Hey guys, here' s my vent for the next 100 or so days.

These themes come from WaterAngel-Alyssa.

First up's Rhino Harugo. She's awesome.

1. Beginning

Rhino pulled her hands away from her face; they were cold and wet, like melting ice. She knew that her father was dead, and she was told to believe that she had a deceased sister. But what now? Rhino stood up shakily and went to the closet; inside was a pair of shoes.

They were boots, a transmutation circle hidden at the bottom. They were her father's. Rhino knew she was forbidden to use them, but she knew one thing for certain:

This was the beginning of her journey. Slowly, she made her way to her mother's bedside and planted a gentle kiss upon her cheek.

"I'll be back," She whispered, "And I'll heal you."