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Hot sweat and blurry eyes

We're spinning on a rollercoaster ride

The world stuck in black and white

You drove me crazy every time we touched

Now I'm so broken that I can't get up

I used to be love drunk but now I'm hung-over

In Sam's opinion, having an archangel flitting around constantly wasn't a bad thing. Far from it, in fact.

The hunts got a lot easier, for one. Sometimes, all he had to do was utter Gabriel's name in the presence of a creature, and it would flee as fast as its legs could carry it, knowing it was hopeless to fight against an archangel. More often than not, however, they still had a fight on their hands. Not that it was exactly a fight anymore. Gabriel could vaporise anything simply by snapping his fingers, and it was saving Sam and Dean a lot of injury. A lot of the time, Gabriel just hung back and only stepped in if things took a turn for the worse.

For another, it couldn't be denied that Gabriel was hours of entertainment and manic energy, rolled up inside such a small vessel. His edition to Sam and Dean's usual prank wars didn't take long to stroll down the path of utter mayhem. Only the other day for example, in response to Dean 'accidentally' swapping Gabriel's sugar for salt, the archangel retaliated by turning the Impala into a canary yellow Reliant Robin, and only changing it back once Dean had taken a trip to the local shop in the monstrosity.

Sam wasn't exempt from Gabriel's pranks, although Dean bitterly complained that he got off a lot lighter. Whereas Dean would wake up and find Gabriel had redecorated his motel room with hard-core gay pornographic photographs, Sam would discover his health food mysteriously being replaced with lollipops and other various sweets. But Dean had learnt not to complain too much; that just meant waking up the next morning with the television locked on the gay porn channel, the volume turned up to the max. Sam was very sympathetic towards his brother's plight; when he was done laughing, of course.

And lastly, though by no means least, it meant that Sam was getting plenty of sex. After walking in on what he had at Bobby's, Dean had stuck to his promise of getting them separate motel rooms from day one. And while Sam didn't just want Gabriel around because it meant he got laid, it was certainly in the top five of his reasons for wanting to see the archangel. He had no idea where Gabriel had learned to do half the things he was able to, and he was too busy loving every second of it that he didn't stop too long to care.

Because of Sam and Gabriel's upgrade from acquaintances to relationship, Dean was clearly trying extra hard to be civil. Sam knew Dean had never quite forgiven Gabriel for the things the archangel had done to them, mainly TV Land and the Mystery Spot. This was even harder to accomplish when a couple of months ago, they had had to relive every encounter they'd ever had with the archangel as they helped to recover his lost memories. It had stirred up a lot of resentment and bad feeling, but both of them were keeping their mouths shut, for now.

So, for the first time in quite a while, Sam felt contended. He loved Gabriel, and he knew the archangel knew it too, although he'd never said it out loud. There was just one loose string still to tie up, and that was the issue of Dean and Castiel.

So far, Gabriel hadn't breeched the subject of playing matchmaker since he'd mentioned having a plan in passing back at Bobby's. But that was two months ago, and up to now the archangel hadn't made any further steps in helping it to become a reality. For the first couple of weeks, Sam had spent his spare time mentally crossing off potential ideas that he and Gabriel could use. He didn't say a word about it though; he was waiting for Gabriel to give him some sort of sign. But soon, Sam stopped thinking about the whole thing altogether, and became convinced that Gabriel had given up.

He was therefore surprised when Gabriel randomly brought it up one evening. He had just been dropping off to sleep when he felt Gabriel's sharp, bony elbow digging into his side.

Groaning and without even opening his eyes, he mumbled, "Gabriel, we've talked about this. Humans need to sleep. Four hours, maximum. If you're that horny, go take care of yourself."

Gabriel grinned, leaning on Sam's stomach. "Don't worry, Samsquatch, we'll get onto that later. I need advice."

At this, Sam opened one eye to stare at his lover somewhat sceptically. "You, Gabriel, archangel and messenger of God Himself, need a lowly human's advice?"

