Chapter 1

Katniss POV

I'm looking in the mirror, and I have to admit the tightness in my dad's old hunting jacket wasn't just my mind. None of my clothes fit me right now. I guess I'm having to many cheese buns and cupcakes, but Peeta is just to kind to say no to, he's like a grandma always feeding you up.

"Katniss where are you?" It's Peeta. The phrase 'speak of the devil' flashes through my head.

"I'm here," I yell down the stairs

"Come down sweetheart" what the hell is Haymitch doing here, and why the hell is he sober?

I fumble with my hair but finally get it into a plait. I race down the stairs taking them two at a time. I get to the front porch and a small crowd is waiting for me what's going on? I guess the look on my face must have been funny because everyone stared laughing…wait not laughing singing the tune rings a bell, suddenly it hits me its my birthday. I think it must be strange to forget my birthday but I really don't think it's important. I look around the room everyone is there Primm, Rue, Mum, Dad, Thresh

Glimmer, Gale everyone I know is here.

I look in the corner and see a huge 4-tear cake lined with candles. It's black and has a gold bow and a sheath full to the brim with my favourite arrows. I can feel my jaw hanging open, I try to compose myself and I wish that I could just go outside in to the spring morning and run to the woods. Instead I let everyone make a fuss of me and eat my cake. The bow was left for me and to my surprise it's real and I can't wait to use it. I look around the room once more and see everyone I care about and love and some like Haymitch that I can't wait to see the back of. The celebration lasts all day and at least 2 tears of the cake have been engulfed.

It's about 3 in the morning when I crawl upstairs and I don't even have time to check my facebook .I fall asleep with my leggings still on. I didn't dream that night. I wake up in the morning and it's about 8 o'clock so I don't want to wake anyone up. I walk over to my wardrobe and pick out my sweats and a hoodie. I sneak down the stairs and cram a slice of the creamy rich cake in to my mouth the butter icing coating my teeth with sugar and fat. I fix myself a hot chocolate in my over sized flask and as I pass, another slice of that cake for later. I pull my hunting bag over my shoulder it's already packed and ready to go I grab the spare key and close the door quietly behind me.

I run out to the forest and climb the nearest tree. I look out over the district and think about my life whilst I drink the hot chocolate and eat my cake. There is a party next week to celebrate the end of the hunger games obviously everyone knew it was an act but we don't want the game makers to get rich for no reason. Getting picked at the reaping was in fact a great honour and you get a real good pay and make good friends.

The party was going to be a blast, spin the bottle, truth or dare, drinking competitions.

Actually this isn't going to be that good maybe I could weasel out of it. Oh god I will be sick everywhere. I'm doomed