He put on his ARI shades and looked down at the piano keys. Pressing each on down slowly, practicing first, before going to the actual song. He pressed each key gently and began to speed up. He began to play Moonlight Sonata. It was almost morning, though he would not be working for a few hours.

; Cameron ;

She groaned and rolled, trying to get to sleep. This case was keeping me awake. All I could do was think about it, and if I fell asleep, I'd just have restless dreams about how to solve the case. Maybe it was a good thing. But I just want some sleep.

She stood up and walked my way to the bathroom. She could barely keep my eyes open, yet couldn't sleep at the same time. She turned on the sink and splashed cold water on to her face. She slowly made her way to look up towards the mirror.

Her long brown hair went past her shoulders and her bangs made it almost impossible to see unless she tucked it behind her ears. Though bending down her head to turn on the sink and splash herself with water just made her bangs show on her forehead again.

She had a slight scar on her forehead from an accident at work. Criminals can be so damn insensitive. She had she had slightly tanned skin that she gained from being out in the sun in all the cases she's done before.

She looked left to see the clock on the wall, which showed clearly; 6:14. Great. Why did I have to stay up so late? I needed to get to sleep. Though there was no point. I have work in 3 hours.. She sighedto herselfand tucked her bangs behind her ears and sat down on her bed.

She got dressed and headed to work, bored and slightly sleepy, she'd just have to endure the dreaded coffee from the cafeteria. It was the closest and she had work to do. She needed to get leads on the case and Trisha's mom finally gave in and gave us some worthwhile information, a boyfriend.

She finally had a lead to go on. Something where she finally had a clue. This impossible case turned into a possible one. Sure, it may not be a murder weapon, but it was better than nothing at all.

She got out of her car, the sun barely peering over the buildings. The sun was showing yet the cold air was still blowing on her. She entered the office and sat down on her desk. Well, time for work.

; Norman ;

Taking off his glasses, he really didn't feel like taking them. He had grown to rely on them. He had grown to need them. He leaned the back of his head on the back of his chair. They'd spoiled him. All his glory. Was it really thanks to them? Could he really go without them? Yes.. I could.

He put them on his desk. He stood up and grabbed his jacket, just to look back to the shades. Just because I could go without them, doesn't mean it wasn't the property of the FBI. If they ever needed them back he needed them to do so.

He stuffed them into the right pocket of his coat and as he was walking to the door, he was greeted by the mirror of his bathroom as the door was still open. He put on a grin and straightened his tie, which goes with his black coat well. He closed the bathroom door and left the apartment. Hearing the much known click of the door which shows it's locked.

He arrived at work, early in the morning. 7:00 am at least. He walked to his office and saw that Cameron was already there. He smiled lightly. He didn't expect anyone to be here earlier than him. He was usually the first person to arrive at work. Shows what I know.

He sat down at his chair and there was a file placed down on his desk. "What's this..?" He opened it and skimmed it vaguely while awaiting her response. Phone numbers and names. Suspects?

"List of possible suspects that we can call to get more information from." She said, not even taking a second to look up from her paper. She was clearly busy and doing her best. I feel stupid even asking.

"Did you do this all yesterday?" Leslie Parks, Daniel Parks, Jamie Miller, Christian Miller, Franklin Hall? There was a question mark near Franklin's name. Must mean he's a prime suspect. "Yeah." She said lightly. She didn't give herself enough credit.

"Well, today is the profiling, then we can try and contact Franklin Hall. Hope you're ready." He joked. She probably didn't even know he was joking. She chuckled. "Luckily you're the one giving the profiling." Aha. "Just kidding. I'm going to have to." Ouch.

A few minutes later. He stood up, motioning for her to come with." Time for profiling. Hope she could handle it. Who am I kidding, of course she could. It was almost time for profiling. This is her chance to prove it to everyone else.

They both walked to the conference room, and before it started, he walked towards her. "Remember, Moore can be as heartless as he is deceiving. Don't let anything he says get to you, he really could care less what he says. He doesn't know what he's talking about.

She nods. "Thanks for the encouragement, but I think I've got it under control. I've dealt with all sorts of stuff back home." She walks away, by now everyone had come in. I was surprised by her courage, but she shouldn't count on herself that much. She couldn't know Moore at all.

