This story is like what would happen in a new generation in Camp Half Blood.

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Percy Jackson's POV

My name is Percy Jackson. I am now 33 years old and I am married to Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena. I have two kids, Luke and Zoe Jackson, who are twins.

Luke has dark black hair and intelligent gray eyes. He has an IQ of 163, the ability to manipulate water, and is very stubborn.

Zoe has blond hair and sea green eyes. She is smart (not nearly as smart as Luke with an IQ of 145), loves water and practically lives in it (plus the manipulation powers. ohh! She can also talk to animals but is deathly scared of spiders), and she is very impulsive.

They both attend Camp Half Blood now and they are twelve. They rotate between cabins but Luke perfers the Athena cabin and Zoe perfers being alone in Poseidon's.

Though they have very different personalities, Luke and Zoe are very good friends. They love going on quests together and love adventure.

i just hope they don't have to put up with a giant war or tragety like me...

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I am going to be writing as Luke and NessaMei as Zoe...

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