Chapter 4:The party (part 2)

The bottle spun round five times before slowly grinding to a holt, it was pointed at Cinna.

"Truth or dare?" it was Haymitch that started this party so he got to ask the first question


"Why did you marry Effie, I bet it was to help her with her fashion sense?" he was gurgling now and swaying side to side.

"I married her because I love her!"

A slow red flush began to spread its way around Effie's face that even the thick layer of makeup couldn't conceal.

"Ooh lala . . ."

Cinna spun the bottle and it landed on Peeta.

"Truth or dare?"

" Dare" I suspect he was acting macho

" I dare you to lick Haymitch's foot!"

We all laughed (apart from Peeta and Haymitch) Peeta paled considerably at the prospect; we all know how little Haymitch bathed.

Grimacing he knelt down stuck out his pink tongue and licked the foot of doom.

We all screamed with laughter.

Peeta promptly sat up and ran to the toilets- he came out sucking a lemon!

The bottle was spun once more . . . it landed on Haymitch.

"Truth or Dare?"


"I dare you to drink what ever I make you" I chuckle

"Ok" he retorts warily

I race in to the kitchen and open all the cupboards I open the fridge and take out:

5 eggs

2 Peppers

1 cucumber

A carton of orange juice

And a bottle of milk

In the cupboard I got:

A bottle of tobasco

A box of corn flour

And some bananas

I walk over to the blender and mix the ingredients for some reason it turns out a sickly green with white floating on it. It smells awful and makes me gag; I pour the repugnant liquid in to a clear glass pint glass and carry it out to Haymitch . . .