The archangel's mouth curled into a frown and he glared. "Shut up. Seriously Sammy, I need to hear your opinion on this."

"Are you going to keep bugging me until I help you?"


"Can you wait until morning?"


"What if I just make you leave with one of those angel banishing sigils?"

"Depends. Do you want to risk that, knowing full well what I'm capable of?"

"Good point well made."

Sam yawned, before sitting up a little straighter, making Gabriel's head drop to his thigh instead. The archangel stayed where he had fallen, smirking up at the hunter, mischievous glint in his eyes.

"Wow, it's good to be back down here. What's it been? An hour?"

"Gabriel, it's three in the morning. Tell me what you want my advice over so I can get some sleep." Sam grumbled, too tired to deal with Gabriel's jokes.

"Someone's not a morning person.."


"Okay, okay. Jeez, no need to go into full bitchface mode on me, Sammy."

At this, Sam turned his bitchface up a notch or two, which only made Gabriel chuckle. "Tell me what you want or I'll take the risk and banish you from this room."

Gabriel sighed and rolled his eyes. "You're no fun in the mornings, you know that? Fine. I just want your advice on how we start up my plan to get our brothers over their denial."

Sam blinked, taken aback. "It's been ages. I thought you'd given up."

Gabriel's expression turned derisive. "Me? Give up?"

Sam scowled. "Fine. Why's it taken you so long to bring this up again?"

The archangel shrugged. "I had to think of a good idea first, Sammy. And then I had to have an even better back-up plan in case this one failed. So now I need to ask you; how do you think we should start this off? My vote goes for just locking them in a room and not letting them out until they start being honest with us and one another."

Sam shook his head. "No way, Gabe. You know how Dean would react to that, and I doubt Castiel would be very happy. Besides, you know what Dean's like. You back him into a corner and he'll explode. I think we should try talking to them first."

There was a pause, before Gabriel said, "You're joking, right?" in a voice was practically dripping with cynicism.

"No. Why would I be?" Sam asked defensively.

"Sammy, no offence, but your brother isn't exactly easy to talk to about this type of thing. And Cassie's even worse, which I didn't think was at all possible."

"You've tried to talk them through it before, have you?"

"Sam, the world and their cousin has dropped every hint at the two of them."

"Well, maybe we just need to come out and spell it out for them." Sam replied with a shrug. "But you're right. Dean's not exactly comfortable with being honest with his emotions, least of all with me."

"You've got more of a chance with getting through that thick skull of his than I have. Can you imagine me trying to talk to him about opening up about his feelings?"

Sam scoffed. "He'd open fire on you."

"Exactly. But I guess you have a point. Let's talk to them first, and then when that fails, we lock them up."

The idea of talking to Dean and Castiel before he let Gabriel loose on them had seemed like a good idea to Sam when he was half asleep at three in the morning. But now that the morning had come, the prospect seemed much more dangerous and uninviting. Dean didn't do 'chick-flick moments', and he'd definitely regard discussing his feelings one of them. What had Sam been thinking?

But it was too late now. Gabriel had already zapped himself off to find Castiel, leaving Sam to approach Dean alone. Feeling like his legs and stomach had turned to lead he left his motel room and walked the four doors down to Dean's room. He knocked quietly, hoping his brother was still asleep or in the bathroom, giving him an excuse to abandon the whole thing and flee back to his own room.

However, it appeared that luck definitely wasn't on his side.

Not only did Dean throw open the door at Sam's timid knock, but he did so with a look of apoplectic rage. His green eyes were dancing with a mad, blazing fire, his jaw was tightly clenched and a vein was throbbing in his neck.

"That's it, Sam! He's gone too far!"

Seeing Dean in such a foul mood so early, Sam's original reason for visiting his brother fled from his mind. "Who has? What's wrong with you?"

"That fucking midget is what's wrong with me!" Dean thundered. "Do you know what he's done this time?!"

