A/N: My first non-anime FanFic! I was inspired to write this because of my blossoming love of KatnissxPeeta. And seriously, who could resist a name like PeeNiss?

Title: She's So Mean*

*(The Matchbox 20 song with this title is awesome. Also, their song Unwell completely describes Peeta in Mockingjay, when he was hi-jacked. I recommend you listen to them!)

Summary: She's Katniss Everdeen. He's Peeta Mellark. Add some espionage, teen angst, and cold-hearted stubbornness and you've got the recipe for disaster. Disaster's never tasted this good.

Rating: T for now. If I decide to bump it up to M, I'll let you know.

Pairing(s): PeetaxKatniss, PrimxOC

Warnings/Notes: Changes the Mellark family around; OC of Peeta's younger brother; no mentions of Gale for now; non-canon

Disclaimer: THG belongs to Suzanne Collins. This is purely a work of fiction.

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"i...I like you!"

Katniss Everdeen raised an impassive eyebrow. "I like myself too. Your point is...?"

The rapidly reddening boy standing in front of her was her classmate, as far as she knew. Rand what's-his-name. A classmate that had unceremoniously belayed a rather harried 'confession' of sorts upon her.

A confession she had no intention of accepting.

"Are you done, or?"

By now, the poor boy was all but a muddled pile of goo. He nodded meekly, and she took it as her cue to spin around and walk away. Prim was waiting to be picked up, her mother needed her to help with the cooking, and she had no such time for silly matters like that of dating and love.

The middle school section was separated from the high school section of the Twelfth District Schooling Compound by a small band of trees and a dirt trail. It was along this trail that Katniss was now hurrying, anxious to get to Prim and begin their walk home. All thoughts of the boy she'd left heartbroken in her wake were forgotten.

"Prim!" She called, emerging from the path and spotting her cute-as-a-button sister. "Are you okay? Sorry I'm late, there was a minor inconvenience."

"I'm fine," Prim reassured her elder sister with a calm, collected smile.

Katniss blinked, noticing the young, handsome boy beside Prim. "Who's this?"

"Hm? Oh, this is Bryan."

"Nice to meet you, Bryan," Katniss smiled and put out a hand. Her eyes hardened ever-so-slightly as she evaluated the grinning boy-she and Prim would have a loooong talk when they got home.

"Likewise," Bryan shook the proffered hand with a surprisingly firm grip. "Prim tells me a lot about you."

Another small, pinched smile. "I'm sure she does. C'mon, Prim, let's go."

Katniss quickly stepped away. Behind her, Prim waved to Bryan and trotted over to her sister. "Coming!"


"So," Katniss said conversationally, her eyes never leaving the small bunch of veggies she was running under the tap. "Bryan, huh?"

Prim looked up from the small salad she was tossing. "Bryan Mellark. He's new."

"That's why I haven't seen him around." Katniss muttered, more for her own benefit than for Prim's. She couldn't have suspicious strangers around her little sis, after all. Oh, the perils of being a responsible (read: overprotective) older sister.

"He has a brother," Prim plucked a stray lettuce leaf and slowly chewed it. "His name's Peeta."

"Weird name. Haven't seen him yet."

"Well, yeah. He stayed home today to help set up the bakery. His parents are the new bakers," she explained. The old bakers had disappeared one night and never came back. Later, it was said that the government was after them, but most of it was hearsay and gossip, as far as Katniss was concerned.


Prim ignored her sister's dismissive tone. "He's the same age as you, sixteen. So you two will be in the same class, just like me and Bryan."

"Whoop-de-doo," Katniss muttered darkly. She could already picture this Peeta: tall, handsome, clean-cut, athletic, stuck up... Damn her small, crappy school for having only one class per grade level. If she was lucky, maybe she could survive the year without bumping into Mr. Perfect.

"By the way, I've invited them over for dinner."

"...You what?"

"I invited them over for dinner," Prim calmly repeated.



Katniss spluttered indignantly for a moment before finally regaining coherent speech. "Prim, how could you?"

"Kat, you're just mad 'cause now you can't avoid Bryan and Peeta forever."

"Am not." She flushed. Somehow, Prim always saw through her.


Katniss frowned. "I'm not trying to avoid them. I just prefer being alone." That way, no one can hurt you but yourself.

