Chapter 3-Schooled

Here's The Third Part Of My Young Justice Story

Here Is When We Get Things Started!

We were all prepped and ready to guard the trucks with the Amazo parts in it. Everyone looked like pros well except Kid Flash he just won't stop staring, I steadied myself on my bike getting ready to move when Superboy gives us the signal.


We all moved off three of us taking a truck and following it. I got put with Superboy and Robin, I shrugged better than being with Kid Flash. We followed the truck mostly in silence I was not going to blow this mission I trained hard with Fire and now it's time for the team to see what I can do.

Robin was up front with Superboy trying to start a conversation but failing miserably. Poor boy, such a shame since he's so cute … WOAH! Where did that come from! Since when did I!? Nonononono I deal with it later right now I have a mission.

As if on cue several monkeys came out the bushes and jumped at the truck trying to get at the Amazo parts. Yes! A little action, I loosened up and relaxed until I heard Robin calling my name, I looked up and had to turn my bike before I had a monkey butt in my face. I growled, okay that's it! I focused my power to my chest and took a deep breath before blowing out a large stream of fire scorching melting whatever those monkeys away. "Hell yeah!" I threw arms in the air feeling pretty darn good until "Heat there's more we need your help" Robin said over the telepathic link. I cast my arms behind me and brought my flames back into action!

I landed on the truck melting away a few monkeys. I totally kicked their butts! That was until they did a sneak attack jumping on me and blasting me off. "Heat!" I heard Robin calling me I cracked an eye open and glanced at the truck … I was in the air? Well more like falling now, I squinted my eyes shut bracing for impact but it never came, instead I felt something warm and peeped out only to see Robin gazing down at me with some weird expression on his face.

I blushed and yes I am so blaming it on my abilities this time! He smiled at me then said, "Come on we're heading to Gotham".

On the way to Gotham we ran into Kid Flirt I rolled my eyes when he smirked at me but just kept moving. It seems Supey and his obsessive new buddy were heading to Robin's school. We got there at a reasonable time if I do say so myself and I did, Amazo and Superboy were wrecking the place. No school for Robin in a while now lucky bird, I created two fireballs in my hands launching them at the Android.

"Martain Manhunter" It said in a robotic voice before going intangible making my attack look puny. 'Stinking robot' I growled. Robin went after Ivo along with Kid Flash so I took my chance, I placed the palms of my hands on the gym floor before making a huge fiery wave directed at the Stinking Robot!


I was flat on my stomach panting before I felt hands wrap around my waist pulling me up bridal style. I blinked and looked seeing Robin smiling down at me, I raised my eyebrows at him wanting to know what the heck was he doing. "You used a lot of your energy probably wasted I'll carry you"

I blushed and cleared my throat looking at him coolly and replied "Y-yea sure" Crud! Why did I just stutter? In response Robin merely chuckled and held me tighter taking me back to the base.

{At The Base}

Kid Flash was going off about some Speedy saving their lives today while Megan and I made cookies well I just mixed the batter but I still helped! Robin was watching Tv though I don't really know cause I got this odd feeling he's watching me, I mentally shook my head at that why would Robin be watching me? … But still.

During my mind wandering Kid Flirt zoomed right in front of me smirking that annoying ever-present smirk. I groaned 'Good God What Now' I thought hoping to some force out there to help me I mean I never kicked a puppy before or spit on a church so why me?

"Thinking about me beautiful?" He said wiggling his eyebrows. I gave him a heavy sigh as an answer only that didn't deter him cause now he was Touching me. He babbled about this and that before I got irritated and heated up burning his arm "Oww!" He cried then blinked at me "You're hot" he growled seductively. I shivered and set a fire to his hair making him gasp and run around frantically.

"Great Mother of Food My Hair My HAIR!"

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