I know this world feels like an empty stage

I wouldn't change a thing

So glad you're back again

I'll never forget you

They said we'd never make it

My sweet joy, always remember me

It took them two hours to get rid of Gabriel.

He insisted on 'serenading' them as they 'consummated their relationship', and proceeded to sing each and every one of the crappy love songs he'd played for them when they were stuck in the Impala. And when Dean called Sam to order him to come and deal with the archangel, his brother had simply laughed and told Dean he deserved a little revenge after all the work Gabriel had had to put in. Eventually though, Sam took pity and came to collect Gabriel, which was lucky seeing as by that point, even Castiel was snarling death threats at the archangel.

All in all, not the most ideal first night to spend with your new boyfriend.

By the time they were finally alone once more, the mood had well and truly evaporated. Dean after all was one step short of storming over to Sam's room just to shoot a useless gun at Gabriel in an attempt to make him feel better. But, as Castiel rightly pointed out, that would only result in an angry archangel and an equally fuming younger brother.

But it seemed the angel wasn't willing to let Gabriel get away scot free, and asked for Dean's assistance in ways to get even. Dean supposed this was down to all Castiel had suffered from at his brother's hands, only to be interrupted when things finally got moving between them, but Castiel denied it flatly when Dean asked. He claimed instead that it was due to being sick of the archangel's constant pranks on Dean, and believed that it was time that Gabriel got a taste of his own medicine with a special twist of Trickster.

They spent the evening lying next to each other comfortably on the bed, talking through potential ideas, knees bumping together under the duvet and hands occasionally brushing. Although many of their thoughts – Dean's in particular – were ultimately impossible due to Gabriel's greater power, they were still fun to discuss. And what only made it more amusing for the hunter was that Castiel never knew whether or not he was joking; he could suggest the most obscene ideas and laugh at the seriousness with which Castiel answered.

Eventually though, Dean succumbed to the stresses and strains of the day, and he fell asleep. Castiel continued to lay beside him, watching the hunter as he slept peacefully, telling himself that he was only lingering in case Dean had a nightmare and needed to be brought into a peaceful, dreamless state. And while that remained a significant part of his reasoning, it was overshadowed by the simple fact that he enjoyed watching Dean sleep beside him. This man, usually so sharp and alert, trusted Castiel enough to allow him to remain nearby when he was in his most vulnerable state. And when it came to Dean, in Castiel's opinion that was as good as a love confession any day.

The first thing Dean saw when he opened his eyes the next morning was nothing but startling blue.

On instinct he jolted backwards with a yell, hand already flying underneath his pillow to the concealed weapon hidden beneath. By that point though, he was far enough away to be able to see the whole of Castiel, not just his eyes. The angel was lying in exactly the same position he'd been in when Dean had fallen asleep the night before, only a lot closer. Breathing a sigh of both relief and irritation, he slumped face-first into the pillow and groaned.

"Jesus, Cas, don't do that."

Castiel frowned at the blasphemy, but obligingly scooted himself backwards a few inches. "My apologies."

A rush of cold air instantly hit Dean's body as the angel's warmth was removed, and with another groan he reached out and tugged Castiel back. But it wasn't cuddling, it wasn't. "I didn't say you had to move away."

"You wish for me to stay with you like this?"

As Dean huffed out a laugh, the peaks of Castiel's dark hair just beneath his mouth danced, tickling his chin. "I could get used to it."

"That is fortunate. I had no intentions of leaving."

Dean grinned. "So, have you been watching me all night?"

"Is that a problem?"

"Not gonna lie, Cas, it's a little creepy."

"My apologies, Dean. It is not in an angel's nature to sleep, nor did I wish to leave you."

And hearing Castiel say that didn't leave Dean feeling lighter than he had in years, it totally didn't. He lay down flat, arm still wound around the angel's shoulders, Castiel's head balanced on his shoulder. Then hesitantly, almost as if he were unsure of how Dean would react, Castiel's arm began to slowly creep across Dean's waistline, moving at a snail's pace. With a roll of his eyes, Dean grabbed the angel's wrist and pulled him so that he was practically laying on top, arm secured firmly around the hunter's waist and legs tangled together underneath the duvet. And when Castiel seemed to unstiffen and relax against him, he'd deny the burst of happiness he felt until the day he died.

They lay like that for a while in silence, both enjoying the simple, innocent touches. It had been a while since Dean had lay in a bed with someone like this without expecting sex, and to his surprise found it rather enjoyable. That wasn't to say he wasn't looking forward to the day when he and Cas really did consummate their relationship because my God he was, but for now, this was nice, normal, peaceful. And anyone knows the Winchesters hadn't known that feeling for a long time. It felt good to finally be able to take a break, relax and just enjoy the moment.

