Batman's scowl deepened as he observed the young heroes before him. Every time he saw them, he couldn't help but wonder where Dick would be amongst them. Would he be taller? Hopefully. Would he be the tallest? Would he be muscular? Would he have facial hair? Would he have scars visible on his face? Would he have a girlfriend? Would he be smiling and mischievous still? Would he still be Robin? He'd be seventeen if he were still alive. Almost a man.

Shaking himself out of the train of thought usually reserved for when he was Bruce Wayne, Batman addressed the Team. Pulling up a picture, he heard gasps coming from Young Justice.

"This," the Dark Knight began, "is an image taken of the group known as the Outlaws while they were in Madrid last month. The leader of this group is Red Hood, the girl is called Starfire, and the other man is now going by Arsenal."

The picture in and of itself was relatively fuzzy. In the front was the obvious leader, the red helmet a dead giveaway to who he was. Above him, and a bit to the right, was a flying girl with orange skin and green eyes. She appeared to be shooting some type of energy beam from her hands. The man in the background was an easily recognizable face within the hero community. He was the first vigilante to ever defect. With red hair, arrows, and a bow, Speedy…erm Red Arrow….erm Arsenal, appeared to be running, with an arrow already drawn and ready to fire.

Continuing, Batman said, "We have gained some intelligence saying that the Outlaws are going to go after a shipment of kryptonite just sent to the LexCorp in Blüdhaven. Your job is to prevent them from getting it. Any questions?"

"Why aren't you going?" Batgirl asked, "Red Hood is one of your guys."

"Now that Blüdhaven has a hero, the League can't just waltz into his city. It'd bring bad press," Robin explained for his mentor, "Especially if Godfrey caught wind of it. That guy seems to adore Nightwing."

Batman nodded in agreement to Robin's assessment, causing a small smile to grace the boy's face. As he aged, Robin's detective skills were improving at an alarming rate. It was hard for the Dark Knight not to feel proud knowing that he'd helped sharpen the teen's ability. Of course, such pride was usually followed by a deep feeling of sorrow. Both Jason and Dick had died after he'd come to terms with how much he cared for them, and Bruce simply refused to have the same thing happen to Tim, especially since the boy still had his father.

In order to leave before his thoughts strayed back to his other sons anymore, Batman stated, "Batgirl, you're in charge. Anymore information you require for this mission is located in the folders just outside the Bioship." With a swish of his cape, Batman retreated back through the Zeta-Tube.

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