Kouichi: Hey! Kitori-chan!

Kitori: Oi... just 5 more minutes...

Kouichi: Wake up!

Kitori: Nuuu... I'm having a sweet dream...

Kouichi: *sighs and takes a speakerphone* WAKE UP!

Kitori: Gah! O.O! What was that for?!

Kouichi: -.- You wouldn't wake up...

Kitori: ...

Kaguya-Hime123: Yo x3

Kitori & Kouichi: Konnichiwa Kagu-chan!

Kaguya-Hime123: Shouldn't we start the story?


Kaguya-Hime123: Why not? Dx?

Kouichi: Because your the writer -.-

Kaguya-Hime123: Oh yea I forgot... :3

Kitori: Baka... .

Kaguya-Hime123: Nuuuu! I'm just forgetful sometimes... .

Kouichi: Oh geez... Shall we continue with the story?

Kitori: Sure.

Kaguya-Hime123: *puffs out cheeks*

Kitori: :P

Kaguya-Hime123: *sticks tongue out*

Kitori: *runs after Kagu-chan with an axe*

Kaguya-Hime123: Ahhhh! D: *runs*

Kouichi: x.x *walks away*

Chapter 1

School's Courtyard

Normal P.O.V.

"Oi! I want to see the picture!"

"Me too!"

"Me three!"

"Okay, hold on. Be patient people!" A crowd of students gathered to look at a class picture on the courtyard. Much shoving and pushing were involved. After the photographer recorded the requests onto his notepad he announced,

"Everyone! I will have the pictures ready by tomorrow. You will receive it in an envelope sent directly to your classroom. Now give me some space! Please!"

All of the students dispersed heading back to their classrooms. ( Kaguya-Hime123: Oh yea! Awesome wording there :D ) The poor photographer finally could breathe.

"It was suffocating in there... Phew... At least I can breathe normally now." Without noticing, a girl tackled him onto the grass. She bursted into a fit of laughter when she got up.

"What the~?" He patted the dust off his navy blue uniform pants and checked his camera lens in case it broke.

"Kouichi! What's up?"

"Oh, hi Kito-Kito-chan. You know, just the usual."

Kitori rolled her eyes, "Of course I know that. Your a photographer."

"Correction, a photographer in training." Kouichi mumbled.

"Yeah, yeah. Doesn't matter. I'm sure you'll become professional. Isn't it your dream?"

"Yea, I know. Even if it means surviving large crowds and stampedes..." He sighed.

Kitori giggled, "Gee, sounds like fun."

"Not if you have to go through it every day."

"Eh, not like I will ever experience that. Besides, I'm still trying to figure out what my career will be."

Kouichi chuckled, "You still don't know?"

"It's not my fault I'm taking my time to decide!"

"Fine, fine. Whatever you say Ki-to-ri."

"Hmph!" Kitori folded her arms and turned her back to him. Kouichi smiled quietly. Just like she used to be when we were three year olds. He slowly moved towards his friend, then he tickled her like crazy.

"Ah ha ha ha ha!" Tears came out of Kitori's eyes as she laughed uncontrollably.

"Do you forgive me now?"

"Ah ha ha!"

"Do you?"

"Okay! Fine! Yes!" Kitori finally calmed down after Kouichi stopped. She blushed in embarrassment and stuck her tongue out at him. He grinned. The bell rang.

"Maybe we should head back to class." Kouichi glanced at his watch.

"Aw, fine. Let's go." Kitori got up and skipped on over to the stairs. He gazed at the girl he's known for so long. Her hair has gotten longer. She's really progressed. Kouichi shook the thoughts out of his mind. How could I think like that? She's my childhood friend. She'd never think that way. Getting up on his feet, he dashed towards the stairs.

Kitori's P.O.V.

School Hallways

Ugh... What page was the math homework again? Oh I'm such a baka. I'll just ask Kouichi later. I was walking down the hallway humming to my favorite tune.

Oof! I suddenly bumped into someone. "Gomenasai!" ( Kaguya-Hime123: If you dont know what "Gomenasai" means, it means "I'm sorry" )

I looked down at my feet. I was surprised the person didn't sound angry.

"It's alright. Just be careful next time."

"I will. I'm just so careless sometimes. Hehe..."

I jumped when I saw the victim whom I accidently knocked into. It was a boy. A cute boy in fact. I tried to resist the urge to squeal "kawaii!" He had such a nice smile.

"U-um..." I stammered nervously.

"How rude of me, I've forgotten to introduce myself. I'm Eiji Sasaki. And you are?"

"Kitori Nakamura. Nice to meet you..."

"Well, I'm heading on over to the cafeteria. Would you like to accompany me?"

"U-uh, I apologize but I can't. I have to go to the art room to finish up my landscape painting."

"Ah, I see. It's disappointing to not have lunch with such a beautiful girl."

I blushed as red as a tomato. "U-um, I guess we could have lunch tomorrow..."

"Great! Then see you then?"

"Yeah... Bye Eiji-?"

"-kun. Ja ne." I silently watched as he strolled down the hallways. I scolded myself in my thoughts. I guess it can never be helped when I miss my chances... I slumped my shoulders in defeat as I dragged myself to the art room.

Normal P.O.V.


Kitori yawned. She stretched her arms out. Kouichi smirked.

"How was your day Kito-Kito-chan?"

"It was great! Except I bumped into someone on accident..."

Kouichi shook his head while trying to hold back his laugh, "So, who was the lucky victim?"

"It's not funny! And it was a boy. His name is Eiji Sasaki. He also invited me to eat with him in the cafeteria tomorrow. He's so cute and sweet." She rambled on.

"Oh, I know him. He's in my class." Kouichi averted his gaze as his eyes darkened, hiding his emotions.

"Honto? ( Kaguya-Hime123: "Honto" means "really" x3 ) You should eat with us tomorrow too. That way, we can all know about each other. Isn't that terrific?"

"Yeah." Kitori glomped Kouichi. ( Kaguya-Hime123: Go glomping! :D ) He immediately fell onto the concrete on his back. She hugged him tightly with a smile on her face. Kouichi faintly blushed as he hugged her back.

"Eh, you know Kouichi?"

"What is it?"

"You are the best friend ever!"

"Arigato..." ( Kaguya-Hime123: Means "thank you!" )

Kaguya-Hime123: ...

Kitori: ...

Kouichi: ...

Kaguya-Hime123: Aww! x3

Kitori: xI

Kouichi: Heh heh...

Kaguya-Hime123: x3

Eiji: Excuse me, am I intruding?

Kitori & Kaguya-Hime123: *squeals* KAWAII!

Kouichi: :P

Eiji: Haha... *rubs the back of his head*

Kaguya-Hime123: Oh no! I forgot the descriptions! o:

Kitori: *facepalms* I am going to kill you...

Kaguya-Hime123: Gomen! Dx I will in the next chapter!

Kouichi & Eiji: O.O

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