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"Lavi, Allen, Leenalee, Kanda, and Krory, Komui has requested that you go to his office immediately." a voice from the intercom system sounded throughout all of the order. Said persons all met outside his door and entered cautiously.

Komui was talking to 3 people who were about their age, who turned at the sound of the door opening. There were 2 boys and a girl who had long brown hair and had soft brown eyes. One of the boys had silver hair, with soft purple eyes, while the other had dark brown-black hair with brown eyes that were just a shade darker than the girls.

"Ah there you are." Komui began.

"STRIKE!" Lavi yelled as he looked at the young woman with out a care in the world.

Everyone sweat dropped- except for the 3 newcomers who had no idea what he was yelling about- while Krory and Allen restrained Lavi from going to flirt with her.

"Yuki, Zero, and Kaname." Komui introduced, motioning to the three in front of him. "This is Allen, Leenalee, Kanda, Lavi, and Krory."

Zero looked from one to the other as Komui spoke, and raised his gun at Krory, alarming the others. Allen, Leenalee, and Krory activated their innocence, revealing Krory as a vampire. Zero's eyes hardened when Krory changed, and turned the safety off.

"Zero!" Yuki cried, jumping in the way of the bullet he just shot, embedding it into her shoulder, and saving Krory from an early death. Kaname's eyes turned red with anger as he rounded on Zero, who froze in shock of what he just did. Yuki collapsed to the floor, and Leenalee went down to help her up when Yuki cried,

"Don't touch me!" as she scooted as far away from the exorcists as possible. Kaname went over and picked her up bridal style before exiting saying, "Excuse us."

The exorcists had shock written all over their faces, not sure of what just happened. They turned to Zero who just glared at Krory and muttered, "Stupid vampire."

"Oh I don't drink human blood if that is what you were thinking I actually-" Krory began trying to explain himself when Allen interrupted.

"Why did you try and kill Krory!?" he demanded as he turned his arm into a gun and pointed it at Zero who was now leaning against the wall.

"Vampires are beasts, they should be killed." he answered before looking up at the door which just swung open. Yuki and Kaname walked back in. Kaname paler than before, with bite marks on his neck, and Yuki whose eyes had yet to turn back, and fangs still visible.

"Y-you are vampires?" Leenalee stuttered from shock. Yuki just smiled at her as her eyes and teeth turned back to normal and she strode over to Zero, who hung his head in apology. Kaname following close behind.

"These are our new exorcists, though Kaname will be joining the science department." Komui said, trying to get on with the whole ordeal. Leenalee had long since deactivated her innocence, but Krory and Allen were still hesitant.

Seeing their hesitation Yuki said, "Don't worry we won't bite." winking at Lavi who had paled upon hearing 'vampire'. This got Allen to deactivate but Krory wouldn't budge.

"Something wrong?" Yuki asked as she tilted her head to the side in confusion at Krory.

"Why did you take the bullet?" he asked. Yuki smiled and appeared by his side in a second, using her vampire abilities, and whispered in his ear, "Because I was hungry anyways."

"Step away from Krory." Kanda said as he put Mugen against her neck. Yuki turned to smile at him, nicking her neck in the process, but she gave no sign of pain.

"Certainly, but I would watch that head of yours." she replied, nodding to Zero who had pointed the gun at his head from a distance. Kanda released her, who in turn, stepped away from Kanda and went lay down on the couch closest to Zero and Kaname.

"Komui, exactly why did you call us here?" Lavi asked, still staring at Yuki. Said person flipped over onto her stomach and looked at him smiling.

"He wants you to come back to Cross Academy with us." she replied before Komui.

"Correct, the headmaster there and I are old friends, and the order has requested that the exorcists get further educated to prepare them... so I figured that would be the best solution..." he trailed off after being met with glares from Kanda and Allen.

"We're leaving in an hour with or with out you." Zero growled at them.

"We'll wait at the train station for you." Yuki added as she stood up and walked back over to Zero and Kaname.

