I stroke Bella's soft hair, as I held her in my arms. It felt like I have not held her in years, so I felt a warm feeling shot through my body. "Now what do we do Edward?" Bella asked as her face was pressed against my shoulder.

"We have to wait."


I stared my mummified wife who was groaning, as she was wiggle like a worm on the sand. God I wish I can cry just by watching this, but this is not my wife. "Edward is Bella with you?"

"Yeah get us out of here!" I stared down at the body of my wife before I picked both of her hand knives and stabbed both her hands into the sand. She screamed through her bandages while I climbed onto of her legs to hold her down. Al Ella to gripe and groan to get me off of her, but I would not budge. I simply just placed my hand over her bandage cheek and stroke. "I will set you free my love." It sounded like she growled at my words, but I let that slide. I held my sword over my head and stabbed down into her head. Al Ella body stopped struggling and went limp in seconds.

I big struck of lighting hit came from the sky.


A light became brighter and figure now stood in front of us. She looked so beautiful just like Bella, could this be Al Ella? She smiled at both Bella and I before floating over to us with an proud look on her face. She now stands before us with her Egyptian cloths and perfect make up. She placed a hand on Bella's cheek and whispered something into her ear that made her eyes water and nod her head. Al Ella then turns me and did the same to me. "Give this my husband and tell him that I will see him soon." Al Ella leaned and placed her lips against mine. In my head I was thinking 'I am so not doing that when Anthony.'

I hear Bella giggling right next to me when Al Ella pulled away and I was blushing like a tomato. "Uhhh, Al Ella I really and I being serious and not a in a rude why, but I'm so not doing to him." That then Bella break out laughing along with Al Ella.

"Alright, then you don't mind Bella doing it." I was a little against that idea, but better her than me.


To be continued