This will be a collection of 100 drabbles for fan-freak121's 100 Different Pairings Competition.

Chapter 1 Ginny/Draco with the prompt Slytherin.

Ginny had been obsessed since she first saw him that day in Florish and Blotts. She loved the way his perfect hair fell almost to his eyes. She loved the way his perfect mouth turned down slightly in a frown. She even loved the way his perfect eyes glared at Harry, and Ron, and at her. She knew it was wrong to notice these things. He was the son of her fathers rival, her brothers enemy, a Slytherin, a Malfoy. But she didn't care. Should she? Yes. Could anything good possibly come of this obsession? No. But still she would search for him everyday in the Great Hall, hoping his gray eyes would meet hers, but they never did.