Emily yawned as she got up. She walked out of her room and into the kitchen, no one was there. All there was is a note that said:

" Dear Emily, gap sensor when off after we made breakfast, we were about to eat before the it went off, we took off and left some food for you.

Have a good meal.

Love the Red, Blue, Green, Pink and Gold rangers "

She smiled at the note and giggled. She sat down and moved her place over.

" I hope Mia didnt make this " She thought, she giggled at that.

Mia is a bad cook in their appinions, they think she should take a cooking class.

She took one bite.

" Wow, this is delicious, so mia oviously didnt make it " She said

" I did " she reconised that voice. Mike.

" This is amazing Mike " She said

" Thanks " He said

She sat down and finished eating. She sat down and suddenly didnt feel so good. She ran to the bathroom and puked her guts out.

" Em? you ok? " Mike asked in concern.

" Yea, i just dont feel good "

" Why dont we take you to the doctor? " He asked

" Ok "

After she was done puking they headed to the hospital to see the doctor. They sat in they sat in the waiting room until her name was called.

" Emily Sky "

They walked into the ultrasound room to take a look at her stomach. Emily shivered as the doctor put the gel on Emily's stomach. she moved the wand round and all of a sudden they heard a heart beating.

" Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Sky, your gonna have a baby "