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Chapter 15

Katniss' P.O.V.

*8 Months Pregnant*

I wake up feeling warm and contented, until I realised what the time is. Today is Finnick and Annie's Wedding day and for some reason unbeknown to myself I have to be at the crack of dawn for a ceremony that doesn't start until 6 PM. I'm filled to the brim with nerves. Today is the first day the doctors are going to let Gale out of the hospital. Madge has been visiting him every day for the past few weeks to help him recover. Before I went into the games and everything changed.

I always suspected that Madge had a thing for Gale and I always thought that he might feel the same way. Since then I've learnt that he loved me but Madge always had a special place in his heart as well, I think that's because deep down he knew it would never work out with me. Madge being with Gale everyday has really surprised the doctors as it has quickened his predicted recovery plan by weeks. Gradually over the past few weeks Gale's romantic love for me us subsided and his love for Madge grew. It was two weeks ago since Madge came to find me and tell me that Gale kissed her. I was so happy for her and Gale. I no longer felt guilty about Gale and I was glad that he was able to love someone else who would be able to love him much better than I ever could. Since then Madge has spent all day everyday with Gale. Finnick decided it would be nice to make Gale be one of his groomsmen as well seen as he has recovered so well and can now be in a room with both myself and Peeta without freaking out.

The nerves don't stop at Gale though. Today Peeta and I will have to face his mother again. I protested when Plutarch told us she would be coming to the wedding, but he said that everyone was invited and it would be unfair if she was the only one not going. We have managed to avoid her the past few weeks. After she attacked Peeta and tried to attack me she was placed in the cells on the lowest level, but was released after a week. Since then she's been forced to work in the kitchens and laundry rooms performing the most horrible jobs that District 13 has to offer. At night she sleeps in a room by herself with a guard outside to make sure she can't get up to anything. We've still seen Peeta's brothers and father though, they've been wonderfully kind to me and they are all so excited to uncles and a grandfather. I feel awful for Peeta's father, I mean Peeta's mother might be a horrendous person, but she's still his wife and he loves her anyway. Being separated from her must be hard for him. I know how hard it was for me when I was separated from Peeta.

The wedding is going to be held in the cafeteria as it is the biggest space in the compound. Last Night Peeta and I, well mainly Peeta helped to move all the tables to the edge of the room and place all of the decorations out for the wedding. I'm brought out of my thoughts when I feel Peeta move to sit up beside me. I pull him back down.

"We don't have to go just yet." I mumble and tentatively open my eyes. Peeta checks the clock and rolls back over so he's facing me.

"Okay," he relents, "Five more minutes then we really have to go." I smile up at him and he pulls me closer.

"Why don't you want to go anyway?" he asks, brushing a stray strand of hair from my face. I sigh.

"It's not that I don't want to go, I would just rather spend the morning with you that's all." I reply. He smiles at me.

"You know I'd love to stay with you too Kat, but you have to admit this is pretty exciting, it's the best thing that's happened in what seems like forever." He states, I scowl.

"You mean being released from the Capitol and being brought back to your wife and unborn child wasn't the best thing that has happened in what seems like forever." I say bitterly. Peeta moves away and sits up.

"Oh come on Katniss!" He says frustrated, "You know what I meant, of course being with you and the baby is the best thing that's happened to me, but it's just been so boring around here recently and I never see you anymore because I'm training all the time! It was just nice to have something good to look forward to for a change rather than worrying when I might be sent out to fight."

I move so I'm sitting behind him, I hesitantly place my hand on his shoulder and he relaxes a little at my touch.

"I'm sorry, I'd only been thinking about how hard all this has been for me, and I was too selfish to think about how it's affected you." I say, and I place a tender kiss between his shoulder blades. I then move to sit on his lap, and his arm moves to my baby bump. He kisses the top of my head.

"We just need to remember we're stronger together and that we can talk to each other about anything. We'll get through this Kat you and me; we'll do it for her because when we're back in district 12 in our home as a family, not having to worry about the Capitol and snow, and it will all be worth it." He says and my love for him grows even more, which I didn't think was even possible.

I place my hand on his cheek and kiss him passionately. My hands slide up his back taking in every muscle and then my fingers tangle in his hair. He runs his hands up and down my back each touch tingles like fire. We whisper I love yous in-between kisses and Peeta's hands skim the hem of my shirt when there is a deafening knock on the door. I groan and untangle myself from Peeta.

"I'm not coming in because lord knows what you two might be up two!" Haymitch shouts through the door, "I just thought you might like to know that you're late and Finnick is throwing a fit."