Mentally cursing Gabriel for his truly craptastic timing, Sam mutely shook his head. Dean inclined his head towards the motel room, before turning on his heel and storming off inside. Reluctant to shut himself into a confined space with his brother when he was in such a bad temper wasn't exactly a logical choice, but Sam had no other option. He could already see people staring open-mouthed out of their windows at the scene, so he quickly ducked inside the room and shut the door behind him, hoping Dean would keep his voice down now they were indoors.

Sam found Dean standing in the tiny kitchenette area, pointing at the table in front of him, looking ready to breathe fire. Sam approached cautiously, not really knowing what to expect. On the tabletop was one of the pies they had purchased on their way past a supermarket from a hunt the evening before. Dean had dragged Sam in and had picked out not one, but three different flavoured pies with childish glee. Sam could see a segment of the offending food was missing, and the insides were an inviting apple green, just as the label said the flavour should be. But -

"Sprouts, Sam! Fucking sprouts!" Dean thundered. "He's messed with me, he's messed with my baby, and now he's messing with my food too! I'm sick of it! I'm gonna kill him!"

It took a full hour to calm Dean down, and by then the idea of discussing his brother's inner-most feelings was laughable. During that hour they'd binned the ruined pies, gone out to buy replacements and Dean had made several threats endangering Gabriel's life, but Sam still hadn't even hinted at the reason he'd knocked on Dean's door that morning. But he had promised Gabriel he'd at least try to get something out of Dean, so he had to give it a go, no matter what mood his brother was in. That was a good idea, in theory, but every time he tried to think of a way to start the conversation, his mind remained stubbornly blank.

"I don't know what you see in him, Sam, I really don't." Dean said suddenly.

"Huh?" Sam had just been forming another potential conversation starter when he'd heard his name.

"Gabriel. I don't get why you went so crazy after him. He's a jackass."

Sam couldn't help but smile at that. "You're only saying that because he pranks you all the time."

"Sorry, am I the only one that remembers the Mystery Spot? Or TV Land? I mean, he destroyed any chance you have of having kids, killed me over and over, and he trapped Cas who knows where."

"Cas can handle himself. He was fine." Sam replied, seizing the chance.

"Sam, you saw him. He was all battered when he got away the first time." Dean shot back, and Sam could detect faint traces of concern laced in his brother's tone.

"I saw he was a little scratched up, but he was totally fine." Sam shrugged, keeping his voice as nonchalant as he could, subtly trying to pry something, anythingout of Dean. "Are you seriously holding the fact Cas got a little bloodied up over Gabriel's head?"

Dean frowned. "Well, yeah. Cas is his brother. I don't get how he could do that to his family."

"He didn't do it personally, Dean. Geez, sounds like you were really worried about Cas. He wasn't even that badly hurt."

For a moment, Dean hesitated. In that moment, Sam saw a flicker of something in his brother's eyes, and his lips twitched as if he were about to say something but then caught himself. Sam waited, almost holding his breath, wondering if the tactic of talking had actually worked, but then Dean turned away, crossing his arms in front of his chest in an almost defensive manner.

"He's a nerdy little guy with wings, but you're right, he can take care of himself."

Sam rolled his eyes so hard he practically strained something, but forced himself to say, "Exactly."

Just as Sam was knocking hesitantly on the door of Dean's motel room, Gabriel had materialised in a remote field somewhere in Illinois. Before him was a clump of broken, uneven earth, piled in small mounds. All around him were fallen trees, arranged around the soil in a ring. He stood there a while in silence, hands resting in the pockets of his jacket, serene smile on his face. He only spoke when he felt the atmosphere behind him shift, indicating he was no longer alone.

"This is where it all started, right bro?"

"If you are referring to my raising Dean Winchester from Perdition, then no. That began in the depths of Hell." Castiel spoke from just behind him.

