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The water began to flood in around me, as I yell for help. I could see the girl, no not a girl, Rebekah standing in the middle of the road. I remember screaming for help, screaming for Matt to wake up. The door, just beneath my grasp, refused to open for me. I knew that this was the end. I knew it, and wasn't too concerned about it.

For my whole life, or as far as I could remember, everyone tried to protect me; even if that meant they had to die for my safety. Not anymore. I couldn't let anyone die for my stupid mistakes. It was my fault, and it's I who should pay the punishment for it; no one else.

I could see one of my best friends life fading right in front of me, and my vampire was pulling him out to get to me. NO! I mouthed, and pointed at Matt. After a few minutes he finally gave up and took Matt with him. The water was still caving in on me, filling my lungs, my mouth. I soon couldn't fight it anymore as I gave up and slowly fell into unconsciousness.

A gasp overtook me, shaking my body awake, as I gripped the bedding beneath me. Examining the room in which I was in, I determined that either I was dead, or some psych kidnapped me. My head began to pound and I began to tremble in pain. What happened?

My memory brought me back to the water, to my drowning friend, and then to my loss of consciousness. Somehow between all of that mess and me falling unconscious, I somehow ended up here. In this room, on this bed. How?

A moment or two passed before I gained enough strength to stand. Slowly I moved myself to the wooden door, opposite of the bed. Tuggin on it, I could feel that it was not going to budge. Locked. moving toward the relatively large window to the left of the bed, I could see a great deal of trees. No landmoark told me where I might be. No sign of a city. No sign of life.

The door slowly creaked open and a deep English accent spoke. "Hello, Love. Nice to see you once again."

Trying not to show any fear of him, I stood in my place. "What did you do, Klaus? Why am I here? Where-"

"Are you going to go on and on with questions because I can tell you this, you're not getting any answers." He paused for a moment, cocking his head to the side. "You know what? I bet you'd do anything I want while you're here."

"Yea? And why's that?" I asked hostile.

"Because I said so, and because if you don't it'll be the end of you." He slammed the door shut, and walked over to the bed, laying back. "You see, you're not only here because i need your blood. You're here so I can keep an eye on you, away from those Salvatore's. You're here for play."

"-But the water? I died, didn't I?"

"Yes, yes you did." A gasp escaped my lips, and he smirked his evil smirk. "But thanks to my new witch, she brought you back to life. As human."

I sighed. "What about Stefan, Damon-"

"Don't start Love. They're too busy planning your funeral as we speak. To them, your dead. They won't know otherwise."

"What happens when more and more hybrids mysteriously start showing up? Won't they suspect anything?" I took a breath. "They'll find out I'm here."

My reaction only gained me a hysterical amount of laughter on Klaus' end. "You think they'll find you, after your dead? To them all you are is a dead girl burried six feet under. Nothing more, but the past. As for the hybrids, they won't know what's coming for them."

"What do you want Klaus?"

"I want something that no one else can give me," He paused, cocking his head to the side. "Well, besides you that is."

Giving Klaus a side-ways glance I asked confused, "Besides me? What can I give you, besides my blood that no one else can?"

Klaus smiled his evil grin at me. "In due time, Elena." I give him an evil glare myself and Klaus only smirks. He then strolls toward the window next to me, and I immediatly back up away from him, walking back toward the bed. "You see, Love, you're here for me to keep an eye on you. Now ask yourself, why would I keep you up here in a nice room, away from everyone, if I could just throw you in a dungeon somewhere?" My eyes narrowed and he chuckled. "Gives you something to think about when I'm out and about."

Klaus turned back towards the window, over looking the scenery. As soon as I belive he's not looking at me, I run back towards the door, turning the handle, but to find it still locked. Signing I turn around to see that Klaus was no longer at the window. Takin a few steps forward, I feel breathing on my neck.

"Not on my watch, Love." He whispers, then grabs my arm in a forceful grip, dragging me to the bed where he throws me upon. "It's not going to be that easy."

My instincts took over as I yelled at him. "Why don't you jmust compel me to stay because you know I'll do anything and everything I can to escape from you, Moster!"

Leaning over me, he kissed my cheek and smirked, "First things first. Your Salvatore's fed you full with vervain." Klaus took a few steps back. "Now this can go one of two ways: you can play nice until it passes out of your system in a week or so, and hope I don't get bored of you while I wait; or I can always bleed the vervain out of your system."

I took a deep breath, waiting for Klaus to begin to speak again. "You wouldn't hurt me." I tested.

A moment later, I was pinned to the bed, Klaus over top of me. "I would." A stab of pain erupted from my arm, and then my lower stomach. He's really doing it. A scream escaped my lips unexpectedly, and Klaus forced his hand over it; kepping me semi-quiet. "Guess you chose your choice then." He winked and continued to slice.

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