"We'll be there in a minute!" Peeta shouts as he gets up and walks into the bathroom.

"Fine, I'll tell him." Haymitch yells as he walks away from the door. I walk into the bathroom and stand next to Peeta at the sink. I angrily grab my toothbrush and run it under the tap.

"I really hate him sometimes!" I say through a mouth of toothpaste. Peeta laughs.

"As much as I would have liked to stay in bed all day with you Katniss, I think people would notice if we were missing from the wedding." Peeta states, I spit out my toothpaste.

"Why?" I question "We're not the ones getting married."

"We are the best-man and maid of honour though Kat, they're kind of big roles."

"I know." I sigh and change into fresh clothes. Peeta changes too and before I know it he's kissing me goodbye and I'm going off to find the girls.

"Katniss!" Annie shrieks, "Where have you been."

"I overslept." I lie. Johanna looks at me suspiciously.

"Yeah right," Jo scoffs "She was having fun with Peeta if you know what I mean."

"I overslept." I repeat, but it's no use as I feel my cheeks burning a fiery red. Annie gives me a scolding look.

"Well at least she's here now," Annie says calmly, "Katniss could you please sort out the flowers. "

I give Annie a grateful smile and make my way over to the flowers that were picked freshly this morning by Delly and Madge; Coin gave them special permission to leave the compound to find them. The flowers are a Capitol tradition I presume, the only flowers that grew in District 12 were outside the fence. I arrange the flowers into 5 bouquets the biggest being for Annie and I separate out 6 individual flowers as buttonholes for the boy's suits.

"I'm just going to take the buttonhole flowers over to the boys." I call as I get up.

"Oh no you don't!" Jo shouts, "If you take them over you won't come back and you can't leave me here with those three!" She says while gesturing towards Annie, Madge and Delly. She gets up from her seat across the room and picks up the box containing the flowers.

"I'll take them." she declares and walks out the door. She returns a minute later and sits with me in the corner. We sit and sulk while Delly and Madge help Annie get ready. They expertly apply her make-up despite the fact make-up was not available in District 12; some girls just have a natural talent for it. Annie leaves her hair Natural so her beautiful auburn waves cascade down her back. Once they've finished Annie they begin to apply make up on themselves. They all look so beautiful. However things begin to take a turn for the worst when they begin to advance on Jo and me make-up brushes in hand.

"What do you think you're doing?" I yell at them.

"Katniss it's going to be televised to the whole nation!" Delly says, "Don't you want to look your best?"

"I don't need make-up to look my best!" I retaliate.

"Katniss, Plutarch told us we had to." Madge says quietly.

"He did what?" I yell.

"He said that we would be on camera the most so we needed to wear make-up, he said you'd be used to it, doing all your televised performances in the Capitol and all." Madge says. I feel bad for yelling, they're only doing what they've been told to do.

"Fine," I relent, "But not too much just make it look natural." Madge sets to work on me and Delly takes Johanna. It takes an hour but they eventually deem our hair and make up to be camera ready. We slip into our dresses and give each other a once over.

Johanna wears a skin tight dark green dress with a slit that runs from mid-thigh down to the floor; I wore it on the victory tour when we went to a banquet in District 7. Madge and Delly wear similar sundresses that are tight at the bust but flow free down to the knee. Delly's dress is turquoise whilst Madge's is mulberry in colour; I wore Delly's in District 4 and Madge's in District 8. I wear a red, mid-calf length dress that it tight at the bust but then flows over my bump that I found in the box from Cinna. Annie looks stunning in her Wedding dress. Despite our size difference it fits her perfectly hugging all the right curves. I add the final touch by placing a delicate blue flower behind her ear.

"There you go, now you have you something new and borrowed in your dress and now you have something blue." I say,

"But what about her something old?" Madge questions. Johanna laughs.

"That can be Haymitch seen as he's giving her away!"

"I heard that." Haymitch grumbles as he walks through the door.

"Well don't you look lovely!" I say and Haymitch grimaces, somehow the boys managed to get him into his suit and run a comb through his hair.

"You too sweetheart." He replies, "So you girls ready to go?" He asks.

"Ah yes finally." Jo says as she saunters to the door. Madge helps me out of my seat and Delly gathers up the flowers. She hands each of us our bouquet and follows Jo out the door. Haymitch Takes Annie's arm and we all leave the air full of excitement.

