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The Break Up – Aftermath

"I'm so sorry," Blaine said tearfully, desperate for Kurt to believe him, that he truly did make a mistake, and he was willing to fix it.

Kurt just shook his head, hand over his mouth in shock, tears filling in his eyes, but refusing to fall. Kurt swiftly turned around and slowly walked away from Blaine.

"Kurt. Kurt!"

Kurt ran when he heard the desperate cry of his boyfriend, ex-boyfriend? He ran over to the fountain to catch his breathe, and finally let the tears fall. When he heard the pounding of feet, surely coming from Blaine, coming closer to him, Kurt continued running, until he collapsed onto the grass underneath a bush.

He turned around and saw Blaine run past the bush on the opposite side from where he was sitting. Kurt knew he was getting his clothes dirty, but right now he didn't care. He didn't care about anything right now.

He sat on the ground for God knows how long and just cried into his hands. He heard the vibrations from his phone in his jeans pocket, but he just ignored it, he knew it would be Blaine.

Kurt finally stood up, and slowly made his way out of Battery Park, taking in the scenery in the dark, but when he saw a scary looking homeless lady, he walked quickly out.

The worst thing about New York at night was the traffic. Just like during the day time, the sounds of cars honking, and shouts from the angry drivers filled the area. Kurt walked slowly down the quiet street. He didn't have his bag with him, or his money (as Blaine bought him his drink), so he couldn't hail for a cab. Also, he didn't really want to start sobbing again in the back of a cab.

So he settled on walking the long walk back to his and Rachel's apartment. He was kind of hoping Blaine wouldn't be there, but then again he did because where else would Blaine go? Kurt may hate him right now, but he still wanted him to be safe.

Kurt's mind was elsewhere, that he didn't see the oncoming car speeding towards him as he crossed the road without looking. Kurt looked up at the car but it was too late. The car hit him on his side and he flew over the car. He landed on the hard pavement floor, hitting his head hard, and let the blackness take over.

Blaine desperately tried to find Kurt, he had to tell him he was sorry. Kurt was running in front of him, Blaine blinked then Kurt was gone.

He continued looking around the park for the next 20 minutes before giving up. He decided to walk around the area before heading back to the apartment. He needed to clear his head.

Kurt hates me. He hates my guts. Should I go back to the apartment? Or should I sleep on a park bench for the night?

While Blaine was thinking, he hadn't realised that he had walked all the way back to the apartment. I may as well face the music.

He walked up the stairs until he got to the correct floor, and he slowly knocked on the door. The door was opened seconds later by a flushed looking Rachel, who looked upset.

"Have you seen Kurt?"

"Um, no." Blaine said.

"He was with you!" She shouted.

"We got into a fight and he ran off."

"It's past midnight and he's not home yet! It's in our agreement not to go out alone past midnight!" she yelled.

"Rachel, I'm not in the mood. I'll wait up with you if you like?" Blaine asked, he just wanted to get into the apartment, and change his clothes. He was feeling really dirty after telling Kurt about his hook up.

Rachel sighed, but moved to the side to let Blaine in, who thanked her quietly. He knew Rachel and Finn would have questions about why he and Kurt came back at different times and not together, and he knew they were going to judge him for what he did. He would rather Finn beat him up sooner rather than later.

Finn was already sitting on Rachel's bed, looking very awkward. Blaine nodded in greeting to him, and Finn nodded back.

The apartment was getting very tense; no one was looking at each other, let alone talking. Blaine kept glancing at the door a couple of times, whereas Rachel was burning holes in the door with her eyes. Minutes later, Finn's phone started ringing.

"Answer it! It might be Kurt!" She cried.

Finn reached forward for his phone which was on the coffee table, and looked at the caller ID.

"It's Burt?"

Why would Burt be calling him?


"Finn, wanna tell me why I get a call from the hospital, telling me they have my son?"

"Wait, WHAT? I-"

"Me and your mom are at the airport, meet us at the hospital. See you in a few hours." Burt said before hanging up.

Finn stared ahead as he numbly placed his phone on the ground next to him.

"What's wrong Finn?" Rachel asked hesitantly.

Finn gulped down the lump that was forming in his throat, and tried to speak.

"Kurt's in the hospital."

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