A/N- I don't own anything. The inspiration for this story came when I was listening to Michael Crawford singing a Disney Medley. How the man who played Phantom inspired a Star Wars fic is beyond me.

Bespin had been an absolute disaster. Han was Force knows where, Luke had lost a hand, and Leia was suffering from depression over the loss of the man she had come to love. In all, none of the Rebels had fared well against Vader's obsession with trying to capture his son.

Yes, son. It had been shocking to hear the words come from the Sith Lord, but now as Luke Skywalker sat in the new Rebel Base that was hidden away on some desolate planet he didn't know the name of, he was made to face the reality of his situation. The Force whispered in its strange way that Vader had been speaking the truth, but that did not make it any easier for him to accept. The man that he had always idolized, Anakin Skywalker, had been perverted into that death mask. All he could see now when thinking of his father was that terrible obsidian mask with that hand extending to him with the offer to rule the galaxy. Would it have been so bad to accept that Sith Lord's offer? But, what was he thinking? Accepting that offer would be selling his soul to the Dark Side. If his father was any proof of what happened to men who followed the path of Darkness, Luke would happily repeat Bespin over and over again.

But, the man had reached out to him using the Force when they had been separated by the cold vacuum that was space. The man had continued to reach out to him even when the Falcon took off into light speed. For just the slightest moment, Luke had thought that he had felt his father call out in desperation for him with pain in that mental plea. It had been a pain that had grown over many years of perhaps not knowing about his son. But, that couldn't be possible, could it? Sith Lords don't have those emotions-regret being the top most Luke had thought he'd heard in the mental plea. If he had heard that emotion, perhaps there was hope for the man that called himself father.

Shaking his head in an attempt to rid his mind of Vader, the young Jedi made his way through the Rebel Base in an attempt to find the High Council members. They had questions for him concerning his encounter with the Sith Lord when on Bespin. They also wanted to know exactly where he had gone following the evacuation of Hoth. Following the progression of these events, the Rebel leaders had reason to believe that perhaps the "good" Skywalker was perhaps working as an Imperial Spy. It was all too much to be a coincidence, what with Vader showing up personally on the former Rebel Base and then Luke being harmed by the Sith Lord. They saw the loss of his hand as perhaps some sort of punishment Vader had delivered as a result of being unhappy with him. Perhaps for allowing the Rebels to escape from Hoth so easily?

Skywalker was nearing the doorway to what was more so the judge and jury than the Rebel Leaders when he was suddenly pulled aside. He found himself staring into the brown eyes of Leia, who looked to be stressed. It didn't take long for her to explain the mindset of the Council. They planned to charge him with treason. Apparently, Reiken had convinced the rest of the leaders of some fake notion that Luke was indeed a spy by saying that he held irrefutable evidence. The former Princess quickly sent Luke on his way to a hidden landing pad. He was told to run and never look back.

Standing there, he looked down on the petite woman. "Leia, why do this? If they discover that you were the one to let me go-"

"They won't," Leia interrupted. "I am not about to lose another person that I care about. Losing Han was more than I could handle. I don't need to lose you too. So, please, run away from here. When we find Han, I'll contact you. We could use your help in saving him…"

"I will be there. You can count on me," he replied before hugging the woman and boarding the X-Wing he had been provided. As he took off into space, he had no idea where he would go. All he had was R2, the clothing on his back, and some rations. The future was unknown and only the Force knew what was to come.