The stormy night of the invasion found the Avengers in Stark Tower. They had just returned from their Shawarma expedition, and were making themselves at home in what remained of Tony's penthouse, awaiting a message from Director Fury.

The battle had taken its toll on the heroes, all of them sporting injuries inflicted by the aliens, and in Thor's case, also by friendly fire, (The "other guy" still wasn't too fond of him). He healed at a faster rate than a regular human, so the stab wound inflicted by Loki was already closed, now just a raised scar. He left the room in search of pop tarts, his ripped cape billowing behind him.

Tony was splayed across a dust covered couch, the remnants of his Iron Man suit already in the process of being repaired by Jarvis. Flying into a space portal, almost getting blown up by a nuke, and then getting man-handled by the hulk after falling from said space portal could really take it out of a guy.

Steve, although covered in scrapes and bruises, wasn't that seriously injured. His serum improved reflexes and strength had saved his life during the battle. Still dressed in his filthy Captain America uniform, he looked like he wanted nothing more than a warm shower and a day's worth of sleep.

Bruce was uninjured, but he was exhausted. The transformation he undertook to become the Hulk really tired him out, and with all the alien-ass-whooping he was responsible for, he was practically dead on his feet. He collapsed into a ripped armchair, and let his head flop back, eyes already closed.

Agents Romanoff and Barton were injured just like the others. As the only humans in the group without super powers or high tech battle armour, they had had to rely on their SHIELD training in order to survive. Added to that, Clint was still recovering from his stint as Loki's zombie minion, and Natasha from the 'Hulk fiasco' on the Helicarrier. Clint had a splitting headache, and both were looking forward to heading home to their respective beds.

They had received a message from Fury as they were coming out of the Shawarma restaurant, telling them to head to Stark Tower and await further instructions. None of them were too pleased about it. Why would this day not end?

They were all brought back to the present by the sound of Jarvis' voice. "Sir, I have an incoming video call from one 'Director Nick Fury', shall I divert it as usual?"

"No point, Jarvis," Tony sighed, "He's a problem that will just come back." He paused, "Kinda like mould."

There was a click, and Fury's face appeared on one of the few screens that hadn't been smashed, in all his eye-patched glory.

"Avengers," Fury began, his face a calm mask, no emotion peaking through, "I'm afraid I have some bad news."

Tony groaned in despair, "What now?! We just got attacked by a bazillion aliens, New York City almost got blown up by a nuke, and my beautiful Tower was trashed by an angry, green, mutant leprechaun." He rolled his eyes to the heavens. "You mean to tell me you've got even MORE bad news?" He splayed his arms outwards. "Jarvis, would you mind pinching me? This must be a nightmare, things can't get any worse."

"My apologies, sir," Jarvis replied, "I have no fingers. I'm afraid I am incapable of assisting you in the verification of whether or not you are currently sleeping."

Tony sighed dramatically, "Oh well, I guess this means we have to listen to whatever it is Fury thinks is important," Tony turned back to the screen, "So Nick, what's this bad news you were talking about? We don't have all day, you know."

Fury's eyebrow twitched with suppressed irritation over Stark's antics. He took a moment to calm himself before he began to speak. "As you know, after the missile was fired into the portal courtesy of Mr. Stark, every alien present in the battle was killed instantly. We theorised that perhaps the aliens were somehow connected to a command centre through come sort of mind link, and when the base of control was destroyed, they were killed along with it. However, after reviewing footage of the battle from the all the cameras still working during the battle, we made a distressing discovery."

Fury's face was replaced by the slightly grainy feed from some sort of security camera. The video showed what seemed to be two armoured men slashing and stabbing the aliens with what appeared to be glowing swords. One of the men was wearing bronze Greek styled armour with a helmet that covered his face, and wielding a three foot long blade of the same metal. The other, was garbed in armour similar to the first man, except his was black. He was also wielding a three foot long blade, in his case made out of a glowing black metal. Together, they made quite the ferocious team.

Steve gazed at the feed, confusion on his face. "So some guys with swords helped us out in the battle? I gotta admit, that is a pretty strange choice of weaponry, but if they were helping to defend New York, I don't see the problem."

Fury's answered him, but he left the recording playing. "Just keep watching."

The fight between the unknown men continued, and just as the Avengers were wondering what they were supposed to be waiting for, the man in black raised his hand, and clenched it into a fist.

What appeared to be solid shadows erupted out of the ground under a group of aliens, and proceeded to stab them over and over until all of them collapsed to the ground, dead. The bronze warrior then gestured in a movement similar to that of his companion, and water erupted from the sewers under the street, wrapping around the aliens, and drowning them. The Avengers watched in shock as the two men made their way down the street, continuing to slash with their swords, but also performing impossible feats, such and causing localized earthquakes under their opponents, and creating deep chasms in the ground, dropping their enemies to their deaths. This continued for a number of minutes until the recording was replaced with another, this time from a camera farther up the street. The time displayed at the bottom of the recording showed that 45 minutes had passed since the last video. It once again showed the two mysterious warriors, who were obviously tiring.

Their swings were more sluggish, and their movements were not as viper fast as that of before. They continued to battle, working together to destroy countless enemies. All of a sudden, they both looked up, and headed up the street, out of view of the second camera.

