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The Break Up – The Aftermath Chapter 7

A loud beeping began ringing in his ears. The noise was getting louder, why wasn't anybody turning it off?


Someone was calling his name, it sounded like Burt. But why was Burt calling his name? He killed his son, what would Burt want with him? Large, calloused hands were shaking him roughly; Blaine was starting to feel a bit sick with the action. Why wouldn't they just let him sleep? He wants to be with Kurt.

"Wake up Blaine!"

Blaine's eyes shoot open and he sits straight. He was in the exact same position he was in before he fell asleep, doctors were leading into the room starting to surround Kurt, while Burt was trying to drag Blaine out of the room.

"W-what's going on?" Blaine asked, sounding dazed.

"I don't know. You were asleep, then suddenly all the machines started going off."

"Oh God no he's dead. He's dead." Blaine cried, almost hysterical.

"Now you listen to me," Burt said firmly. "Kurt's not going anywhere; he's a Hummel, which means he's a fighter."

"But I saw him die, and I was at the funeral. Then I was on the roof of Dalton and about to jump off but-"

"Mr Hummel?"

Blaine is interrupted by a doctor in blue scrubs, he must have been in his mid forties judging by the lines and wrinkles on his face. Burt turns his full attention onto the doctor.

"He's awake now."

Burt sighs in relief, bringing his hands to rub his tired eyes. Blaine smiles broadly at the doctor, God it felt weird to smile again.

"Thank you, when can I see him?" Burt asked.

"We're bringing him down for a CAT scan to make sure his head is okay, also we'll do a full body X-Ray in case we missed anything. When he woke up he said he was in a lot of pain." The doctor said, flicking through his clipboard.

"Can I come with him?" Burt asked desperately.

"I'm afraid not, Mr Hummel. Also might I suggest that we only limit his visitations to two for now, as we don't want to overwhelm him."

Burt looked crushed when he was told he couldn't come down with his son. Blaine knew of Kurt's fear of hospitals, who could blame him? He had to watch as his mom slowly passed away when he was just 8 years old, and also waiting to see if his father would wake up after his heart attack less than ten years later. Burt bit his bottom lip, but nodded stiffly.

Before anyone could say another word, Kurt was being lying on a stretcher and being wheeled out of the room slowly with three doctors around him. Burt tried to move closer to see his son; he could just about reach him. Burt watched as Kurt lifted his good arm and tried to reach out for Burt's hand, his eyes were wide with fear; he still had an oxygen mask around his mouth.

"I'm here buddy, I'm not going anywhere." Burt said, holding Kurt's hand and squeezing it in reassurance. "I'll be waiting for you here when you come back, I promise." Their hands parted as Kurt started to get further and further away, until they reached the elevator. When the elevator closed, Burt tearfully strolled back up to Blaine and placed his hand on Blaine's shoulder tightly.

"Burt, I-"

"Let's get a coffee shall we? He'll be a while." Burt said softly.

Blaine was about to say how sorry he was for the hundredth time, how he would never hurt his son again. But Burt's face at that moment made it clear that he didn't want to talk about the situation anymore, not until Kurt is well enough that they can all talk about it like adults. Blaine nodded, and was lead to the cafeteria.

Burt was right; Kurt was gone for a while. Both Blaine and Burt sat either side of eachother, nursing a hot cup of awful hospital coffee. Burt was looking around the cafeteria doing a bit of people watching, while Blaine burned holes in the table.

"I don't forgive you for what you did to my son…"

Blaine whipped his head up at Burt's voice, he felt like his insides were being ripped out and all he could do was watch. He felt tears burning his tired eyes, he breathed in deeply to control himself.

"Mr Hummel, I-"

"I haven't finished." Burt cut in, and Blaine instantly nodded at him to continue. "I don't forgive you for cheating on my son, but I don't blame you for the accident, nor does Carole, and deep down nor does Finn or Rachel. I know you blame yourself Blaine; I can see it in you're eyes whenever you look at Kurt."

Blaine couldn't stop the tears from falling this time, as he wept right in front of the love of his life's father. Blaine shoves his untouched coffee cup to the side and buries his head in his arms, resting on the table. His shoulder shakes with sobs, and he's sure he's getting a few odd looks from around the cafeteria. Blaine feels a tight grip on his arm. He lifts his tear stained face up at the source and see's its Burt's hand.

"I like you Blaine, I hate to say it but you saved my kid's life. And I will be forever grateful to you. I know you and Kurt will talk this out maturely, and I hope to God you work it out, because you two are meant to be together. Hell, I've already planned out the speech I'm doing at you're wedding." Burt joked.

Blaine let out a wet laugh, and started to dry his eyes with his sleeves.

"How will I get him to forgive me?" Blaine asked, voice still sounding shaky.

Burt sighed and remained silent for a few moments, as if thinking of what to say before he answered.

"Time is the best source. Give him time to recover from what you both are going through, and just, be there for him in his recovery. I'm just so thankful; the doctor said that his head injury wasn't as bad as it seemed at first." Burt said, taking a long sip of his coffee. "This sucks, it's like I'm drinking paint or something."

