President Loren Hawksmoor was ready to do this again. She was starting to get old, but the Quarter Quell always was interesting. Thirty years as president does your head in, but Loren was great at handling it.

She walks over to the box and pulls out an envelope that is labeled with a 300. She uses her long fingernail to break open the seal, and she pulls out a piece of paper. She smiles as she reads it.

"As a reminder to the districts that nobody was safe, even the Capitol citizens that turned against each other, the Capitol must reap two boys and girls, and the ever elusive District 13 must reap one boy and girl."

Simple but good, I think. Please PM your tributes, because I will not accept them if they are in reviews. District 13 and Capitol tributes as well! Tribute Form can be found on my profile. By the way, the second rebellion never happened, so nobody knows of District 13 at this point.