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A One-sided Reunion

He is lost

For the first time in his life, Geo is truly lost. Something he finds to be quite ironic to begin with since it's at the very place he was born and raised. Then again, it's not like he can do anything about it.

The young ruler knew his town will have plenty of changes during his 'absence' but he didn't expect them to be this…extensive. Everywhere he goes, he sees many unfamiliar buildings and places that aren't there before he went to space. One good example is the building that is positioned next to Echo Ridge Elementary (Which brings him quite a few nostalgic memories); he figured that it's a high school from the looks of it.

However, being lost also has its perks as well as it also provides him with a plenty of time to think about things that have been gnawing on his mind for the last 8 years…and it didn't take a scientist to figure out what he was thinking about.

Along the way, Geo encounters a children playground and thus decides to take a rest there at one of the nearby benches for a bit before he resumes his 'journey'. As a plus, the whole park was empty of anyone minus the children whom are playing like there was no tomorrow. Not that he mind or anything, he could use a little bit of white noise while he's at it.

I wonder how mom is right now…Is she still thinking about me or does she think I'm already dead 8 years ago?

Knowing her, she'd probably still be waiting for him to come back home - Which he already did, mind you…just not officially - the same way how she and him waited for dad. While he is thankful for that, he is also feeling guilty for keeping her, and a whole lot of others, waiting.

Is dad with her?

Geo silently pray he is. Back then when he's MIA, Geo had become her only pillar of living support; he is the very reason why she didn't break down and did something reckless. If he didn't exist, god knows what she would do afterwards. He shuddered at the thought. Once again, Geo prayed to any deities out there that he's with her…so that he could became her support during his own disappearance.

I wonder how my friends are while I'm gone.

While his own parents are something, it's his friends that he should be really worried about.

Prez will probably beat him up to a bloody pulp for missing her congratulatory party of becoming the School Council President. Bud would bear-hug the Hero of Justice to death for leaving them without any word. Zack will probably be crying to himself while stating some random facts about chances of him being dead is 0.00% or something like that. Solo (Does he even considered as a friend in the first place?) wouldn't say anything but Geo got a hunch that he's going to demand a rematch with him afterwards.

Geo chuckled lightly to himself as he stared at the clear blue sky. Even after 8 years, he could still remember his friends' antics like it was on the back of his hand.

And last but not least, Sonia…

His smile slowly vanished at that. He couldn't exactly pinpoint what her reaction would be. He first expected her to burst out crying like the kind and innocent girl she used to be upon the discovery but after their little feud back then at Willshire hills and seeing her attacking him with full-vigor up-close, he knew that her reaction would be anything but happy. In fact, that was the first time he actually seen her doing close combat.

Geo winced as he rubbed his chin where she last kicked him with the power similar to a sledgehammer. While the physical pain is no longer there, the blow still affects him mentally. There goes the kind and innocent girl he used to know.

"No mercy for you." A voice commented from behind him.

"The same goes for you." Geo replied without a beat before turning his head behind. "Aren't you supposed to be hiding right now or do you just want to show off the world your new look?"

Since this is an extremely secret mission, the team had taken utmost precaution to the point that even their EM-partners are put under disguised as well just like their human partners. However, it was proven to be a difficult task as it involves heavy re-configurations of their data base's programming which can send the whole system to crash down if there's one small error. Thankfully, with the collaboration of the centuries-old Cerveaus and the Satellite Administrators, the crisis is averted, albeit minimally.

Being one of the co-leaders of the whole group, Mega was also forced to change his form.

Currently, the EM-being took the form of a golden mecha eagle. He has a pair of neon-green eyes and a golden beak that are equipped with a set of razor sharp teeth. The abdomen is protected by a golden-armor that has sets of spikes strategically arranged on the backside and shoulder parts. No longer using his arms, Mega now uses an equally-lethal pair of golden and white wings that are layered by knife-like feathers. Last but not least, his bird legs are equipped by sets of 3.5 inches long curved golden talons.

"Hey, you know me." Mega said in response. "If you ask me, this is way better than my old ones." To support his statement, he unclenches his claws a few times, producing a sharp and sick 'schling' sound every time he does. A few passerbies saw this and immediately runs away in fear of such deadly weaoib. Geo hope that they won't contact the Satella Police for this. Otherwise, things will get complicated than it was supposed to be.