Blaine laughed once again, he was thankful too for the fact that Burt didn't hate him, and his dream was just a dream, nothing more. Kurt was alive; he was going to be okay.

"What did you mean earlier when you said Kurt was dead?" Burt asked after five minutes of comfortable silence.

Blaine was tempted to say it was his sleep deprived brain's way of getting back at him. But Burt might tell him to go back to the hotel to rest, and that was out of the question. So Blaine recounted his dream to Burt, who listened intently.

"Wow." Was all Burt could say as he sat in shock.

"It felt so real, like it actually happened. Kurt was gone, and I couldn't live without him, I had to be with him."

"I've changed my complete outlook on you Blaine Anderson." Burt said seriously.

"H-huh?" Blaine was too scared to speak. Burt was going to tell him he's a freak, and that he couldn't see Kurt anymore, and then-

"It shows that you truly love my son, and that you really do regret what you did."

Blaine looked up hopefully at Burt, eyes wide as he nodded sincerely.

"I love your son with all my heart. Even if he doesn't forgive me, he will always be in my heart." Blaine said, swallowing thickly.

"Like I said Blaine, I don't forgive you for hurting Kurt. But I'm close to forgiving you." Burt said.

It wasn't a full acceptance, but Burt's words made him feel a lot better than he had done before their talk. He swore on his life that he would do whatever it took to earn Kurt, Burt and everyone else's trust back again.

When Burt had finished his coffee and Blaine had at least taken a sip, they headed back to Kurt's room and got themselves settled in the uncomfortable chairs on either side of the gap where Kurt's bed will be in a few moments. They didn't have to wait long before Kurt's bed was being wheeled back into the room and back in its spot. Both Burt and Blaine instantly stood up to get out of the doctor's way, at least trying to be helpful in the smallest way.

Blaine looked down at Kurt's form lying on the bed, he was still very pale, and had a few bumps and bruises on his face, but his eyes were open, looking back and forth from Burt and Blaine. The doctor's cleared out except the one from before, who lifted up his clipboard from the little compartment by the front of the bed.

"His CAT scan came back clear, so we don't have to worry about any damage. And there's no memory loss, in fact he was very insistent to talk to you both." The doctor said amusedly, causing both Burt and Blaine to chuckle. "His collarbone is healing nicely, but still no physical activities until the cast comes off and he's cleared from his physical therapist he will have after. His ribs seem to be taking longer to recover and Kurt has been complaining that they have been rather painful for him. If he shows any signs of pain, notify a nurse or a member of staff and we will get him more pain medication. Do you have any questions?" The silence that filled the room answered his question. "Very good, don't be afraid to page me if anything comes up. I'll be back in a little while to check up on you." The doctor said, patting Kurt's foot, causing Kurt to scowl at him. As the doctor left, Kurt sighed in relief.

"Thank God, he's such a moron. He keeps talking to me like I'm a kid." Kurt huffed.

"How you doing buddy?" Burt said, bending over the bed rails and cupping his son's cheek.

"Hmm, a lot better. They have me on the good stuff." Kurt said slowly, but sounding content.

Blaine shuffled awkwardly from foot to foot. Kurt was yet to notice he was present in the room, and Blaine had no idea how he would take it.

"Blainey…" Kurt said softly, reaching his hand out for Blaine.

Blaine stared at Kurt for a few moments; he was not expecting Kurt to take this approach. Blaine walked quickly over to the chair and scraped it across the floor so he was sitting closer to Kurt. He took Kurt's hand in his and used his thumb to rub up and down Kurt's hand gently.

"Kurt, I am so, so sorry. I know you won't forgive me this easily, but you have to know that I will never try and hurt you again." Blaine said sincerely.

"You weren't the one driving where you?" Kurt said, eyes wide as saucers as he tried to take his hand out of Blaine's.

"What? No, when I-"

"Wait Kurt. What's the last thing you remember?" Burt asked carefully, looking at Blaine warningly.

Kurt scrunched up his nose and tilted his head to the side slightly.

"I remember kissing Blaine when he surprised me at my apartment. Then I was hit by a car. That's all I remember."

Burt and Blaine both shared a look of both relief and horror. Kurt can see their reactions, and he starts to get worried.

"Calm down Kurt, just get some rest and we'll talk about it when you're better." Burt said gently to his son.

Kurt didn't need to be told twice, as Blaine watched him drift off into a fitful sleep. Blaine stands up from his chair and starts pacing across the room.

"He doesn't remember. Oh God, Oh God he doesn't remember." Blaine chanted.

"Relax Blaine, we won't tell him." Burt said carefully.

Blaine stopped his pacing and faced Burt.

"Are you crazy? We can't not tell him, he'll find out eventually."

"Well you tell him then Blaine. Because he's going to have questions when he wakes up."

"Just give me time to think please." Blaine said, rubbing his forehead with his hand.

"Okay, I've made up my mind."

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