Chapter 1: The Doozy

Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie had been going around town all morning getting food for the upcoming party slash dinner that the two are putting on for Luna. "This is super duper exciting Twilight. Luna will be so surprised." Pinkie said jumping around.

"Well don't get to excited yet Pinkie, she doesn't even know about it yet. Princess Celestia said that she would be coming for a visit tonight, who knows how she'll react to a surprise party for her." Twilight said grabbing a chicken off the shelf and putting it in her basket.

"How could she not love it Twilight, Rarity is setting it up to look like Princess Luna. At the very least she can't hate it." Pinkie smiled jumping around too excited to calm down.

Just then Spike came running in frantically with a letter in hand. "Spike, slow down." Spike stopped and caught his breath. "Now what's going on Spike, what's the rush?"

"Here Twilight." Spike handed over the note.

Twilight opened the letter and read it quiet enough that only the three could hear.

Dear Twilight Sparkle

My loving husband and I are coming to visit you tonight. We have something very special to tell you. We know that you would want to hear this in person. We will be at your home in a few hours.

You're sister in law,


"Oh Twilight, tonight is going to be so fun." Pinkie began jumping excitedly.

'My brother and Cadance are coming to see me.' Twilight whispered to herself. "Let's get going Pinkie." Spike then left and headed back to the library while Twilight paid for the food. Then Pinkie pie started vibrating. Twilight noticed this and began to freak out. "No no no, not today, not when I have my brother and sister in law coming to visit."

"Oh calm down." Pinkie shook again. "It's probably not a bad thing." Pinkie then shook again but this time didn't stop.

"How can it not be a bad thing?" Twilight grabbed a hold of Pinkie to try to keep her from vibrating but it didn't help.

Back at the library, a knock came to the door. Rainbow Dash rushed to the door and looked out expecting to see Luna but instead saw Shining Armor and Cadance. Rainbow Dash opened the door. "Hey come on in. Sorry about the look of the place but were getting ready for a party tonight for Princess Luna." Rainbow Dash quickly went back to helping with decorating.

"Where is my dear sister?" Shining Armor asked looking around the room and then the sound of the door opening made them turn. "There's my sister." Twilight smiled widely and ran over to him and hugged him tightly.

"Shining Armor what are you doing here so early. You said you would be here in a few hours. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad you're here." Twilight let go of her brother and then hugged her sister.

"Well Twilight we sent the letter to you a few hours ago." Cadance said giving Twilight a hug.

"So what is this special thing you needed to tell me?" The others stopped and listened.

"Well Twilight, since you're clearly busy well just get it out. Twilight, I'm going to have a foal." Twilight's jaw dropped for only a moment. "You're going to be an aunt Twilight."

Twilight did a back flip and jumped around the room in excitement. "I'm going to be an aunt. Yippee!" After a few more jumps, Twilight stopped and regained her composure. "That is wonderful Cadance." Just then she noticed Pinkie Pie still vibrating. "Pinkie, you can stop vibrating, the doozy." Twilight paused for a second fully realizing that Pinkie hadn't stopped. "That news wasn't the doozy Pinkie?"

"I guess not Twilight, there must be something really big going to happen." Pinkie Pie said, her voice vibrating as well.

"How is that not big?" Twilight asked but decided not to worry about it extensively anyway. The rest of afternoon Twilight talked with her Shining Armor and Cadance while the others finished up decorating. Pinkie directed Fluttershy in cooking everything being unable to cook.

About seven that night Rainbow Dash came into the library exhausted. "She is coming." Applejack turned off the lights and then went into hiding. Soon Luna was pushed into the library. She was about to comment on her being pushed but didn't get the chance when the lights came on and everyone jumped out screaming "Surprise". Luna jumped back and looked around the room. The ceiling is a dark blue. Shining stars covered the ceiling with a moon in the middle. Silver streamers went down the railings on the stairs. The room represents Luna very well. "So Princess Luna, you like?" Rainbow Dash asked. Luna just continued to stare at all the decorations. Silver glitter covered the tables which are also dark blue with stars on them. Luna would have continued to look when something entered her nose. The smell began to make her drool. She quickly realized it and regained her composure and stood up straight.

"What is this?" Luna asked.

"It's a party for you Luna. We wanted you to feel loved this year and so we threw you a small party." Pinkie said vibrating still.

Just then princess Celestia walked in. "I heard you are having a party for my sister. Thank you, all of you." Princess Celestia said and then saw Cadance and Shining Armor. "What are you two doing here?"

"We came to give Twilight the good news." Celestia raised and eyebrow. "I'm pregnant." Cadance said with a smile.

"Congratulations you two and Twilight as well." Celestia smiled and then turned to her sister.

Luna smiled. "Let's party then shall we? After all it seems that there are a few reasons to celebrate. After word we can all go and enjoy Nightmare Night." The party went on and only twilight had a somewhat difficult time. Dinner was served five minutes later and then they began to party again. Soon everypony is ready for desert. They all ate cupcakes, ice cream, cake, and other kinds of deserts. After everyone ate desert and were ready to leave, Rainbow Dash brought the wishbone from the chicken over which of course Fluttershy didn't eat any of. "Who wants the wishbone?" Nopony said anything except for Pinkie Pie. "Then I say we let Luna have it." Luna shook her head and smiled. "Then twilight, you have been nervous all night, you take it with Pinkie Pie and have a little fun." Twilight thought about it and then nodded. Pinkie Pie and Twilight made a wish with their eyes closed and then pulled.

When Twilight opened her eyes, she found that she had won. "I won." Twilight looked up and no one is around. "Where did everyone go?"

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