"As far as I remember, you were the one who rejected the idea of changing forms the most." Geo commented with a deadpan look. "And you only like that form because it can make you fly."

"You're just jealous because you can't." If it weren't for his newly-formed beak, Mega would've stuck his tongue out at him.

Geo gave him mock-glare

"So where to now, kid?" He asked straight to the point. "If you ask me, I think you're just walking aimlessly around in circles."

"Hey, don't look at me. This place has changed way more than I expected it would have been." Travelling through the Wave Road is definitely out of the question as it will alert WAZA of his presence and blew his team's cover. His second option was to find a map of some sort concerning the whole town. However, fates seems to be messing around with him as every Wave Directories he passes by were deactivated due to upgrading purposes. The only solution he has left is to do the recon manually...which is not going quite well at the moment.

Mega opened his beak and was about to say something when something familiar caught his attention. Human sense of curiosity took over him; Geo follows his gaze as well.

"Hey, isn't that…"

The blonde was puzzled at first until he saw what Mega saw. He couldn't help but grin widely afterwards. Finally, the two were able to something that they're both really familiar with. "Yeah, it is…" He said. "Wanna go there?"

The FM-ian shrugged. "I don't see why not."

The place that the two are talking about is no other than the Vista Point, the very place where they both first met each other by pure accident. After overcoming the bumpy beginning, his unofficial carrier as the world's one and only (Well, at least he think it is) Hero of Justice begins. It was by a stroke of luck that the playground he's in is actually linked to the place.

"Brings back good memories don't it?" Geo asked as they stopped at the foot of the stairs.

"Yeah, you were a really whiny boy back then."

"…I didn't mean that kind of memory."

"I know, just saying."

The girls didn't gave them any some sort of time limit or anything so why not? His partner nodded and the two walked (for Mega's case, hovered) up the stairs. It seems the Vista Point is as empty as it always been judging by how quiet it. Well, that's what he thought.

Due to the sun's position which is at the top of the stairs, the two was forced to shield their eyes from the intense sunlight as they climb up. It was only when they arrived at the Vista Point did they open their eyes once again and they certainly did not expect to see the sight they are witnessing right now.

"What in the name of…" Geo trailed off, unable to explain in words on what he's actually seeing right now.

As far as Geo remember, Vista Point was just a normal, not very famous, small grass land with the main purpose of stargazing but now, the whole place was turned into a massive, beautiful-looking garden. There were flowers of different colors planted everywhere they look, all of them arranged in a coordinative manner. The trimmed grass was in the color of a healthy light green and the place was really clean; there wasn't even a single trash in the place.

As the two wandered around, curious Geo went to touch one of the flowers there and was surprised to see that they were actually the real deal; not some sort of a Real Wave or anything. If his memory concerning plant studies was correct, some of these flowers are quite expensive due to its extreme rarity and can only be found on certain parts of Earth where mankind is impossible to reach. In fact, all of the flowers that are in this park come from different places throughout the entire world.

He broke out of his thoughts when he realizes that his aimless walking has led him to the front of a marble statue right at the centre of the whole garden. He figured that the statue was the mayor of Echo Ridge - Which he never actually seen before in his life - or anyone related but turns out, it wasn't any of them.

"Is that…me?" He said to himself, shock evident in his tone.

Sure enough, the statue really is him. He was clad in his past blue bomber with his buster raised high to the sky. The whole statue was exceptionally-detailed if he must says so himself, from the circuit lines to the shooting star emblem, even the backward fins on his back were there! Under lowlight, one could easily mistake it as the real deal, which is actually him.

Mega whistled behind him but he was too shocked to even care. "Damn, we missed a lot of things, haven't we?" He commented as he stood right beside his partner.

Geo didn't respond to that as he was still gaping like a helpless fish at the sight of his very own statue. He looked down at the pedestal where his statue was standing on and noticed a marble slab sign attached to the front side.

In loving memories of our beloved Hero of Justice, Mega Man

7th October 2XXX

Curiosity took over him once again for the third time, Geo tried to examine it to see if it was real or not. However, just when his fingers are about make contact; he sensed a presence coming from behind. He immediately spun around to deal with the threat and was met with a dangerous…broom?

"What in the bloody hell do you think you're doing!?" An old man demanded angrily in English accent (A/N: Sorry if it doesn't sound like English accent.) as he held the broom. The old man was half of Geo's height, wearing what he assumed was a janitor's jumpsuit with a rag hanging out of the left pocket and a disinfectant spray gun on the other. He had shaggy white hair and moustache that gave him an Albert Einstein look, except that he doesn't look that…smart.

