I'm back! I decided to delete my other story the 2nd one because it would just get in the way of me writing this story. I got a lot of love for this story so I'm making a chapter 2! ENJOY!

Snowflake Pov

Some time has passed since Nightsky fell asleep. To be honest when I first saw him I was terrified. He looked so much bigger than me and his black scales made him look so much more intimidating. I looked at him nap. Should I wake him up? What if he kills me? I want to meet to humans though. Well here goes nothing. I nuged him a couple of times until he slowly opened his green eyes. "What the hell do you want?!" he hissed. I jumped and backed away. I'm not usually scared of any dragon not even Nightmare's but I've heard story's about Nightfury's. "Umm can we go see the humans now?" I whispered. He realized it was me. "Oh yea... I scared you didn't I?" he teased. "How was I supposed to react with a big smile on my face?" I asked sarcatically. "Let me just stretch on that tree" he said getting up. "Why?" I asked. I saw him hang upside down on the tree. "What are you doing?" I asked. "Don't Snowfury's hang upside down on tree's?" Nightsky asked. "No thats ridiculous! Why would we hang upside down on tree's? Its stupid!" I replied. "Exacly!" he said. "Huh?" I asked. "You can relax better and its a good stretch" he replied. "No what if you fall of?" I asked. "Please Snowflake this tree isn't that high" Nighsky said. "I don't know.." I said un surely. "C'mon you try!" he said getting of. "No no no no no I really don't think thats a-" I got cut off as he hoisted me on the tree. "Now all you have to do is put your tail over this" he pointed at the tree bark. I hesistanly nodded. I put my tail over the bark and before I knew it I was hanging upside down. "Wow I'm hanging upside down!" I cheered. "See being a Nightfury isn't that bad!" he said. "Do you get used to this?" I asked. "What do you mean?", "I'm feeling kinda natious" I replied. Everything started going in circles and I waited to feel the impact of the ground.

Toothless Pov

"I'm feeling kinda natious" she said. I saw she was going to hit the ground. I was going to let her fall but something about 'being kind' made me think. I rushed right before she fell and she landed on my back. "Huh...?" she said regaining her composture. She slid off my back. "What happened?" Snowflake asked. "Umm... you fell on the ground.." I said hidding the fact that I caught her. "Thats weird I didn't feel myself hit the ground" she said. "I don't know" I said playing dumb. "Yea ok... I'm never doing that again!" she said. Ok she believed that she hit the ground. "Maybe you should start hanging on tree's more, like Nightfury's" I said. "Nightfury's are so... wild!" she said. "I'll take that as a compliment" I said. "What else do Nightfury's do?" Snowflake asked. "We like to have fun" I said grinning. "Yea whats your idea of 'fun'?" she asked. "Follow me" I said flying out of the cove. She landed right next to me. Right in front of us was a mud slide leading right into the village. "Woah woah woah, do you want me to slide down here?!" she asked surprised. "Yup" I said grinning. "But.. I'm not sure... Snowfury's don't really do these type of things" she said trying to leave. "Too bad because I'm not taking NO for an answer" I said pushing her. "AHHHH!" she yelled. Imagine seeing a Nightfury and a Snowfury riding down a mudslide. I could of sworn she was laughing! There we were making sharp turns and avoiding tree's. I finally caught up to her. Her face was a mixture of terrifiedness and a look of enjoyingness. (If thats even a word) We satred to see light. We landed right into the village specifically were Hiccup was. We both got up. She tried to get mud of herself by shaking but it wouldn't come off. "You Nightfury's sure are stubborn!" she said. Hiccup backed away. "Umm Toothless who's your friend?" Hiccup said. I'm pretty sure he thought she was wild. Snowflake's eyes widened to curiousity. "I think you're a brown Nightfury?" he asked unsure. All of a sudden a water splashed on her and the bucket landed right beside her. "Opps.." Snotloud said. Hiccup's friend also saw Snowflake and came over to her. "Wait... you're white!" Hiccup exclaimed. "Is that a White Nightfury?" Astrid asked. Snowflake looked annoyed. "Do they really think I'm a Nightfury?" she asked.

I shrugged. "Look I think its talking to Toothless!" Ruffnut said. "You're stupid everybody knows ragons have their own language!" Tuffnut replied. "No everybody knows your stupid!" Ruffnut said before fighting with her brother. "I've never seen anything like it!" Fishlegs said. "So what is it then I thought Nightfury's where only black!" Snotloud said. "We should tell Gobert" Hiccup said. "There humans sure are 'weird'" Snowflake said. "You see that small viking" I said. "Yea.." she replied. "That is my human and he trains dragons!" I said. "So he trained you to be 'less' wild" she asked. I nodded. "So you were even wilder!" she exclaimed. Hiccup came close to her. Snowflake backed away. "Its ok I'm not going to hurt you" Hiccup said to her. "What is he doing?" Snowflake asked. "He wants to gain your trust by petting you" I replied. She nodded and let him pet her. After that she licked him. "Wow she doesn't seem so wild" Astrid said. "How do you know its a she?" Tuffnut asked. "Theres only one way to find out" Snotloud said taking a step towards her. I'm guessing she knew what he was going to do and she jumped and hid behind me. "Thats how you know its a girl" Fishlegs said. "Wait how?" Snotloud said utterly confused. "Your such an idoit" Ruffnut said. "Its ok girl" Hiccup said to her. I signaled her to go. "Toothless tell you friend to follow us" Hiccup said. "Wait we should go around we don't want to catch un wanted attention" Astrid said. "C'mon Snowflake follow us" I said. We began to walk behind them. "Why do these humans asking so many questions about me?" she asked. "Because they are too stupid to know what kind of dragon are you" I replied.

"You should be a little nicer to these humans" she said. "What do you mean I could of killed them but since they are me humans friends I didn't" I said. "Thats not exacly 'nice'" she said. "Nightfury's aren't 'nice' we're badass" I said grinning. I saw a little helpless rabbit on the grass. He was just standing there and it was annoying. I shot a lighning ball at it and it lit on fire and ran to the forest. I chuckled. "Why'd you do that?!" she asked. "It was annoying- Oh wait theres another one!" I said. I shot at it but Snowflake moved it before it got hit. "You just took the fun out of it!" I hissed. "You can't just kill little creatures!" she said. "I was going to hunt it sooner or later" I replied. Her eyes widened. Then we arrived at the Black smith. "You stay here while we get Gober" Hiccup said. "When they were going to check if you were a male of female why did you run behind me?" I asked. "Well... I was going to run behind a tree but you were the first thing I saw..." Snowflake said turning red. If she was introuble and she ran behind me would I protect her? No Nightsky stop thinking about crazy things your a wild badass Nightfury! Not kind gentle like a Snowfury! "You okay?" she asked. I snapped out of my thoughts. "You know you would be better if you were a Nightfury!" I said. "I like being a Snowfury" she said. "Ok how about you shoot a fire ball again" I said. "But I don't want to cause any trouble or hurt anyone!" Snowflake said. "C'mon lossen up more like a Nightfury for one! I just want to see how your Fireball looks like!" I said. "Ugh.. ok the things I'm doing because of a Nightfury" she muttered. She shot a fireball which looked like a snow ball and it landed on a tree. Again when it exploded it sounded like lightning. The tree fell down and I guess Hiccup heard because the first thing he yelled was "NOW WHAT DID YOU DO?!"