Lock, Shock, and Barrel attend 'The Perfect School', as seen in 'Goosebumps'. R&R!

"So, tell us again why we have to attend the 'perfect school' or whatever?" Lock asked, grudgingly.

"Because you three have become to much of a menace." Jack told him, sternly.

"Yeah, but we didn't MEAN to set the hanging men on fire!" Shock defied.

"Yeah! This is stupid!" Barrel added.

"Be quiet, you three." Jack growled.

The three pranksters rolled their eyes in obvious annoyance. Okay, so they weren't perfect. So what?

The three of them had certainly grown up. Shock had gone through the most changes. She was certainly something to look at. She had grown into her nose, and her green skin had gotten paler. She had traded her baggy lavender dress for a more fitting, dark violet dress. Her violet hair had turned even curlier and was thicker. It fell down to her shoulders.

Lock had grown up as well. His bloodless face had gained some color, and his face was now the right size in accordence to his body. He had grown to tower over both of his cohorts. His tail had gotton longer, thicker, and much more controllable. He no longer wore that full-body red suit he once had, but a red t-shirt and dark red pants. His classic devil-horns were slightly longer, as was the rest of his hair.

And finally, Barrel. The youngest of the three was now taller than Shock, and still wore his classic, ghoulish grin. His pale blue skin was as pale an blue as ever. He wore an updated version of his childhood costume, it looked the same. Just his current size. His green hair was completely messed up, he only slicked it back on Halloween.

Jack glanced at the troublesome trio once again.

"I don't expect you to be perfect when I get you back out of there. Just better." Jack told them.

"Yeah, sure." Lock sneered.

"We'll just be worse-" Shock began, smirking.

"When you get back." Barrel finished.

When Jack pulled up in the black herse to the forboding school, they all exchanged glances. This was not good.

A man came out to greet them.

"Ah... You must be Mr. Skellington. I promise you, these three will be perfect when they are sent back home." the man promised.

The three children glared up at the man.

"You can't-" Lock began.

"Change us-" Shock continued.

"You creep." Barrel finished.

"Yes, I'm afraid I will. You will not speak unless spoken to. You will not move unless instructed to do so." the man told them.

"Yeah, sure... Go away." The three chorused.

"I think we'll speed up you're treatment." the man grinned.

The three exchanged worried glances. What did THAT mean?

Shock growled at the man, and took out one of her pet scorpions from her pocket. She tossed it onto the man's head. It stung him, then jumped back into her pocket.

"YOU THREE ARE IN SO MUCH TROUBLE!" the man screeched. He sounded like a woman.

During this, Jack had driven away.

"OH SH*T!" the three chorused as the man approached them with a baseball bat. They split up and took off running all over the grounds.

He didn't catch them until it was almost twilight.

"Ew! Twilight." Shock said.

"Yeah, it sounds like that aweful book series." Lock grumbled. (AN- They are anti-twilight because the author is!)

"Lets burn some of those books later!" Barrel thought.

The other two agreed.

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