Peeta and the rest of the Boys are already waiting when we reach the entrance to the Cafeteria. We wait for a few tense minutes then we get the signal and Delly and Aaron begin to walk down the aisle, closely followed by Madge and Gale, then Jo and Rye the Peeta and Myself. When we reach the end of the aisle we take our places and turn to watch Annie make her big entrance. A man from the seam managed to escape with a fiddle, he was taught District 4's wedding song and so he begins to play it as she walks down the aisle. Everybody's eyes are fixed on the bride. She's so happy she's glowing. As they reach the end of the aisle Haymitch hands her over to Finnick and takes his seat in the front row.

A survivor From 4 conducts the ceremony as Finnick and Annie wanted it to be as authentic as possible. The ceremony is very heartfelt and I catch Delly and Madge crying. The traditions of the net and Saltwater are fascinating and I really am truly happy for them, but towards the end of the ceremony my ankles begin to ache and I feel slightly bored. I look over at Peeta and catch him looking at me; he winks at me causing my cheeks to blush. Thankfully, the ceremony soon finishes, nearly all the female residents of 13 are crying when Finnick and Annie have their first kiss as husband and wife. We all walk back up the aisle to cheers and laughter. It's the happiest I've ever seen Finnick and Annie, they both radiate warmth and love.

Once the ceremony is over everyone begins to place the chairs around the edge of the room to clear the space. The fiddler begins to play again and everyone begins to dance. Peeta helps me to a chair and sit down, feeling better now the weight is off my feet. Haymitch walks over to us and tells Peeta he needs to talk in Private. Peeta kisses the top of my head before following Haymitch out of the room. I think about getting up and following them when all of a sudden I see a little blonde head making its way to me.

"Katniss!" Prim Exclaims. "I've missed you so much, I haven't seen you in weeks."

"I've missed you too little duck!" I say giving Prim a hug. "What have you been up to?"

"Not much, I've been helping more at the hospital and when I'm not doing that I've been spending a lot of time with Rory." She says and her little cheeks begin to turn pink when she mentions Rory's name. I smile.

"I'm glad you've been having fun Prim."

"Thank you," She replies, "But more importantly how are you, how is the baby?" She asks her hands flying to touch my stomach, the Baby Kicks at her touch.

"Did you feel that?" I ask and she nods, "She does that all the time, anytime Peeta touches my stomach she kicks like hell."

"She's feisty like you." Prim giggles and I laugh with her.

"Do you want to dance with me Katniss?" Prim asks, and I sigh,

"I'm sorry Prim, I'm just too tired to dance, it's hard work lugging a baby around inside you all day."

"It's okay," Prims smiles, "I understand."
"Hey, why don't you ask Rory to dance?" I ask her and her cheeks turn pink again.

"Okay." She says as she gives me a kiss on the cheek and wanders off into the crowd.

Once Prim leaves a few people come up to me and ask me how I am, I politely answer their questions, but it becomes a bit tedious after a while. I watch everyone dancing and having fun and feel frustrated because I can't do that. I feel hot salty tears slide down my cheeks, my frustration turning into misery. I get up to find Peeta, he always knows how to make me feel better when I get like this, when I see him making his way through the crowd, a sullen look on his face. I quickly wipe my tears away, if he's upset I should be there for him, whatever he's feeling must be more important than my stupid hormones. I sit back down and wait for him to get to me. Silently he sits down next to me and takes my hand.

"Is everything okay?" I ask. He clears his throat and looks away.

"Yeah everything is cool." He says trying to mask the edge in his voice. I know he's lying. I place my hand on his jaw and turn his head to face,

"Look at me," I say "And tell me that everything is okay." He opens his mouth as if to speak and closes it again. He can't look at me and tell me that everything is okay because everything isn't okay. He looks away again at everyone have fun and back to me.

"Please Katniss not here." He pleads.

"Fine then let's go back to our room." I say coldly.

"We can't just leave!" He protests.

"Yes we can just tell people I don't feel well and you're going to take me to our room." I counter. He looks around one last time, thinking. He then pulls me up and leads me through the sea of people to the doors. We pass his mother as we walk past, she makes an unkind remark but Peeta doesn't even acknowledge her, he's completely engrossed in his own thoughts.

We practically race down the corridors; well we go as fast as we can in my condition. When we reach our room Peeta throws open the door pushes me inside, slams it shut and proceeds to lock it.

"What the hell is going on Peeta?" I ask, my voice tinged with fear. He doesn't answer. He just takes of his suit jacket and tosses it in the corner, loosens his tie, rolls up his shirt sleeves, sits on the end of the bed and worriedly runs his hands through his hair. Tentatively I sit beside him.

"Peeta please," I beg, "Tell me what's going on." He looks at me and sighs.

"I'm leaving." Is all he says. I feel tears welling up, before even the last syllable has left his mouth.

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