Gabriel sighed. "Okay, fine, I'll rephrase what I said. This is where Deano crawled out and everything went downhill, right bro?"

"They averted the apocalypse. I do not see how -"

"Oh, our Dad, forget it!" Gabriel cried in exasperation, crossing his arms over his chest and turning around to face Castiel. The angel was watching the broken grave intently, but slowly he tore his eyes away to meet Gabriel's gaze.

"Why did you summon me here?" He asked.

"Isn't it my job as your older brother to talk to you about your woes and problems?" Gabriel asked, grinning.

Castiel tipped his head to the side, eyebrows furrowing. "Dean says that -"

Gabriel interrupted the other angel by waving his hand impatiently. "I didn't call you to hear you preach the Gospel according to Dean Winchester." He completely ignored the copied bitchface Castiel pulled, and ploughed on. "I seriously just wanted to talk to you."

"What is it you wish to discuss? My time is limited at the moment."

"And yet you had a world-wide search for me every night a couple of months back, just because a certain hunter clicked his fingers and told you to." Gabriel shot back, docking an eyebrow. "I strongly suggest you don't lie to me, Castiel."

Castiel flinched. "That was not solely for Dean. It was in yours and Sam's best interests that I found you."

"Maybe not, but you just drop everything and come flying to him as soon as he calls."

"My bond with Dean is more profound. I raised him from -"

"You pulled Sammy out too, but you didn't answer him when he kept calling for you."

Castiel was getting more visibly flustered. He was gripping the cuffs of his trench coat as if his life depended on them, and his eyes had flitted from Gabriel's stare back to the mound of earth at their feet.

"I restored Dean to his former glory. I held his soul. I -"

"Left Sammy's down there to continue being Lucifer and Michael's plaything." Gabriel snapped, and suddenly he sounded furious. "You took so much care with Dean Winchester, but you were thoughtless and left a part of Sam behind!"

Gabriel spotted the pain that crossed Castiel's eyes at these words, and relaxed his stance again. He knew Castiel's mistake hadn't been intentional, and the angel had done all he could in order to fix that very mistake. Compared to Gabriel, Castiel was just a child, fumbling around blindly, lost and confused, still so dependent on a Father that had just up and vanished without warning. Gabriel had been living on his own steam away from his angelic family for so long, he'd almost forgotten just how painful it was to not get a response from their absent Father. It still hurt him, but at least he'd left them behind by choice. Castiel had had the truth dropped on him like a steel weight, and that would have killed him.

"Look, it wasn't your fault. I didn't bring you here to yell at you for that." Gabriel went on, his tone much gentler this time. "I just wanted to ask why, that's all."

"Why what?"

"Why do you do so much for Dean? Don't forget bro, I remember everything now, and I remember spying on you guys quite a bit. He was never very grateful towards you, and yet you keep going back. I don't get it."

"As I recall, the Winchesters were not exactly thankful for your previous interactions with them, and yet you remained loyal to them."

"Hey, I'll get help for my sugar addiction before I lift a finger to make Deano's life easier. It's Sam I'm concerned about." Gabriel laughed. "I'm just wondering if I help Sammy for the same reasons you help Deano."

"What are you saying, Gabriel?"

Resisting the almost overwhelming temptation to roll his eyes, he said, "I'm saying, Cassie, I think you've got it bad for Deano." Upon seeing his brother's utterly blank expression, he could no longer control himself and cried, "Oh for the love of.. Seriously? You've been coming here for however long it's been and you still haven't picked up on the idiosyncrasies of their language? You've got a crush on him? You're head over heels?" Clapping a hand to his forehead, he practically yelled, "You love him?!"

At last, something registered and Castiel nodded. "As I love all of our Father's creations."

"Ohh no. No, you are not pulling that on me, Castiel." Gabriel replied, shaking his head. "I've already proved you care for that numbskull more than you do about Sam! So if you love Deano the same as all of 'Dad's creations'," He put on a cruel impersonation of Castiel's deep tone which earned him another bitchface, "You'd treat him and Sammy the same, but you don't. So you can take that politically correct answer and shove it. Tell me the truth."