"Uh…" Geo blurted out, he couldn't just say that he mistook the janitor (or is he a gardener?) as a threat and was trying to kill him now, would he?

The old man assessed him suspiciously when it dawned on him. "Aha! I knew it!" The janitor (or is he supposed to be a gardener?) exclaimed with his broom raised high, shocking the hell out of Geo and Mega. "You were trying to vandalize the statue just now, weren't you!?"

"Huh, what?" Geo said, completely dumbfounded.

"Nice try but I can see when a person is lying or not from a mile apart!"

Both sweatdropped at his false conclusion. Apparently, this old man can't even see a truth when it's only 3 feet apart.

"I'm telling the truth, I just wanted to touch it, that's all! Honest!" Geo tries to reason with him.

Unfortunately, the persistent old man only snorts and rolled his eyes. "That's what they all say!"

Geo inwardly sighed. This conversation isn't really going anywhere, and he knew that.

"Now you two lots better get out of here before I call the cops and arrest you no gooders!"

"Arrest us!? Now listen here old man we're—"Mega stopped midsentence when Geo raised his hand and gave him the 'Stop-it-or-else-you're-gonna-make-it-worse' look.

"R-Right, sorry about that." He apologized. Why is he being sorry for again? "Let's go, Falcom."

Mega grunted but he didn't say anything about it. Geo was a bit sad at the thought of leaving his favorite spot but if it means making this old man happy then he'll do it. As the two got near the staircase, they heard the janitor shouted from a distance once more.

"And don't ever come back!"

Now it was Mega's turn to roll his eyes. "Oh joy." He said in a mock English accent, earning a snigger from his human companion.

"Now what, kid?" Mega asked once again as they stepped down the staircase once again. "We got kicked out of your place by some strange old man and I don't think we can come back there anytime soon."

"Yeah well, I was thinking…" As Geo conversed with his partner, he was unaware that a person was walking in his path while carrying a stack of boxes that are twice his height. It would've look fine if it weren't for the fact that the box was tipping from side to side and is looking like it's on the verge of falling.

With both sides not knowing each other's presence, the two walked into each other by pure accident. Occupied with talking to his companion, the leader was surprised when he suddenly made contact with the person and was even more surprised when a large shadow suddenly casts over him and he saw a tower of boxes looming over, looking like it's about to—


The sounds of metal pieces resonated throughout the surrounding as the boxes fell onto the unfortunate Hero of Justice.

"Ow…" Geo groaned dizzily as he lay helplessly on the ground. One thing he realized at the moment was that the containment units were anything but heavy. It reminded of the time where he entered Cerveaus' Weapon Lab and accidentally pulled a lever that causes hundreds of metal screws and bolts to rain madly upon him. Why such lever doing there in the first place remains a mystery to him, even until now.

"Oh my god, are you alright, dude!?" The man asked after realizing what he had just done.

"No, no, it's alright." Geo said weakly, still disorientated from the impact. "Don't worry about it, it was just an acci…dent…?"

With the boxes now out of the way, Geo was able to get a good view of the person he ran into. The person has long blonde hair that was tied into a pineapple-like ponytail and a similar-colored moustache and beard. For his choice of clothing, he sports a light-green Hawaiian shirt with forest-green leaf patterns and a pair of brown khaki pants along with a pair of black sandals. Truth to be told, the man –along with his totally out-of-place choice of clothes – looks awfully familiar. In fact, he looks like…

'Ken!?' Geo and Mega mentally screamed in unison.

Ken sighed in relief. "Thank god. For a second there, I thought I had to call the ambulance." He then helped Geo get up, something that Geo gladly accepts. "Sorry about the crash landing, dude. I'm Ken Sutherland by the way but you can call me Ken. I work at an electronic store nearby called the Big Wave."

"My name's Ge—I mean Tyler, Tyler Lightheart. The golden eagle over there is my Wizard, Falcom. Me and my family had just recently moved here." Geo – or by his fake name, Tyler – sighed inwardly, he nearly told him his real name there. Ken gave him a calculative look, something he find to be a bit uncomfortable. "Um…is there something the matter?"

"Oh nothing, it's just that you look familiar somehow." Geo hitched his breath at that. Panic began to churn inside his body but he tries his best to keep up his calm demeanor. "Have we met somewhere before?"

