Chapter 2

I groaned silently as I began to wake from my unconscious state. I could feel the pain which means that I am not dead yet. My body felt numb, but I could feel the pain that coursed through it as I moved my fingers and toes.

I open my tired eyes as I try to see where I am. I see a dark, wooden ceiling over my head, but that would not mean much to me. It just means I am in a place with a ceiling. Also means that anyone got me and brought me to their place for anything. Maybe they can do more pain. That would be nice of them. Pain makes me forget everything anyway. More pain fewer thoughts.

My left hand goes toward where my monocle should be and it is still there. It does not mean the person did not see the face of the phantom. Even if they see my face, no one will care. My mother is dead, Jii-chan is dead, and Aoko lives in a world without Kuroba Kaito. Everyone else wants me captured or dead to show as their worthless trophy. I close my eyes knowing that I should be dead, but Lady Luck keeps me from what I what most. I want a way out of this hell and a place where I cannot feel and see nothing from my past. I want to truly be the phantom of the moonlight.

I reopen my eyes and look down at myself to see what my condition is for now. I see no Kaitou KID suit, besides the monocle on my right eye, but that does not mean much to me. That suit is nothing but trouble due to the secret it hides. I am dressed in some gray sweatpants and no shirt, but my chest, right arm, and left leg are dressed properly and no bullet seems to be in them. I close my eyes knowing that I should not be moving much due to my condition and blood loss, but being in an unknown place is overlapping that thought for now.

I sigh wondering if I am captured or free. I could be in some fan girl's house, or maybe one of the task force members got me. Snake could have captured me for some payback of always getting away from him. In other words, it is slim to none if I am in a good place instead of a bad place. People do want me dead or alive. It probably would not matter to them if I died in their hands, but I am hoping for death so I can leave this place for good.

I reopen my eyes as I get a good look around my prison that I will be staying in for a while. It seems to be a bedroom since there is a dresser, closest for clothes, a nightstand, and a bed, which I am laying on for now. My eyes focus on the window, which was closed almost fully, but still showed that the sun was going down. The time was probably evening, but that would mean a few days since it was night last I remember.

There appeared to be no one here with me so I with alone for the moment, but that did not mean to let my guard down that easily. I sighed once more as I tried to sit up, but the pain was running through my right arm. I used only my left arm and right leg while being a little mindful of my injuries. I let out a shaky breath as I was finally able to sit up good enough for my condition. After all, no pain, no gain for the phantom.

I looked toward the nightstand, which was on my left side and saw an apple, two painkillers, and a glass of water. I grabbed the painkiller and put it down my throat as the water quickly followed the painkiller. I downed the entire glass in one shallow. The pain started to go away as the medication kicks in after a few minutes. No fun, but at least I can surprise my victim when they try to come see me.

I breathe slowly as I feel my body trying to heal itself. It seems to know that I lacked the blood and energy to do much, but it did what it had to do on adrenaline alone even if I was still tired from my heist. I then grab an apple and start to eat it so I can get my strength back and surprise my next victim. I am a phantom after all, and they come and go from one place to the next. We show no mercy and leave a mark on the person's mind.

I start to think over who might have me at their mercy when they came to check me. First on the list would be Snake and his gang which I quickly marked on the negative side since Snake would have killed me instead of healing my wounds. Nakamori-Keibu and the task force would have me in jail with the newspapers stating the infamous Kaitou KID is now captured. That probably would be a no unless they started creating jails to look like a bedroom. I hope a fan girl did not get me because I do not want to go down that path any time soon. Feelings are nothing to a phantom like me. So, the question still stands on who got me, fixed me up, and probably taking care of a phantom.

The detectives could be a possibility. Tantei-kun does enter my mind a few times since he is kindhearted and would take care of a criminal instead of letting them die on his watch. Pathetic in my opinion, but that is Tantei-kun for you. I do not see Tantei-san doing it since he would have hand cuffs on my wrists and personally haul me to the police station since it would be the highlight of his career. Tantei-han would be a no as well since he cares more about murders than my heist in the first place. Therefore, Tantei-kun would be the only one I can think of, but it would mainly be due to that paranoid moment that I caught from him during my heist.

On the other hand, it could be a person just walking down the street. I am an infamous thief. People do know me by the white suit, but some people love me while others hate me with a passion. They ether want to hug me to death or torture me with no mercy. What great joy for me. Too bad I am already dead. It would mean nothing to me with whatever they wish to do to me. Pain is welcomed so I can know that a I am still human.

My eyesight gets blurry for a minute as I try to think. It seems my body must still be weak, but that is okay. I remember falling after the first shot with the jewel in my hand, but after that, things get fuzzy around the edges.

I wonder were the jewel is since I did not see it in my prison. No jewel means no return which equals to trouble for the phantom thief. I got to find that jewel, check it, and return it to its owner. I may not care, but I still have to keep the Phantom thief clean enough. After all, a jewel is nothing more than a pretty rock that a people wants to have and hold as if it was worth something.

Whatever. If the jewel is lost, it will not be on me anyway due to the events of my heist. Snake and his gang can be useful for something. What great joy once more. They cannot take anything else from me anyway. They already stole my life. Stealing a jewel is nothing to a phantom that lives under the moonlight.

Next order of business would be to get out of here. Going out the window would not be good due to my wounds. DNA could be left by a trail and who I am. Going out the door would be bad as well since I do not know who lives here. Neighbors are nosy and curious in this world. Secret tunnels would be out since this seems to be a normal, everyday house. Basically, no way out unless I can go through the walls or disappear.

I sigh knowing that I am going to end up staying here until I get better or worse. In other words, I am at the mercy of the person keeping me here. What more could they do to me? Kill me? Torture me? Maybe those two options would help on the bright side, but my body would hate me even more on the dark side.

I tense up after hearing a door open and shut somewhere in the house. I am alarmed, but my body does not want to listen to my brain. I get out of the bed while favoring my unwounded leg. I grab the nightstand with my left hand so I can be be balanced enough to walk and face my keeper. I go to stand by the door and lean against the wall for support so I can surprise them when they entered my prison. What difference would it make to the person if I knock them out or not? Nothing, but a bruise or two.

I heard the footsteps come closer to the prison as I ready my weapon, which is the door, with my good arm. The footsteps stop at the door and the knob on the door starts to turn. The door opens as I have my injured arm on the wall for support. My poker face is up and no pain can be seen. My breathing stops as the door stops a little away from me.

My keeper steps part way as I ready to slam the door on them with my good arm. As soon as I see the foot of my keeper, I push the door onto my them and knock them down to the floor.

I show no emotion as I move off the wall to see who captured the phantom thief. I stare with an emotionless face at the person who stared with shocked eyes at me. Personally, I would have thought to want me captured and sent to jail due to his morals, but I guess he has other plans in mind. I guess that Tantei-kun did not think I would attack anyone in my condition, but I can. In truth, phantoms show no mercy to their keepers. The 'no one gets hurt' rule is followed to a point after all.

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