Kanda and Allen growled in annoyance before dragging Krory out with them to the dorms. Leenalee dragged Lavi out, who was still looking at Yuki.

When they exited and the doors closed, Yuki giggled, "They sure are a strange bunch huh?"

Kaname and Zero nodded their head in agreement before Kaname said, "But they responded quite well to the test don't you think?" Yuki giggled again before looking at Zero who looked bored now that their entertainment had left.

They lounged in the office for the next half hour before heading to the train station where they met up with the unhappy exorcists.

"Aww what's with the frowns?" Yuki teased as they boarded the train and sat in a double compartment with enough room for all of them.

Kanda and Krory just grunted in annoyance while Lavi stared with a puppy dog look on his face at Yuki once again. Leenalee gave an apologetic smile to the vampires while Allen looked deep in thought.

"You were testing us earlier weren't you." Allen said more like a statement then a question, breaking the silence.

Yuki, Zero, and Kaname looked at each other and Yuki said, "Uh oh they found us out." The other exorcists looked mildly surprised while Yuki and Leenalee switched seats, putting Yuki between Allen and Lavi, and Leenalee between Zero and the wall, making her nervous.

Yuki turned to Allen and whispered in his ear so no one else could hear, "You're pretty smart, Mana would be proud." Lavi jumped away just in time, as Allen grabbed Yuki's wrists and pinned her to the spot where Lavi was just sitting, and growled, "How do you know that name?"

"Put it away Zero, Kaname." Yuki said over to them, who had each pulled out a weapon, before turning her attention back to Allen and said, "On my left thigh, there is a weapon, pull it out." Allen did as told, not releasing one of her wrists, and looked at the weapon for a split second before dropping it onto the floor.

"Remember now?" she asked as she released herself from his grasp and traded seats with Leenalee once more. Allen sat in shock as he remembered what had occurred 5 years ago.

"Mana! Where are we going?" young Allen asked as they approached an old looking house. It was snowing heavily, and he could only just make out the house even though it was ~10 feet away.

"To see an old friend who requested I make him a weapon." Mana replied as he knocked on the door.

A man with sandy blonde hair and glasses on opened it, and immediately hugged Mana who just stood there as if he couldn't feel it. The man ushered them into the living room where a fire was lit, before going into another room. When he came back, a young girl was with him, she had long brown hair and kind brown eyes. She handed him some hot chocolate and some cookies while Mana and the other man went into another room to talk in private.

"Hi i'm Yuki!" she greeted holding out her hand.

"Allen. Allen Walker." young Allen replied as he grabbed her hand.

"Let's be friends Allen. OK?" she smiled at him.

"That can't be, you can't be her, she died.." he trailed of looking at Yuki in disbelief.

"Well that's not very nice." she pouted before she explained. "Kaname saved me."

They rode in silence for the rest of the way until they reached the gate to the academy.

"Hmmm, someone cut themselves again." Yuki said to no one inparticular.

"I will handle it." Kaname said before disappearing inside the gates.

"Come on! We will show you your rooms, there weren't many available, so you will have to share unfortunately." Yuki said as she led them to the sun dorms. Allen and Kanda went to their room, while Krory and Lavi took the other one.

"Well Leenalee I think that you could share a room with Yori, oh and don't worry she's human." Yuki said as she led Leenalee to her old room and knocked on the door. Yori answered it and smiled brightly at the girls before letting Leenalee in and shutting the door behind her.

"When was the last time you fed?" Yuki asked Zero as they walked to their shared bathroom to shower before going on patrol. Zero looked away, but Yuki saw his red eyes just in time. She sighed and dragged him into the bathroom and locked the door behind her.

"Here." she said as she took off her jacket, pushed her hair to one side, and opened her blouse just enough. Zero grabbed her wrists and pinned her against the wall, greedily drinking with audible gulps. Yuki sighed with contentment as he pulled away, cleaning the blood off of his mouth with his hand.

"Come on, we don't have time for a shower now." she said as she dragged Zero out of the bathroom, not bothering to bandage where he bit her.

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