Chapter 1

Is It Getting Hot In Here?

This Is My First Try At Fanfiction And I'm Doing Young Justice … So What Sue Me. This Will Be Like The Episodes Only My OC And A FEW Tweaks … Okay Maybe A lot This Isn't Exactly The Real Show! Sheesh .

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Let's Go! Oh Oh! This Is In My Oc's Point Of View

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As the newly formed team were talking to their new member M'gann/Megan. They didn't exactly see the two newcomers enter or did they notice they were standing right next to Batman discussing something but they did notice how the temperature around them got just a little bit hotter.

As they all notice this they finally realized the two newcomers staring at them. The one smiling brightly with flowing green hair and a green get up was easily recognizable by the Team but they didn't recognize the other who was shifting his gaze from the team to the floor every second.

'Great! They're all staring now' I thought embarrassed.

"Team, this is Fire from the league as we all know", the man with pointy ears and permanent frown on his face said, I believe they call him ManBat or something along the lines. He continued "And this is her protégé Heat and he will be also joining the team.


I sat in one of the sofas in the cave trying hard to ignore the three gazes locked on me 'It's like they're looking at my soul'. I shuddered but not noticeable oh know that would just look bad.

I sighed, might as well just jump right in huh. " Hey, names Heat it's nice to meet you". I got four 'interesting' reactions, the boy with red hair sputtered and blushed, the one with the shades rose his eyebrow it was barely visible, the other one who looks like Superman just squinted his eyes at me and the girl smiled cheekily and flew over to me latching onto my hands.

"My names Megan! It's so nice to meet you I hope we can be friends" she said to me with a friendly smile.

"Uh, sure" Right as I finished saying that the other two came over to me one with a huge grin and the other a small smile. I looked up at them and came face to face with the red hair boy who I now realize has freckles, he grinned again and I felt my face heat up. 'I wonder if I could blame that on my abilities' I thought dryly.

"Hey" He said low and a tad bit sensually before he was pulled up by the very large Superman look alike. I breathed a sigh of relief and inwardly thanked the boy for saving me back there.

"You're making him uncomfortable" He said easily.

The boy sputtered, "What do you know!" He exclaimed red in the face. Such weird people but hey I'm not exactly one to judge here.


I was walking to my room now seems like I was staying here, might as well get comfortable.

"These are your Headquarters" The man known as Batman said I learnt his name. He then started to walk away going back to whatever he came from. I shrugged and walked inside my 'Headquarters' and plopped down on my bed slowly drifting to sleep.

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