Chapter 2 The Stolen Runway.

A small Pokemon lay asleep on the bed they had been giving only a few weeks ago. However the Pokemon was not sleeping peacefully. Tossing and turning the Pokemon had long scents kick the Blackett off.

The door to the room open slowly a Pokemon that was bigger then the one asleep came into the room quietly.

"Lady it's time to wake up." The bigger Pokemon gently shook the smaller Pokemon awake. The smaller Pokemon slowly wake up. "Morn'in Beau." The smaller Pokemon greeted as she sat up and looked up at the Lopunny.

Beau was a shiny. What should have been a cream color was a light pink. Beau smiled down on the smaller Buneary. Small even for Buneary's. "Good Morning Lady! We've got alot to do today!" Beau excualed happily.

Beau owned and run the only inn in Treasure Town. It's also a mix shop. That sells things Pokemon don't really use. Beau like to make outfits for Pokemon. Lady had started working for Beau only a few weeks ago in exchange for a room.

Lady walked over to a small table and grab the red scarf. It was ripped and a little old. But she would'd aways were it. Beau have'd offer to make her a new one. But Lady said she was trying to find the Pokemon who owned it before her and it was to important to her to replace.

"What is it that we got to do?" Lady asked Beau as she and Beau walked out of the room and going into the main room that also served as the shop counter and login for booking a room.

"Well we're running a little Low on food. So we have to go shopping. And some of the teams that have been staying are checking out today so we have to clean there rooms after they leave. And later this afternoon I need you to man the main room. I have a meeting with the Guildmaster about something." Beau replied. Beau grab two oran berry and give one to Lady. Lady nodded and bit the oran berry.

Beau moved over to the counter and open a secret compartment pulling a small bag out of the compartment. Beau opened the bag and take out a paw full of Poke. Beau closed the bag and put it back in the compartment.

"Do you think you can do the shopping without me? One of us has to stay encase one of the teams want to check out early." Beau asked as she turned around to face Lady.

"I can do it." Lady replied after she finished her oran berry. Beau smile gratefully as she handed Lady the Poke and a list and things they needed to buy. Beau waved as Lady grab the Baskett and walked out of the inn and out onto the path.

Lady slowly walk toward the Kecleon Brother's shop. Lady watch the other Pokemon going about there day as she walk. Lady smiled as she arrive at the brother's shop.

"Good Morning Lady!" The green Kecleon brother greeted her as she walked up to the counter. "Good Morning ." Lady replied. "Do you have any of this?" Lady asked as she handed the list to the green Kecleon brother. "Your in luck Lady. I just got a shipment. All of this comes to about $834." Kecleon replied after he read the list. Lady hold up the Baskett setting it on the counter as she got the amount of money he said.

Kecleon set the items in the Baskett. Wall she did this. Lady handed Kecloeon his money. "Thanks for doing business with us today. Please come again!" Kecleon said as take the money from Lady and smiled. "We will thank you." Lady smiled back at Kecleon.

Lady started to walk back to the inn at the same slowly she started at. Holding the Baskett close to her. Lady looked around as she heard children's laugher. Seeing two Children Pokemon running past her. Lady smiled after the two children.

Lady got to the inn soon after that. "Hey Lady your back." Beau greeted. Lady smiled at Beau before going to the kitchen/host dinning room. It was where the staff of the inn could get something to eat. Or that what Beau had said when Lady came to work for her. However only Beau and herself worked for the inn. Lady when to work putting things away. Lady returned to the main room after she finished.

Beau sat behind the counter. She hold the needle in one of her paws and clothe in the other. Lady waked behind the counter and sat down beside Beau. She open the Compartment and got out the small bag and put the remaining money she had from shopping back in the bag.

"What are you working on?" Lady asked Beau. Beau smiled before showing Lady what looked like an unfinished cloak. The cloak's main color was a flame colored red on the bottom was a pitch black. "A cloak for a friend." Beau replied. Lady nodded. And watched Beau work. "Do you want to learn how to make stuff like this? I could teach you if you want." Beau asked Lady without taking her eyes the cloak she was making.

"You don't have to." Lady replied. "Yes I know I don't have to but I want to. Beside you'd be surprised what you can find useful. If you can make good cloaks then you can keep warm in winter or in colder weather dungeons. And other types of thing you can use to identify what team you belong to." Beau explained as she worked. "Ok." Lady said after hearing Beau.

"Man the main desk!" Beau examined as she jumped up and put the unfinished Cloak on the counter and ran to get something. Lady watch as a team almost get run over by Beau.

"Is she like this alot?" What Lady guessed was the teams leader asked. "Only half the time. Are you ready to check Sir?" Lady asked nicely. "Yes Thank you." he replied. Lady nodded and grab the clipboard that had the names of the teams on file. "Team name?" Lady asked nicely. "PokePalsDusk." he answer. "Right PokePalsDusk stayed for a total of three days that'll be 900 Poke Sir." Lady said as she put the chipboard down. The leader payed and he and he's team left soon after.

Beau came back with some clothe and a needle. Beau handed it to Lady. Beau return to her spot and pick up her unfinished work. "For your first try on something we'll do something simple a kerchief is a good place to start." Beau explained as she show Lady what to do. " Now you try." Beau said as she handed Lady the needle.