The lights dimmed and she clicked the remote control, she took a deep breath. So did I. "So far, our only place of interest is the club she had supposedly went to. Supposedly-" She was interested. He put his face in his palm. No.. no no no. Not right now.

"Excuse me. But supposedly..?" He, surprisingly, Moore said. Clearly not happy. Of course not. When was he happy at all? When would he ever be satisfied with an answer that is clearly obvious? It was oblivious to him.

"Excuse me.. Moore." She said, calmly. Yes, first time everyone is calm. No one is ever used to it on their first try. You'll get used to it. We all get used to it after a while. Just keep your calm and maybe he'll easy on you.

"But with the evidence, it's easier to make smart guesses. Heh, not even guesses. I only said supposedly because we haven't even gone their yet. So should I just say definitely? Or would you get upset with me for guessing then too?"

Great, first mistake, talking back to the boss. "Just go on please." Moore rolled his eyes. Impatient yet clearly he's the one who interrupted her in the first place. She clears her throat and begins to speak.

"As I was saying, me and Norman will be going to the Place of Interest after we contact a prime suspect. It's not much to go on, but it's more than we had before. So better than nothing."

He nodded lightly and the lights came back on, the sudden flash of light hurt my eyes and I had to blink violently to get them adjusted. He stood up, ready to call the suspect. He's been through worse, what's the worse that could happen?

After getting the address, Norman knocked on Franklin's door, he lived in a 3 story apartment complex. The place stunk of either spoiled food or undiscarded trash. So much for a fancy apartment.

Franklin opened the door and greeted us with a nod. "You the cops?" Franklin looked around frantically, as if to hide something. She flashed her badge. "Yes, we're with the FBI, we need to ask you some questions.

Franklin tried to close the door, he quickly put his foot in the way so he couldn't close it. "We have the legal right to ask you questions. You have the legal right to not answer them, but that's not such a good idea."

"Oh yeah? What if I decide not to talk?" He looked so confident. His hair brown was all messed up, and due to him wearing a shirt-sleeved shirt, you can clearly see the many tattoos on his right arm.

He looked as if he was stressed out. "Then we also have the right to take you into custody until you do. So will you let us in or not?" The suspect thought for a few seconds, as if it wasn't a simple choice already.

"Come in, it might be dirty, I really haven't had the time to clean." The suspect moved from the doorway, him and Cameron walked in. They were instantly greeted with a foul smell, it made them want to gag.

"Augh, what is that?" She said, just loud enough for the suspect to hear. The place looked like it was robbed, trash and books thrown everywhere. The place looked like a complete mess.

"Yeah, I've been under house arrest, can't even leave the house to take out the trash.." The suspect pointed to his ankle collar. "Doesn't your supervisor take it out themself?" She was plugging her nose, wouldn't blame her.

"They only come twice a day. Once at morning, once at night. The other times they just call me, and if I don't answer, they alert the authorities. It happened once when I was asleep, was weird though." She looked towards him. "You made this mess in a day!?" She said with disgust.

"Yeah.. been hard without Trisha." The suspect looked down. She unplugged her nose. "Do you know anything about the death of Trisha Parks? Anyone who might have hurt her or wanted to hurt her? Any place she might go?" The suspect shrugged.

"No. Nothing.. She went to clubs alot, and come back early in the morning, looking physically exhausted. I accused her of cheating, but she'd always shout at me about how she wasn't, or how she was too tired to talk about it."

"Would you ever do anything after she had come back? Anything out of anger because you didn't like her lies?" He asked, but when he asked the question, the suspects eyes just seemed to dart the room and he rushed out the door.

"HEY!" They ran after him and the suspect and Norman both pulled out their guns. The suspect pointed his gun at him and shot, it lightly graced his cheek, barely even hurt, just felt like a rush of air going past his cheek, then the pain kicked in.

"Great," He grabbed his radio. "We've got a runner." He ran, jumped, anything he could do to catch the suspect. He ended up getting away. Though his ankle bracelet would alert his supervisor and the police. The suspect escaped from the hotel into the streets.

He panted and ended up right besides Cameron, she was quicker than him. She'd probably taken training longer than me. Seemed like she was just more athletic. "Great, he got away." He sighed.