'Tyler' shrugged. "Not that I remember any." Seeing that he still has a doubtful look etched on his face, he decides to change the subject. "About your boxes…"

Ken gasped at that and immediately went to examine the boxes that are scattered about. It seems whatever are inside these boxes are of great importance to him. "Phew, looks like everything is still in one piece." He declared to himself after checking the last one. Tyler wasn't sure if that was even a proper examination since all he did was just rapidly shaking the boxes one by one while keeping an ear on the tinkling sound each containment unit produce.

"Do you need help in carrying the boxes?" Tyler asked from behind him. As much as he wants to keep a low profile, he couldn't just abandon people who are helpless all alone. "They look pretty heavy."

"Nah, it's alright dude, I can do this all by myself." His actions betray his words however when he tries to lift all the twelve boxes once more, the base of the boxes barely reaches an inch in height before it lands back to the solid ground. He tries again – this time with a forceful grunt and a beet-red face – only to come up with the same result.

Neither Tyler or Falcom said anything; they simply look at Ken and waited.

Wait for it…

Wait for it…


"Ok, maybe I do need a little bit of help here…"


"Are we there yet?"


"Are we there yet?"

"No, not yet…"

"…..are we—"

"FOR ANDROMEDA'S SAKE, WE'RE NOT THERE YET!" Fenrir snapped his head to the twins so hard that there was a loud snap when he does so. "SO SHUT THE HELL UP!"

Contrasts to any other kids' normal reaction when they are being shout at, Liz and Makie did high-fives to each other with large grins on their faces. It was obvious that they are purposely asking the same questions over and over again so that they can get onto his nerves.

"LEVIATHAN, DO SOMETHING ABOUT THESE BRATS, WILL YOU!" he exclaimed in rage as he turned to look at his fellow General companion. "Leviathan?"

Whether if the Siren General was paying attention to his pleas' or not, she didn't show it. It seems she was too occupied with the Top 10 Beach Paradise magazine she had recently bought from a bookstore they passed a while ago. While the sexy girls in bikinis are indeed a sight to look at, the Siren general was more focused on the beaches and the seas scenery instead. From time to time, she would mutter something about Trojan seas, swimming and great White Sharks to herself.

"Uncle Fenny just got owned by Aunt Levi." Once again, the twins giggled to each other.

A vein popped on his forehead. "WHY YOU LITTLE—"He growled, his fist threatening to burst into flames. The twins saw this and quickly fled while laughing to each other. "COME BACK HERE!"

Even though the sight of having two young girls being chased around by a mean-looking gangster is something that is worth calling the police over, none of the members actually care about them since it always happen back at planet FM. Rather than trying to murder them, many people thought he was playing a 'friendly' game of tag instead in which some people found to be quite sweet. It's not.

"Have we found one yet?" Venim asked to the rest, reflecting what the twins just asked a while ago. He huffed to himself when no one answered his question. For him and anyone with common sense, the silence is already an answer. "For a 'town', this place sure is big."

Laura silently agreed with him. Finding places to stay is easier said than done, especially if they have to find one that are big enough to occupy 15 people altogether along with their respective 'cargoes'. The ones that they passed by are either too small or not suitable at all, mostly the latter.

"Should we call Ge—I mean, Tyler for help?" Drew suggested. Laura and Ciel eyed each other in a silent conversation before they both shook their head. "Can we at least have a break? We've been walking around for nearly an hour now."

"Alright then, we'll have a half an hour break." Luckily enough, there's a convenient store nearby. "Let's go there and while we're at it, buy some refreshments for Tyler as well."

Upon everyone's agreement and after keeping a raging redhead and a pair of giggling twins in check, they all head for the targeted shop. It wasn't a surprise really when the ones who are leading the 'herd' are both Ciel and Laura themselves considering fact that they're both Geo's trusted advisors. They're the ones who take over his responsibilities when he's absent from the headquarters.

Just when Laura was about a few feet away, the typical automatic glass door of any everyday grocery store slide open and a teenage girl stepped out while carrying some plastic bags. None of the members notices her presence as they were too occupied conversing about foods they haven't eat for long while. The only one who did was Laura but she does not say anything about it since the girl doesn't look like she poses any threat.

