speaking." "Hi this is the baby sitter the ceiling is pealing and Jojo
flooded the den!" She yelled into the phone. "What should I do?" "Calm down and
we will be home in 30 minutes ok dear." "Ok thanks." She told Mona. "Lovely
just lovely the ceiling is pealing and are den is flooded thanks to Jojo."

only good thing about this is that Horton is going to save us." Mona said.
Pause Horton is an elephant who is saving WhoVille the speck of dust by going
to Sala Salu to put the clover in a safe place. "I have this broacher that will
help your Jojo problems." Stacy said. Mitch and Mona read the flyer and gasped.
"The help you seek is inside this broacher."

They said at the same time as they
raced home. "Here is the money and we won't need a babysitter for a while."
"Why not?" She asked Mona. "Jojo is going to Military school for a long, long
time dear." "I understand." Then the babysitter left.