"Look, I'm sorry. I guess chasing after a guy who has fled more bank robberies and probably ran for his life a few times, isn't my strong suit." She seemed a bit defensive. Which was not what I was trying to cause.

"That's not what I'm talking about, it was mainly my fault. I should have been right behind you." She turned away. Looking like I had insulted her so she didn't want to look at me anymore.

"Lets just go to the place of interest. The police can handle this." She turned to look towards me, "Are you alright?" He put his hand on his cheek and it he had apparently wounded it more than he thought.

"Huh, barely hurt." He put his hand over it to keep blood from coming out. It hurt on the touch. He quickly moved his hand away from the wound. It hurt pretty badly, but it was barely a scratch.

"Ugh, great." She took a cloth from her pocket and put pressure on the wound. It hurt and I tensed up a little bit. Surprising how a tiny little scratch could cause so much pain. Especially for me.

"Is that used?" He joked, trying to ease the tension of the silence that had recently fallen. These kind of situations just made him want to crawl under a rock for a few days.

"Yeah, I keep it anyway. No, it's not used, genius."

"No need to get defensive, I got hurt, remember?" He pointed to the wound.

"Haha, very funny." She actually chuckled a little bit.

She pressed a little harder, and he tensed up again. "You might want to get that checked out, I'll check out the club, you go to the doctor. That way I won't get into any of the trouble cause by you getting hurt. Besides, if it hurts so bad, you really do need to get it checked, all jokes aside."

"Okay.. I'll go. Good luck."

She gave him a reassuring smile. Which just made him feel better.

At the infirmary / hospital, they checked out his wound, pressing on it. How many times do they have to push on it? Do they want to hurt me? "It seems like some shrapnel from the bullet cut your cheek." No duh, thanks for making it feel better by pushing on it.

"I can get you some simple over-the-counter medicine for you. Some Aleve should do fine, it should just hurt as a result of.. well I shouldn't have to tell you why a cut hurts." The doctor handed me some Aleve tablets in a bottle, there were only three in there. "Three should be enough, take one every 12 hours if it still hurts."

With a nod, Norman left the building and back to his apartment. The not so plain apartment. Living here so long, he had already integrated a Piano into here. He put a hand in his coat pocket and felt two things he hadn't even thought about all day.

Tripto and his ARI Shades.

He walked over to the bathroom and got a cloth, something to rinse the wound. He put warm water onto the cloth and wiped the wound. Dispite the severe pain. He got a cup of water, and took a pill of Aleve.

He sat down at his piano and cracked his knuckles. He begun playing a song starting off slowly, then building up. After playing it long enough, he laid down on his bed. Just need to close my eyes for a minute..

It seemed like just a second, he heard a knock on the door, he looked at his watch. 5pm, everyone would have left work by now. He sighed.

He walked to the door and opened it, Cameron was standing in front of him. "Hi, I just came to check up on you." She looked at his cheek. "Your wound already looks.. better?"

"Yeah.. thanks."

She saw the piano at the back of the room. "Can you play anything?" He turned around and assumed she meant the piano. "On the piano? Sure."

"Do you mind.. playing something?"

He nodded and let her in. She walk through the doorway and closed the door behind her.

He sat down on the chair in front of the piano. And put on his ARI glasses.

She sat next to him. He began playing Home Is Ahead... The World Behind by Matthew Fisher.

She listened to it quietly, it was beautiful, but she looked up to see the ARI glasses on him. Maybe the only reason he's so good, is because of them. They probably guide him through every step.

She slowly took off his glasses. Even without the glasses he kept going, in fact, his eyes were closed.

She continued to listen silently. It was rude to even touch his shades. She rested her head on his shoulder.

He smiled, and kept going until the end of the song. She stood up and walked towards the door, he followed with.

"Thanks for the music, and I hope your wound gets better.. I'm sorry if I was too much of an inconvenience." She put a hand on his cheek.

It didn't hurt, he didn't really feel anything. Just a complete rush of desire.

She backed off, which was no surprise to him. She just walked away. He closed the door behind her and laid back down.

I just want this case to end, but part of me doesn't as well, part of me knows she's just going to leave as soon as it's all over.