"Ok" Lady started on the pinkish red clothe. Beau return to her task as well.

An Hour Later.

Beau was close to finishing her task. Beau look up and out the window see the sun high. "lunch time is almost here." Beau thought to her self. Beau looked to see how Lady was doing. Lady had finished sewing the edge and was now making a design on it.

Beau smiled and put her task down. And got up and walk into the kitchen to make lunch for the guests and Lady and herself. Beau hummed to herself as she when about making lunch. "let's see there are still three teams stay with about three member's in each team plus Lady and myself so like 9+2=11 so 11 serving. Will do." Beau thought to herself.

Beau finished making lunch and was making her way with lunch to the room that was used for the guest to eat lunch and dinner. Beau set the plates on the tables for the guest. And when back to the main room with Lady's and her lunch. Beau set the lunch's down on the counter. Beau walk over to a bell that hung beside the counter.

Beau rang the bell. The sound was very loud and sounded throughout the inn. The sound of doors opening and closing followed the bell. Lady looked up at Beau. "Thank you Beau." Lady said as she finished the design on the kerchief. Lady put the Kerchief on the counter and picked up her lunch.

"Your welcome Lady. May I see the Kerchief?" Beau asked as she sat down and grab her lunch. "Sure." Lady answered as looked over the lunch. Beau began to eat her lunch. Lady started to eat lunch as Beau finished her lunch. Beau put her plate down on the counter.

Beau grab the Kerchief and looked over it. The design that Lady put on the Kerchief. It was a shadow or it looked like a shadow to Beau that was stealing treasure. "This is an interesting design Lady." Beau said as she looked over it. Lady looked up at Beau.

"Thanks." Lady looked down at her food. Looking like she was think about something not present. Beau put the Kerchief back where Lady put it first and stand up. "I better start getting ready to meet the Guildmaster. Man the desk for me?" Beau asked Lady. "Sure." Lady replied with a smile.

Beau stand up and grab her task and the Baskett. She walked to her room grabbing a scarf and wrapping it around her neck. Beau put her unfinished task in the Baskett. Beau walked back to the main room.

"I'll be back before the sunset. Do you think you can mange without me for that long?" Beau ask a little worried as she had not left Lady running the inn by her self that long before.

"I'll be fine. You go and have your meeting. I can handle it." Lady assure her. Lady wave to her as she left the inn.

Beau started walking towards the guild. It was on the outskirts of Treasure Town. So it was abit of a walk. Not that Beau mind much. She liked the walk to the guild and the arena around where the guild was built. Beau walked up the stairs up the chief that the guild was built on. Beau walk over to the grate to stand on it.

"Pokemon detected! Pokemon detected!" Someone said.

"Whose footprint? Whose footprint?" Another Pokemon Yelled.

"The footprint is Lopunny's! The footprint is Lopunny's!" The first Pokemon said.

The gate to the guild was opened a few minutes later. Beau enter the guild. She knew her way around well. To know where she needs to go. The guildmaster's room was on the last floor. She walked into the room where the Guildmaster was.

"Good Afternoon Friend!" The guildmaster Wigglytuff cried out as he saw Beau. "It is good to see you again old friend." Beau said as she put the Baskett down on the ground before turning to hug her old friend. Wigglytuff hug her back before letting go.

"Come friend sit down!" Wigglytuff said as he return to his spot to sit. Beau sat down on the rug not to far from Wigglytuff. "How have you been Wigglytuff?" Beau asked after she take out the cloak to work on as she and Wigglytuff catch up.

"I've been well friend! How have you been?" Wigglytuff said as Beau worked on the cloak. "I've been well as well. But I'm a little worried about a buneary I found." Lopnny replied. "Why friend?" Wigglytuff asked it was rare to make Beau worried.

"There is someone she trying to find. But I think that someone is a thief. In a way she reminds me of myself when I was younger." Beau explained. "But you where a good explorer back in the day friend!" Wigglytuff replied. Beau giggled remembering those days. "Yeah but it was a criminal that made me that way." Beau said with a look of sadness on her face. It was a not very well know face that Beau was once a Explorer or that she was involved with a criminal. Wigglytuff had first meet Beau back when she was still a Buneary. And was one of the few who knew that behind that happy-go-lucky persona Beau put on for the world. Just like Beau knew what was behind his Hiya-Friends! Persona.

"What's so bad about her trying to find this Pokemon?" Wigglytuff asked. Beau sighed. "I fear her story will end like my did." Beau said as a pokemon flash thought her mind wearing a cocky grin. "Then the guild will help her!" Wigglytuff said. Beau blinked up at Wigglytuff as he looked determent at her.

"I'm not sure if she wants to be a explorer." Beau mummed the cloak was just about done. "Well if she is looking for someone. It would be good if she learns the trade of being an explorer now then not. She would have the knowledge she might need if she runs into trouble." Wigglytuff explained.

"True. I will ask her about it." Beau said as she finished the cloak. Beau put the now done cloak back into the Baskett. Beau looked out the window. Seeing the sun was near the ground. "It seem time fly's when your with friends. I should get going. I'll see you later Wigglytuff." Beau said as she got up and got her Baskett. Wigglytuff waved goodbye as Beau walked down the road.

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