However, time seems to freeze when their shoulders accidentally brushes slightly with one another when they passes by. Laura's gentle gaze suddenly sharpens at the simple contact and she turned her head slightly to look at the female which has just walked by with a suspicious frown. For a brief moment, the Huntress felt something… something that she should be wary of.

She didn't have any time to dwell about it any further when Ciel rests a hand onto her shoulder. "Is there something the matter?"

Laura was about to say something to her about the girl when she realizes that she has disappeared around the corner.

"…no, it's nothing. I just spaced out, that's all." Ciel nodded at her answer before she goes into the café. Laura follows suit afterwards but not before giving one last glance at the place where she last seen the girl.

She'll have to look into this one later when she has the chance

"Yeah, finally made it!" Ken thanked him as he drops the boxes he's carrying onto the counter. "Phew, that was really tiring!"

Tyler gave him a sheepish laugh as he put the pile of boxes he's carrying onto the same counter. While it's true that the boxes were indeed heavy, the former Blue Bomber didn't even breaks a single sweat while he was carrying them. He has 8 years worth of Virus-busting to thank for that. In planet FM, deleting viruses and doing other forms of vigorous physical activities while in Wave form is technically like doing workouts in the real world. Spending about half a day on Virus-busting is equivalent to spending about 4 hours in the gym and vice versa.

He wasn't entirely sure how that's possible. Ciel tried to explain it several times to him using but no matter in what way she did he will still get lost along the midst of her explanation. In the end, she gave up and simply says that both his Wave form and Real form are technically consists of one same body. At least he understands that one; otherwise he would receive a whack in the head courtesy of her electronic clipboard for not getting something as simple as that.

As innocent as it may be, the little thing can actually sting and he has physical proof to support that statement.

"Thanks for your help by the way, couldn't have done it without you and sorry for running into you a while ago." Ken said, still feeling guilty for burdening the person he just 'recently' met. "You sure you don't need medical attention or anything? I've got a first aid kit at the back of the store there."

"It's fine. I've hit by things that are far worse than pile a boxes." He realized that he exposed a little bit of too much information there. "So this is your store, huh?"

The Big Wave looks just like how Tyler had last seen it. Following Ken's usual theme of tropical beach, the walls were painted with ocean blue color and are heavily decorated with posters concerning different types of Wave technologies. The floorings are layered with tiles that have baby-blue bubble foam patterns and as for the ceilings, there's nothing much to talk about except for the ornaments that are hanging from it like the 1/100 scale Killer Whale model along with some neon signs that states where some stuffs is located at.

"Mmmhmm, welcome to Big Wave!" Ken declared, feeling immensely proud of his work. "Echo Ridge's one and only electronic store! Here we sell all kinds of Wave technologies you can find, both latest and classic, so if there's any Wave techs you want to buy, don't be shy to take a look around."

"We usually provide ordering services for items that are sold outside Big Wave but there's been problems lately going on so we had to put it off for now."

"Great, I'll make sure to tell my family about this." Geo said acting like this is his first time being here before he glances at his watch. "Well, guess it's time for me to go. Me and my family got some stuff to do now that we're here. You know, unpacking and stuff."

"If they found a place, that is." Falcom muttered before Tyler hushes him to be quiet.

Geo turns around and is about to leave through the front entrance when Ken called. "Hey Ty, hold up a sec!" Ken shouted, causing him to look at the surfer with a puzzled look. He hasn't been here for a day and he already got himself a nickname. That's something. "Take this! It's not much but I guess you can say that's your reward for helping me out."

The surfer then tossed something unfamiliar towards him in which Geo caught it with such ease.

A Mega Snack…but it's not just any regular Mega Snack; it's a Family Pack one too!

Geo licked his lower lips and his stomach instantly growls at the sight of the tasty candy bar he has not seen or eaten for 8 years. "Hey thanks, I needed this actually." Geo said as he pocketed the sweet delicacy away for later usage. "See you later!"

Ken waved his hand at him as he watches the teen leaves his store.

"Still, where have I seen him before? He looks so familiar somehow…" Ken said while rubbing his goatee thoughtfully. In the end, he gave up and simply shrugged his shoulders. "Ah well, better get to work."

He was just about to go somewhere when the door leading to the back of the store opens and a brunette kid came out. "Oh there you are Uncle Ken!" The kid said upon noticing his existence.

Ken didn't seem to notice his presence until he calls his name. "Oh hey Star! Sorry to keep you waiting, I had to carry the orders by foot since the delivery truck broke down along the way." He said while jerking a thumb to the pile of boxes.

