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CHAPTER 50 EPOV – EPILOGUE pt2 – It's Time!

Never in my life have I felt so complete. Bella is lying on the bed next to me, lightly dozing, while in my arms, snoring softly was my two-day old son. Thinking back over the last few days, I remember my wife trying to wake me from my slumber in this very bed.

"Edward," I heard Bella say, as she shoved me repeatedly. "For fuck's sake, Edward, my water has broken! You need to fucking get up," she shouted.

Well that did it, I was officially awake at... 2.12 am. " Aww, fuck," I groaned at my wife's bump. "This was my last chance of a full night sleep, and you, my baby, decide to make an appearance in the middle of the night." I shake my head as I chuckle in disbelief.

"Not funny, Edward," Bella retorted. "I didn't want to wake you, but I've been having pains on and off for the last few hours and now my water broke. Baby is coming, so FUCKING MOVE!" she roared, clutching at her stomach and breathing in and out rapidly.

Grabbing her bag and helping her into the car, I made a mad dash to the hospital. Calling ahead to let them know we were coming, an attendant was waiting at the door to take my wife to the labor ward. Bella barely had her ass on the bed when she shouted that she needed to push. The nurse hadn't even had the time to put her gloves on and look at Bella's notes. "I don't think so, Mrs Cullen. You have just arrived," the woman said to her.

Judging by the murderous look on Bella's face, I suggested that the nurse check her over just in case. After getting her PJ's off and her legs into the stir-ups, the nurse finally looked at Bella. "Oh dear, Mrs Cullen. I can see your baby's head; it's time to push."

"I fucking told you that, you idiot," Bella squeaked out through her gritted teeth as she bore down. I squeezed myself behind her, helping her support her weight as she continued to push. Bella began to cry as each contraction became stronger and stronger.

"Can't you give her something to help the pain?" I asked the midwife.

"Gas and air only, Mr Cullen. Your wife is too far dilated to be given anything else. It will only slow her down," she explained to me.

"A couple of more pushes, Mrs. Cullen, and you baby will be here," the nurse cheerfully said to us.

"Fuck off," Bella muttered as I laughed.

And a couple of more pushes was all it took for my magnificent wife to bring our son screaming into the world. I have always been proud of my wife, but I was struck with awe that day. Men are feeble creatures compared to women. She incubated that small egg, kept it warm and safe, and turned that small fetus into the tiny boy I have in my arms now. Callan James Cullen, weighed in at a healthy 7lb 10 oz, measuring 55cm long, with bright blue eyes and a wisp of copper hair - sheer perfection.

I realize that I have so much to be thankful for - happiness, health, love and gorgeous son. But most of all, I am thankful for Bella. Without her I would be nothing; without her forgiveness, I would be a lonely, desolate man. If she hadn't picked up the pieces, I would have been left behind.

I give my wife a soft kiss to the forehead as I curl arms tighter around my son. Closing my eyes, I drift off into a peaceful slumber, knowing when I awake I get to feel this contentment all over again.


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