Chapter 2

After days of traveling, Veezara finally made it to Darkwater Crossing. It was late at night so everyone was in bed, expect for one. It was Derkeethus, who was on night patrol for the Mine. He had his hunting bow and some iron arrows, and is just barely trying to stay awake. Veezard walked to his sleepy egg brother to confront him.

"Are you Derkeethus?" asked Veezara.

"I…gah!" Derkeethus mumbled, as he tired to wake himself up. "I am. Excuse me but I am very tired. Haven't gotten much sleep in days."

"What's wrong?"

"Well ever since I got saved by a Nord from Darkwater Pass, I really didn't get the nicest welcome home party. I've been sent to be on night patrol ever since I came back."

"Isn't that the guards job?"

"It was, but the Stormcloaks rather be in the mine drinking their Ale."

"Well how about you come with me in my adventure?"

"I wish I could take you on that offer, however I can't just leave. I'm assigned to work here and unless the Mine Boss says so I can't leave."

"Who's the Mine Boss?"

"A Dummer named Sondas Drenim. He's always in the mine."

"I'll go talk to him."

Veezara went inside the mine to talk to the Dark Elf. As he entered he saw Sondas mining and two Stromcloak soldiers drinking Ale. Veezara walked over to the Dummer casually, hopefully not getting the guars suspicious.

"Are you Sondas Drenim?" asked Veezara.

"Yes, yes," said the Dummer. "If you're looking for work just mine some ore and give it to me."

"I'm actually here to talk about Derkeethus."

"What about that lizard?"

"He wishes to come with me in my adventure."

"And what is he going to do when he's out there with you, get caught by more Falmers? I don't think so."

Veezara pulls out Mehrunes Razor and puts the tip right on Sondas's neck. "Now you listen here, Derkeethus is coming with me, even it means I have to kill you!"

The guard quickly got up, pulled out their steel battleaxes, and surrounded the Argonian.

"Put down the dagger and come quietly!" demanded the guard.

Veezara knew no matter what move he made it would get him killed by at lease one of the guards. But he took the risk. Veeaara stabbed one of the guards in the gut, quickly pulled out and went to stab the other guard, but he wasn't quick enough. The guard knocked him down, making Veezara drop his blade. The Stormcloak raised his hammer in the air to strike the Argonian, but out of nowhere a arrow came and nailed the Stromcloak right on the head, killing him instantly. The arrow came from no other then Derkeethus. He ran up to Veezara help him out.

"Are you okay?" asked Derkeethus.

"Just fine," Veezara said, with a chuckle. "I've been though much worse."

Derkeethus helped his fellow egg brother up but had a displeased look on his face.

"Thanks to you I'm now a criminal."

"You'll get used to it."

All of a sudden the voice of Dagon came back and talked to the two Argonians.

"Ahh. Welcome Derkeethus, welcome!" said Dagon.

"What's that voice, who's speaking to us?" asked Derkeethus.

"It's the Daedric Prince, Dagon." Veezara answered.

"Yes, it is I, and I've told Vezara to come here and recruit you."

"Recruit me for what?"

"In time, I will relieve. But first I need to see your worth. Kill Sondas Drenim."

"And if I refuse?"

"Then Veezara will have to kill you."

Derkeethus knew he didn't have much of a choice. He took an arrow, and aimed with his bow. Sondas Drenim begged for mercy. Promised to give Derkeethus anything he wanted. But the Argonian didn't listen, and shot the arrow right between the Dark Elf's eyes, killing Sondas Drenim.

"Impressive," said Dagon. "I actually didn't think you had it in you."

"After all the treatment I've received when I came back, it was a pleasure doing that." Derkeethus said, with an evil smile on his face.

"Excellent, you'll be a perfect addition to the new faction. Now then, I want you both to head on to the College of Winterhold. There you will meet an Argonian mage named Phantom-Fish. Recruit him as well."

"As you wish, Lord Dagon." Both said Veezara and Derkeethus.

Veezara and Derkeethus quietly walked out of Darkwater Crossing and made their way to the College of Winterhold where they will meet Phantom-Fish.