"Gee, they look really heavy." Star said as he looks at the pile of boxes in awe. "Did you carry them all by yourself?"

Ken laughed as he ruffled the kid's hair spike, earning an indignant 'hey!' from him. "Nah, I got a little help from someone." The surfer paused. "Then again, he's the one who did most of the work."

"Wow, whoever he is, that's guy must've been really strong."

"He is." Ken chuckled as he turned his gaze to the place where he last seen the blonde. "He sure is."

Now that Tyler knows the location of Vista Point and Big Wave, the Blue Bomber was able to finally pinpoint his way home.

And here he is now standing on the walkway opposite to the Stelar's estate, staring at the 2-storey house like it was some sort of a prehistoric temple. His eyes became watery at the sight and tears threatens to fall down on Tyler's cheeks as nostalgic memories of his past flooded his memories but thankfully his Analyzor kept it well hidden from people's wandering eyes. No need to look more pathetic than he already is.

So far, the whole compound doesn't have that many changes to it aside than the fences around the house and the car garage. Other than that, it looks just like how he last seen 8 years.

For now, the only thing the Hero of Justice can do is to just simply stare at the compound motionlessly while the cold world continues to revolve around him. He is wide aware that his strange behavior of just standing there and do nothing for the next few hours have caught other people's curious attention but he could care less.

He broke out of his bubble thoughts when heard Falcom's voice. "Geo, someone's coming out." Truth to Falcom's words, there is the faint yet familiar sound of a door being unlocked coming from the entrance. Panicked, he turns sideways while making sure that the Stelar's estate is still visible from his point of view and pretends like he is waiting for a ride to arrive nearby the road. Time seems to go really slow at the moment as he watches the open swings open slowly.

His head was filled with nothing but anticipation on whoever lies behind the door. Would it be his mom or would it be his dad instead? Then suddenly he became paranoid and dreadful things started entering his mindscape. What if it's neither one of them? What if they had moved away to another place while he was gone? What if they're de—

The former Mega Man immediately blocks out the negative thoughts. His heart felt like it's about to burst out from his ribcage anytime soon from the amount of adrenaline and agony he is feeling at the moment. Finally, after a very long wait, the door is swung open and Tyler felt his breath hitched.

A woman emerged from within the house. She's seems to be around her mid-forties, wearing a light green garden apron with floral patterns over her lavender-purple sweater and a pair of violet tights that reaches just beyond her knees. Her long brunette is tied into a high ponytail and is nearly identical to how Tyler last saw her 8 years ago.

"Mom…" Tyler whispered as he stares at the woman. Not an image, not an illusion, it's Hope Stelar in the flesh. Tyler felt himself smiling and a trickle of teardrop fell from his left eye. He brought his left foot forward slowly accompanied by his right foot. At the moment, he wished nothing but to hug his mom dearly and tell her just how much he missed her. He really did.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and Tyler broke out of his trance when a pop-up appeared on the upper right corner of his Analyzer's HUD (Heads-Up Display). It was a small window displaying an icon of a white letter appears with the name 'Laura' lays just below it. He mentally opens the letter, causing the windows to expand and reveals its contents.

'Looks like they found one…" Falcom said mentally.

'Yeah…' As much as he wants to stay and look at his mother, duty calls him. 'Let's go.'

Tyler took one last glance at his mother. "I'm home, mom. I really am." He whispered though he doubt she'll hear them..

Hope Stelar didn't know why but she felt like she was being called by someone. However, when she looks around her garden or the streets, there was not a single soul in sight. It was as if a ghost had just whispered something to her. "Strange, I could've sworn I heard someone's voice just now." She said before chuckling to herself. "I'm starting to imagine things now; I guess I really am getting old."

With that said, the brunette mother goes back to tending her precious little flower garden. Unaware that she had just missed his son who she had been longing to see for a very long time.

Now that, he had seen his mother again, Geo became too quiet for his partner's own comfort. Mega wanted to say something to Geo but decided against it when he saw the faraway look he has as they head for the rendezvous point where Laura and the rest are.

It wasn't until several moments later did he spoke, much to Falcom's relief. "We finally get to see her again, Mega."

"Yes, we did." Falcom replied with a nod. "Hope still looks as beautiful as before."

Tyler chuckled. "Yeah, 8 years has passed and she still looks the same as before."

