SUMMARY: A worldwide plague erupts throwing Mulder and Scully into a fight for survival in a battle between good and evil. Who will survive and which side will they choose?

This story blends Scully & Mulder in with the events and characters of Stephen King's "The Stand." You do NOT need to have read the book to understand this! It is a standalone work. (Although, as a reader, I absolutely recommend that you do. It's a classic. IMHO, the best work Stephen King has created.)

CLASS: MSR/Action-Adventure/Conspiracy

RATING: R for Violence and Language.

DISCLAIMER: Mulder, Scully & everything X-File are owned by Chris Carter, Fox, and 1013 Productions. Most of the other stuff in this story is entirely based on the work of Stephen King and his book, "The Stand." Oh, there are a few characters in here of my own... But. This is solely done for fun. No profit is involved in any way.

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