"I apologise for all the trouble Gabriel has caused you recently, Dean." Castiel said suddenly, and Dean felt the angel's body tense slightly as he spoke. "Had I known what would transpire when I revealed the truth to him, I would have kept my silence."


"Gabriel came to me eleven days ago, asking me bizarre questions about my relationship with you."

"And let me guess. He got you to admit you loved me, and that's when all this crap started?"

Castiel nodded. "The next day he trapped us in the Impala."

Dean rolled his eyes and scowled. Of course it did. He should have realised something was going on. Gabriel may enjoy messing with him and barrelling him towards the brink of insanity, but when he involved Castiel as well it should have clicked that the archangel had some sort of ulterior motive. And, although he'd said it as a joke, Dean had managed to hit the nail on the head back in the car. Gabriel had been trying to set them up. He'd just decided to go about it in a way that was over-the-top and ridiculous. Typical.

Castiel still felt tense in his arms, so Dean began rubbing circles into his spine. It did the trick, and Castiel began to be at ease once again. "Hey, it's okay. In a weird way, I guess it means I owe him thanks. And you have no idea how wrong it feels for me to say that, but it's true. I wouldn't have done anything about this if he hadn't thrown me in at the deep end."

The angel moved to turn his head and looked up at Dean. "I do not understand that reference."

Dean couldn't help but snort with laughter. "I'm saying I'm happy he stepped in."

Realisation dawned on Castiel's face, and Dean felt his heart beat a little faster when the angel smiled. Not one of his usual I'm-kind-of-smiling-but-it's-only-in-my-eyes smiles, but a full blown one with eye crinkles and everything. It was certainly a shock to Dean's system, and the way it made Castiel's blue eyes light up was plenty of incentive for Dean to want to bring it out again and again.

"As am I, Dean."

"How long does it take to get out of bed?"

"I dunno Sammy, we usually take a while." Gabriel replied, waggling his eyebrows suggestively.

Sam snorted, not in the mood for jokes of any kind and nodded. He and Gabriel were waiting next to the Impala, ready to move on to their next destination. Well, that was the idea. Sam had phoned Dean to wake him up, not trusting Gabriel to do it after the firecracker incident, and that had been over two hours ago. He was fighting the temptation to send the archangel in with free reign of all his powers, when their door opened and both Dean and Castiel emerged.


And really, Sam should have recognised the warning signs that he was about to get a sudden desire for brain bleach. Dean was grinning, full out grinning, and Castiel's hair was even more mussed up than usual. Not only that, but the two of them just seemed to radiate that glow that came after certain activities. But he was too annoyed at having had to wait for two freaking hours outside that he wasn't paying attention.

"Seriously, Dean? What were you doing that took you two hours?" He snapped the second they were close enough.

And that, really, was when the penny dropped.

What helped was when Dean's grin widened even further and he said, "Sorry, Sammy. Cas just saw me getting changed and I guess he couldn't help himself." He then leant closer to his brother and the archangel and added, "Best shower ever."

At his words, Castiel's cheeks were suddenly swimming with colour and he glared at the back of Dean's still grinning head. Sam, on the other hand, closed his eyes and shuddered hard. "Kill me. Kill me now."

Gabriel, on the other hand, burst out laughing. "Yeah, I get that with Sammy all the time."

"Seriously, Cas. Stab me, right now." Sam continued. "Anything to save me from hearing this."

But Dean didn't rise to Gabriel's bait, didn't make a comment. Instead, he just shrugged, grin never faltering even once. Even Gabriel looked shocked by it. And that expression raised a notch or two at Dean's next words.

"Oh yeah, Gabriel. Guess I better thank you."

"Deano, are you feeling alright?"

"Never better. Seriously though dude, thanks."

"What for?"

"You gave me a whole list of ideas of things I want to try out with Cas. First stop, getting him a collar."

The reaction to these words was explosive. Castiel turned scarlet and if looks could kill, Dean would have been more than fifty feet under, encased in solid concrete. With a groan and a mutter of 'Oh God, I'm gonna throw up', Sam ducked out of sight into the Impala and slammed the door a little louder than was necessary. Once there he hunkered down into the passenger seat, hands clamped over his ears. Gabriel pulled a face; a strange mixture caught somewhere between amusement and disapproval.

Then, still grinning, Dean said, "Storing that expression in my memory bank forever."

The corners of Gabriel's mouth twitched upwards, and he nodded. "You're aware this means war, Kiddo."

~ * ~ FIN ~ * ~

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