The duo fell into another silence but thankfully, this time it was short-lived as Mega saw his fellow team members courtesy of eagle-like eyes.

"Hey look, I can see them now."

"Hm? Oh hey, you're right."

One thing Tyler first noticed as they came closer was the mischievous grins some of the members have. As if they know something he doesn't and whatever that thing is, it's not good for him. His suspicions was confirmed when the former Blue Bomber got a good view of what lies behind them.

"Oh god, I hope that's not what I think it is…"

"You're telling me."

A large green hill lies behind them but it's not the thing that caught his attention but it was the villa situated on top of it. The villa is simply huge, four-storey high and is as wide as a football field. A concrete wall surrounds the whole compound, shielding the ground and second floor from uninvited viewers. If his suspicion is correct – which he hope it is – this place will be where they're gonna stay until they accomplish their mission.

"I was really hoping I was wrong." Tyler commented once he regrouped with his team. He didn't even bother asking whether if this was their house or not.

"Aw, why the long face, Tyler? Shouldn't you be happy instead?" Cecilia asked in her usual cheerful tone.

"Not this house, I'm not. So how much does the house cost?" He crossed his arms. A look of uneasiness fell on Cecilia's face and she suddenly found her boots to be interesting instead. The rest of the members mirrors her actions suit. "Well?"

Her fluffy hide was saved however when Laura latched her arms onto his and spoke to him. "We'll talk about the pricings later. For now how about we look around the house instead, right guys?"

Everyone immediately lets out cries of agreement before pushing their leader up the hill towards the villa, not sparing him any time to even speak. The only ones who didn't join the fray were Ciel and the three generals.

"…he's not gonna be happy once he hears it, is he?" Fenrir asked once they were out of hearing range.

Ciel giggled. "He definitely won't."

"How long do you think they'll hold on before they had to tell the truth?"

"Not for long, that's all I can tell you."

"…and this here will be your bedroom."

Tyler let out an exasperated sigh. For the next few hours, Laura had literally dragged him into a 'forced' tour around the gigantic house (Saying that its 'big' is a major understatement, the place is literally huge!) He appreciates the service but the Blue Bomber was too tired to even listen, much less remember, half of whatever she just explained concerning the whole villa. At least he remembers where the exit is, no point living in a large house if you're lost and stuck there forever.

Tyler moves his head to look at what Laura said will be his bedroom. Unlike the rest of the doors around the house, the entrance to his room is a double-door instead of a single and there can only one possible room that has one of this.

"Isn't this supposed to be the—"

"The Master Bedroom? Yes, yes it is." Laura pressed a finger onto his lips when he tries to say something. "No buts. It is yours."

Tyler sighed. No point in arguing with her because she'll always win in the end no matter what the situation is. Satisfied with his 'answer', Laura approaches the door and pushes both sides open, revealing the grand-looking bedroom on the other side. The room is fairly spacious and has a combination of modern and classic theme to it. There is a king-sized canopy bed in the middle of the room with two nightstands are positioned on both side, a dresser which also includes a mirror situated on the right side of the room perpendicular to the bed, two identical oak wardrobes aligned next to each other on the opposite and a another door next to the wardrobes which he assumes leads to the bathroom.

He then notices the luggage bag – or my specifically, his luggage bag—lying near the edge of the queen-sized bed devoid of all of its content.

"Oh and I've already put all your clothes into the drawers and wardrobe for you."

Tyler stares at her like she just mercilessly murdered a cat. Seriously?"

"I am your advisor, it's what I do."

"I doubt sorting through other people's clothes is a part of an advisor's duty."

Laura shrugged her shoulders. "True but if I didn't do it, you'd probably just procrastinate until tomorrow morning."

Geo raised both his hands in mock surrender. "I do not procrastinate, ok?" He finally declared.

"No, you only did it when you're tired, such as now for example."

Tyler face palmed. That's two points for Team Laura and none for Team Tyler.

"Has everyone got their own rooms?" Tyler asked, changing the subject before he embarrasses himself even more.

The Huntress nodded with a smirk etched onto her facial expression. She waved her hand in the air and a green holographic visual display instantly solidifies out of thin air, showing blueprints of the whole house. "Yup, everyone did."

"Leviathan has taken the bedroom which is near to the swimming pool."

"No surprise there."

"Fenrir took his place at the basement and is currently requesting for clearance to have the garage area."