Castiel broke his gaze from Gabriel once again to focus on what had been Dean's grave for four months, debating his brother's words in his mind. Gabriel had made a fair and valid point; he had treated Dean and Sam differently. It was true that he was willing to do more for Dean than he was for Sam. And when he had pulled Sam from the Pit, he simply hadn't felt the same rush of emotion he had when he had raised Dean; as Gabriel had pointed out, he had been careless.

But did that mean that he loved Dean? That he treasured the hunter above all else residing on earth? It certainly seemed plausible. He cared for Sam and Bobby, but he didn't feel the same raw desire to protect and aid them that he did for Dean. He had rebelled for Dean, given up everything he had once held such faith in, all for one human being. He'd gone against his brothers and sisters, all because Dean had asked him to. Would he have done that for anyone else? What gave Dean such power over his choices?

Gabriel was working hard to keep his thoughts contained, but it was becoming increasingly difficult. In his opinion, it was blatant that his brother was head over heels for Dean Winchester, but apparently Castiel was oblivious to such information. He was itching to scream all of this at Castiel, to just break the annoying silence that had descended upon them. In fact, he was on the verge of doing so, when Castiel spoke.

"I believe you are correct, Gabriel."


"I believe I, like you, have found myself loving one of our Father's human beings more than is expected."

"Here's some advice Cassie. When you tell him that, just use the words 'I think I love you'. It's much easier."

Later that night, Sam was back in his and Gabriel's motel room, waiting for the angel to make a reappearance. He couldn't help but feel that Gabriel, out of spite, had laid that prank out for Dean knowing that as he was at the end of his tether already would flip, and Sam's talking plan would slam headlong into a brick wall. And thinking about that didn't really put him in the best of moods, either. That and Dean had made him pay for the new pies, seeing as it was 'his angel's' fault they had to buy them in the first place. So when Gabriel appeared, bubbly and excitable, Sam's mood soured even further.

"Woah, is it just me or is there an atmosphere in here?" Gabriel asked the moment his feet touched the carpet, staring at Sam with a frown and docked eyebrow. "What's crawled up your ass?"

"Why did you do it, Gabriel?"

The archangel paused, pouting and rolling his eyes as if thinking. "Nope, gonna have to be a little more specific there, Sammy."

"That prank you pulled on Dean. Why'd you do it? You knew I was going to talk to him today."

For a moment, Gabriel actually looked confused. Then a smirk broke out on his face and he snorted with laughter. "Oh my Dad, Sammy, I'm sorry. I set that up right after he got them. I didn't know he'd skip eating one last night and try it today instead."
"Why did you do it at all, Gabe?" Sam asked, feeling his anger draining away. So Gabriel hadn't set it up on purpose, after all.

Gabriel shrugged. "You guys were heading back from a hunt, you were exhausted, and he made you stop to go and get pie. As if I can't just go and fetch some for you. So I decided his precious pies needed a little Trickster twist. I take it talking to Deano was a bust?"

Sam couldn't stop the grin from twisting his lips, and he shook his head. "It took me an hour to get him to stop snapping, 'Shut up Sam' every time I opened my mouth to talk to him. After that, I got him to basically admit he worries about Cas, but that was it. What about you?"

At his question, Gabriel's face lit up once again and he practically started bouncing on the balls of his feet. "I got a full, blown out love confession!"

Sam gaped, and sat up a little straighter on the sofa. "You're joking."

"Nope! I can tell you that Cassie is aware he's got the hots for Deano! So now we just need him to admit the same thing!"

Sam scoffed. "Yeah, we'll get to that point when Crowley starts handing out sweets to orphans."

"Well come on, Sammy. You've got a brain under all that hair! Use it!"

Sam smirked. "Well, I did have this one idea."