A/N: Time to put some free time to good use! I have been waiting to write this for a while...

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Phoenix Wright/Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney game. If I did, Ema would have her own game, because that's just how awesome she is. Something like 'Ace Detective: Ema Skye.' Oh, that would be amazing...

Inspiration: The inspiration for me to write this story came from a joke I heard a while ago. It cracked me up laughing and reminded me of Ace Attorney, and thus, this was born.

4:23 PM
District Court
Outside Defendant Lobby #2

(Whew, at least that one's over! That was way too close, once again.)

Apollo and Trucy push through the doors of the defendant lobby, carrying yet another victory on their shoulders. Trucy is hopping around with her normal giddy excitement that stems from whenever they manage to win a case, while Apollo is just plain relieved.

"Ah, I'm just glad that's over... why don't we go get something to eat?" He suggests.

(I should have probably eaten breakfast before a long case like this. Scrambled eggs would be about the best thing in the world right now...)

"Trucy?" Apollo turns around, wondering about she suddenly stopped hopping about in victory. The looks on her face revealed that she had just remembered something important.

"Oh yeah... I just remembered! Apollo, we have to go find Ema! I have to tell her something!"

(What? Why?)

"Come on Apollo, she must be somewhere around here! She was a witness, remember?"

Trucy takes off, leaving Apollo groaning silently to himself.

(There's no stopping her now... so much for food...)

(What does she have to tell her though? It seemed to be important to her... well, I had better help.)


"Wait up, Trucy!" He calls after her.

32 minutes of searching and two candy bars later...

(Ah, finally. There she is!)

"Ema! Ema!" Trucy calls out, not bothering to remember that she's still in a courthouse. She quickly runs over to the detective, who is setting on a bench with an envelope on her lap, idly munching on a large sized bag of Snackoos. She tucks the envelope away, surprised to see someone running up to her.

"Trucy, what is it?" Ema says.

(She seems preoccupied with something today...)

Trucy doesn't seem to notice, however.

"I have a joke to tell you!"

(Waa...WHAAT? That's what this was all about?)

Ema seems startled enough to put down her Snakoos beside her. "Oh, a joke? Well, what is it?"

Trucy grins, thrilled with what she's about to tell her.

"Ok... here goes... what do you call an alligator that's a detective?"

Trucy's smile deepens more as Ema appears stumped, but at the same time, is paying very close attention.

(Wow. This is probably about the most interested Ema has ever been in anything... well, other than food or science.)

"I don't know... what do you call it?"

"An... Investigator!" Trucy says, delivering the punchline. "Tada! Did you like it?"

(An investiga-? Oh, I get it.)

"Oh... Ah! I get it!" Ema starts to laugh with a huge smile on her, while nearby, Trucy looks very pleased with her reaction.

"That was a really good one, Trucy!" Ema says with a grin on her face that Apollo had never seen before.

(Wow... I've never seen her so happy, either. It's amazing how Trucy can cheer someone up so quickly...)

Trucy takes a bow. "I knew when I heard that one, I just had to tell it to you!"

Ema's face then lit up as if she had a good idea...

"Trucy, would you like some Snackoos? I have an extra bag here..."

"Oh yes, I would! Thank you, Ema!" Trucy says as she accepts the bag and takes a seat next to her on the bench.

(Hey, wait... she never shares any of her Snackoos with me!)
(... Except for when she throws them at me.)


The End