"He's fine as long as he keep the noise pollution to the minimal."

"Harpuia has taken the attic as his personal space. Zen purposes and all."

"Don't worry. I won't judge since this is Harpuia we're talking about." Tyler paused when a random thought came. "And I'll guess that Venim and Drew's rooms are next to each other?"

"Yes but they both promise to 'behave' themselves since the twins are here."

Geo snorted. "I'd like to see them try."

"The twins will be staying in the room next to Levi's and Ciel has taken the bedroom which is close to the library—"

"We have a library?"

"Yes, it's a bit small and mostly empty but nonetheless it is a library." She said before swiping a hand through the hologram, causing it to burst into small pixels before disappearing from sight. "That's sums pretty much everything."

"Wait, what about you? Where do you sleep?"

"I sleep with you of course." He raised an eyebrow. The old Geo would've been flabbergasted at such thought but the Blue Bomber has grown immune to her deceit by now to even sport a blush. "Just joking, I'll be staying at the room next door in case you need anything. Plus, it's the only room where I can have a good view of the whole back lawn where I'll be releasing my pack."

"You brought your whole pack here?"

"You should know that we work best when in a full team. Besides, god knows what they'll do if I were to just leave them back home."

Geo winced. "Point taken."In planet FM, the EM-wolves are well-known for being ruthless predators and the only people who are capable of making them behave themselves is her and Lupa only. If something bad were to happen to pack and neither the two are there to keep them under control, let's just say things will get really nasty than it should have been.

Laura sat on the side of the bed while Tyler has moved to look outside from one of the windows provided. True to her words, the Huntress did release her packs onto the lawn. In fact, the whole field is practically being overrun by the silver canines that are running about, sleeping or chasing their own tail.

"So how was your trip?" She asked, finally getting to the point now that the minor issues are sorted out…

There was a brief silence after she asked him the question. Laura couldn't tell what his real emotions are since his back was facing her. "I saw my mom." He said.

"Oh." was all that Laura could say at the moment. "How is she?"

Tyler turns his head, showing off the small smile on his face. It was faint but Laura could see the happiness radiating behind that smile of his. "She looks fine and healthy as ever."

Laura gave him a smile in response. "I see. That's good to know."


The duo fell into another moment of silence, this time it was much more comfortable than the previous.

"So how much was it?"

Laura tensed. "What do you mean?"

"I meant this villa."

"It's not too expensive, really." The Huntress replied though the way she's not making eye contact with him says otherwise.

"Laura, this place is a villa, having a swimming pool that are as big as the ones used in Olympics, a library like you said a while ago, an unnecessary wine cellar, a vault gate which looks suspiciously like a weapons armory, a heliport built at the centre of the back lawn over there, a garage that might as well be a parking lot and a dark-looking underground staircase that looks like it leads to hell." He stated as a matter-of-factly. "So I'm asking you again: how much was it?"


At the same time, majority of the members are all gathered up in the downstairs, minding their own business. Harpuia has taken a meditative position near the kitchen's doorframe despite the fact that there are plenty of places for him to take a seat at. Fenrir is sitting cross-legged on the floor, currently fiddling on a dismantled blaster whose parts lies on top of a brown rag cloth to make sure none of them stray too far from his spot. Cecilia has invaded one of the sofas in the living room as her own and is currently flipping through the channels of the TV in search of something interesting though she yawned afterwards as none of the shows broadcasted seems to please her one bit.

Leviathan sat on one of the chairs of the dining table at the room nearby; still engrossed in the same magazine she bought a while ago. This time however, she's talking about something between carnivorous piranhas, swimming and Gamazon. Ciel is also there as well, sitting on a chair on the opposite side of the table and is furiously typing on her signature pink laptop with her eyebrows furrowed in deep concentration.

Lying on the floor of the same room, the twins somehow got a hold of crayons and are making messy scribbles on some random papers. It would've look cute except for the fact that the drawings they're making ranges from a red stickman setting other black stickmans on fire, a forest-green stickman vertically slicing a another black stickman into two pieces and a blue stickman encasing several black stickmans in a mountain of ice.

The only ones who were not present there aside than Tyler and Laura are Venim and Drew whose testimony is that they're both 'tired' and want to go to bed early.

The members continue to do their respective jobs when they heard someone screaming from upstairs.


"…did you hear something?"

"I do but for safety measures, let's pretend like we didn't."


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