I have decided to take up HarvestMoonAddict/Regardless1604's challenge: Reflections from the Heart.I do not own harvest moon.


Reina always loved plants. Her plants were her friends. She would whisper to them every day in hopes of promoting their growth. Every sunny day, she would go out into the mountains of Konohana observing all the plants around her. She would sit gently on the grass and tenderly inspect arbitrary flowers near her. This day was no exception. Reina quietly ventured to her usual mountain patch. A young sprout was sticking its head out of the soft earth, seeking the gentle rays of the sun. Reina took interest in this young sprout, curious to see what it would become. She spoke to it every day, coaxing it to grow and be healthy. A week later it was foot tall, with a bud blooming into a vibrant yellow. Reina smiled at the young flower. Her feelings toward it were motherly and kind. They could only be described as love.