The snow had begun to fall, the air blew cold harsh winds. Metal could be heard connecting not far away. Roars of battle and cries of pain whistled through the wind. For Maverick and Romlus victory was near, only five opponents remained. The other half lay deceased, their blood stained in the snow.

"Ha week cowards, just as I thought!" Yelled Maverick in pride as he threw a man over his back to meet the ground, crushing his ribs. He then struck another in the face and brought his sword down into his gut. Romlus swung wildely at three, cutting the head off of one and sweeped one off his feet and brought his axe down into his chest. The other panicked and dropped his weapon, fleeing from the violence in terror. Romlus pulled his dagger, aimed and threw it spinning through the air into the runners back. Maverick finished the last removing head from neck. They both caught their breathe.

"Well that was a challenge." Said Maverick in sarcasm. Romlus smiled and turned his attention to the man up high, only to notice he was gone.

"Their leader, he's gone."

"Yes, ran as cowards do." Said Maverick in disgust.

"Or gone to muster more of his friends."

"Well then we'll cut them down too."

Romlus's eyes searched for their horses, but they could not be seen through the snow. A blizzard was on it's way and Romlus suggested they find shelter. They found it under a rocky hill, where there was a small arc shaped hole, perfect for making a fire. Although they had no food because it was with the horses. Romlus said they should get some rest.

"Rest?" asked Maverick confused. "You are aware that that abomination is still out there?"

"Maverick, look, the weather would kill him if he tried to come anywhere near us, we're safe here." Romlus reassured him.

"It's as cold as being on the mountains. Well, I've had worse than this I guess." Laughed Maverick. "So your wife, what's she like?"

"Beautiful, she has a strong will, very stubborn."

"Well, I guess you're perfect for each other then." They both laughed.

"She's a nord, what do you expect."

"A nord?" Smirked Maverick.

Romlus frowned. "What?"

"Nothing, it's just I recall you were never too fond of nords."

"Well, I've changed somewhat I suppose."


They both sat in silence for a long while, watching the blizzard crashed into everything in its path. An hour later it died down and the trees came into view once again, battered as if a giant had passed through. Then horses could be heard, Romlus stood in delight, but what he saw next was not what he was hoping to. Instead of it being their horses, a couple of nords sat, staring at them both. One came closer.

"You gentlemen need any help?"

"Have you seen any loose horses by any chance sir?" Asked Romlus.

"Yes, but there not exactly what you would called breathing, don't worry we didn't take any of your belongings. We're not thieves."

"Much appreciated, thank you sir."

The two men road off without saying another word. Romlus and Maverick walked over to the dead horses and collected what was left of their provisions. Romlus suddenly became angry, stomping on the ground.

"ABSOLUTELY FANTASTC!" He roared in fury.

"Romlus calm down!" Said Maverick.

"Calm down? Easy for you to say! It's not your wife who's life is on the line! It's going to take us even longer to get to solitude and we need silver weapons too!"

"Silver weapons, you never mentioned that before, what are you talking about?"

"The amulet, a group of werewolves have it."

Maverick looked at him with displeasure. "What? Oh well this should be easy then! Why didn't you tell me this before!? Killing werewolves is a lot harder than a bunch of idiots."

"Well it doesn't matter now because we're not going to get there thanks to you!"

"Me?" Said Maverick looking shocked.

"Yes, our horses are gone and it's all your fault! It's going to take us twice as long now."

"How is that my fault?"

"I warned you! I said not to antagonize them and let me handle it, but you couldn't resist could you, with your blind arrogance. And now we're stuck and Alissa is probably going to die! You moron!"

Hearing this Maverick became angry. "Well, maybe you shouldn't marry whores and then YOU WOULDN'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT ANY OF THIS!"

Romlus charged at him knocking him to the ground and began repeatedly hitting him in the face. Maverick kicked him off and fought back, until Romlus eventually had his hands around Mavericks throat.

"Argh! I HATE YOU!" Yelled Romlus. Maverick head butted him and Romlus fell sideways next to him and the two lay struggling to breathe.