Before Prim could retaliate with an 'Oh really,' their mother walked in. "Hi Katniss, Prim. Thanks for starting dinner, dears. I just finished dealing with a patient who was completely convinced he was dying of a broken heart."

Katniss snorted under her breath. The best way to avoid a broken heart? Don't give out your heart in the first place.

As if anticipating her older sister's oncoming ridicule, Prim quickly butted in. "Er...why don't you sit down, Mother? I'm done with the salad, and the soup should be out in a minute."

"Thank you." Their mother gratefully sunk into an old wooden chair.

"By the way... Has Prim told you about her plans for tomorrow night?" Katniss sneered.

"About the Mellarks coming over? Of course," the older woman answered. "Is there a problem?"

"There's not enough food."

"Greasy Sae's having a great deal on meat this week. Buy two pork chops, get the third free."

"We don't have the money, Mother."

"The broken-hearted patient tips well. We have fifty dollars to splurge, Katniss."

"Well, this table won't fit us all," she protested weakly. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Prim grinning like the Cheshire cat as she stirred the brewing soup.

"This seats six; there's us three and Bryan, Peeta, and Mr. Mellark. Mrs. Mellark isn't feeling well after their long trip, so she'll be excusing herself."

"More like she's too stuck up to eat with poor people," Prim muttered. Mrs. Everdeen shot a reprimanding glare at her younger daughter, before glancing back at Katniss.

"Katniss, it'd mean a lot if you came. I mean it. Please."

Katniss just sighed.


"I heard she rejected another guy."

"Seriously? That's the sixth this month!"

"What do they even see in her? She always dresses like a slob."

"I know, it's disgusting. Just because her face is a little pretty, now she's getting all cocky."

"Whatever, she's a bitch anyways."

"So true. Oh by the way, did you hear about the new guy?"

"That Peeta guy, right? He's hot!"

"Yeah, totally."

Katniss sighed as she tried to tune out the two girls chatting loudly in front of her. It was hard; their obnoxiously high-pitched falsettos made her head start to pound. Tweedle-dee and Tweedle-dum, two peas in a pod. With a sigh of defeat, she stood up and walked out, not bothering to observe the look of mean-spirited satisfaction on the girls' faces as they watched her retreat. School had yet to start, and the outer courtyard was often empty at this time in the mornings.

She sat under the huge, ancient oak tree. It was her favorite spot in the entire school. She loved sitting there, watching the leaves waver in the wind, contemplating matters that had nothing to do with anything. And sometimes, just sometimes, she would sing.

Today was not one of those days.

"Agh. Dinner tonight," she thought out loud disgustedly. What she would give to skip that dinner. "Stupid Mellarks and their stupid stuck-up mother and fancy house and perfect everything." She ranted at the crisp, golden leaves. "And we have to eat with them. Great."

"...My life's not as good as you think, actually." A soft voice piped up.

Katniss spun around. Sure enough, it was a tall, handsome, clean-cut guy. The fact that he perfectly matched her imaginative stereotype wasn't even the worst thing; the worst thing was that he'd heard her. She was so getting into deep shit with Prim.

She hated apologizing (especially to this guy), but hated Prim's look of disappointment even more. "Listen, sorry for sayi-"

"No, please don't. I agree; my mother is rather stuck-up and our new house is overly lavish. As for being perfect-I'll get back to you on that."

Katniss flushed. Was he making fun of her? On second inspection, his eyes seemed perfectly clear and honest. Weird. "Sorry."

His returning smile was sweet. Too sweet. Katniss instinctively didn't trust it. She couldn't trust it. "I don't want to go to dinner much anyways. Why not show me around town?"

"Excuse me?"

"Show me around town," he repeated. "That way, you get to skip an awkward dinner and I get to see the local sights."

"Believe me, in District 12, there are no sights," she warned. It was true; District 12 was half the size of the next smallest district, and was basically filled with coal anyways.

His smile didn't waver. "No problem. Entertain me."

"Is that a challenge?" She asked, intrigued.

"If you want it to be," he replied smoothly. He held out a hand. "I'm Peeta Mellark."

Katniss ignored his hand, instead looking straight into his deep cerulean eyes. "Katniss Everdeen. See you tonight, Peeta Mellark."

Slowly, his hand fell, and he was left staring at her rapidly retreated back.

Katniss Everdeen.

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