Caitlyn's Best Kept Secret

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Chapter 1

"Caitlyn's not coming back this year!" exclaimed Mitchie, Nate and the rest of the gang

"Afraid not she hasn't applied," said Brown

"Someone opened other camp and Caitlyn isn't coming back worst start to the summer ever," said Mitchie

Shane went over to her and wrapped an arm around her. "Hey," he exclaimed

"But at least you're here but seriously I need Caitlyn to talk about girl stuff," whined Mitchie

"I understand," said Shane

Everyone was shocked what were they going to do without Caitlyn. Well at present they had to get on with things but Caitlyn was in the front of their minds.

Meanwhile across the lake at the new camp, Camp Star one Caitlyn Gellar was having a hard time settling in, she was so glad she had her own cabin-having her father be the owner of the camp had its perks.

See Caitlyn had a secret, she had two actually. Her dad is Richard Gellar the guy who owns Star Records but he used to be in White Crows with Brown Cesario until he was kicked out of the group.

So that was Caitlyn's first secret and that was the reason she couldn't go to Camp Rock anymore since her dad had a camp she had to go to it she wasn't allowed to go to Camp Rock however it was her birthday in a couple of days so she could always make a switch on her terms.

Her other secret well you'll just have to wait to find that out.

She now had to go get in a boat and fire baskets of sweet things and Camp Rock and invite them to an opening night bonfire. It was trap her father was going to try and steal counsellors and campers. How she wished she could phone Nate or Mitchie and tell them it was a trap. But she couldn't because her dad could here her and she didn't want her friends to know who her dad was until they had to. And tonight she guessed they were going to find out everything expect her other secret unless the other person spilled it.

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