The feed was replaced with that of a third camera, farther again up the street. The two warriors seemed to be running in the direction of third warrior, who was dressed in the same armour as the others but in silver, and he was wielding a dagger rather than a sword. He was engaged in a vicious fight with a rather large alien. A fight that he appeared to be losing.

The dark armoured man ran to his aid, while his companion watched his back, killing any aliens who got too close. The man raised a hand once again, and the attacking alien was consumed by shadows. He caught the knife-warrior before he hit the ground and fed him something. This appeared to replenish the fallen ones energy, and as soon as he gained his footing, he began discussing something with the dark-warrior. Whatever he said, the dark-warrior agreed with him, and they both proceeded to slit their wrists after the dagger-warrior drew a circle around the mutilated corpse of his attacker.

The Avengers watched all of this in mute fascination as the bleeding warriors were joined by their bronze companion. The bleeding warriors clasped hands and did something that caused the body below them to glow with a white light. They could see Stark fly overhead in his Iron Man suit, and just as the explosion of the missile caused the camera to shake, the glowing body blew up. The moment it did, aliens visible in the recording collapsed, dead.

The dark-warrior then collapsed, while the other began to dance in a rather ridiculous manner. The recording continued to play until the bronze warrior dragged his unconscious companion out of view, followed by the still dancing other.

The picture disappeared, replaced by the face of Fury. "I don't know about you, but to me, that be some crazy shit."

The Avengers all began questioning Fury at the same time. Who were they? WHAT were they? More aliens? Asgardians? This continued until a hammer flew into a wall, destroying it, and effectively silencing the others.

"Thank you, Thor," Fury said, "We're not sure what they are, but-"

"Demigods," Thor said, quietly but clearly, "They were demigods."

Fury raised an eyebrow. "I see. I was under the impression that Asgard would inform us of the presence of any of its people on our planet."

"They are not of Asgard," Thor replied, confusion plainly visible on his face, "They are of Earth. We had thought them dead and gone, but here they are, alive, and even more powerful."

Banner turned to look at Thor in disbelief, "Are you trying to say that demigods actually exist? Like the real thing, not a race of aliens who passed themselves off as gods?"

Thor nodded, sagely. "They were real. ARE real. The stories of Greek demigods and their godly parents are as true as those of my kinsmen. Although some of them may not have all the correct facts, they are all based on truth."

"And you didn't think to mention this before?" Tony asked, looking at Thor as if he were stupid.

"We thought them dead! The last time the Greeks and Asgardians met, there was much bloodshed. I admit it was partly my fault. I hungered for war, and the Greek demigods were powerful opponents. I thought we had destroyed them, and guilt has plagued me ever since. The All Father was furious that we had caused the fall of such a mighty empire." He paused, and then frowned. "It seems we were mistaken."

Fury glared. "I don't give a damn if you had a rivalry with these 'Greeks' thousands of years ago. All I care about is finding out whether or not they plan on causing trouble, and why we didn't know about them before now. I've had enough of war to last a lifetime, and if you Asgardians try to blow up any more cities, we're going to have a talk." Fury's eyes glinted with menace, "And let me tell you, you are not going to enjoy it."

Thor was quick to reassure Fury that he wasn't interested in fighting the Greeks, and the others began to discuss why these demigods had only been discovered that day.

"They have power over the mortal mind," Thor said gravely, "I believe it to be called 'the Mist'. It distorts a mortal's view of the world, allowing the demigods to live amongst you, without revealing their true parentage. As to why you are able to see them now, I would guess that for some reason, the Mist has failed. Even with your technology, there is no way you could penetrate the Mist if they did not wish it to be so."

"Oh good," Tony said sarcastically, "Now we have a bunch godly miscreants running round the place, messing with our beloved technology! Maybe if I create a filter for the lenses of a camera that can..." Tony began to walk in circles, muttering ideas to himself about how to penetrate the mist, with only Bruce able to understand what he was saying. The others ignored him and turned their attention to Fury.

"What do you want us to do, Director?" Clint asked, fiddling with his bow that was still slung over his shoulder.

"I want you on standby to investigate any anomalies our satellites pick up when we compare them to past records. With this 'mist' down, hopefully places that were previously shrouded by it will now be visible. The Avengers need to be ready in case this escalates to violence. I can't see a race of super humans peacefully accepting a group of mortals crashing their party. We need to be prepared for another war."

"That won't be necessary," a voice that sounded vaguely Italian, echoed from the shadows.

Almost instantly, Steve, Natasha, Clint, and Thor swivelled around, brandishing weapons, all of which they pointed at the corner of the room, where the shadows were darker than the rest.

Bruce closed his eyes and attempted to calm himself down. Wouldn't want to destroy Tony's home any more than it already was. Tony on the other hand, was brandishing a lamp in the same direction as the others. He had neglected to keep his bracelets on, and his suit was still in repairs. He had no weapons on him, and the penthouse security system was trashed. The lamp would have to do. He attempted to appear intimidating.

"Jarvis," he called out, "Is there a ninja in the corner?"

"My apologies sir, but I do no sense anything from the area in which you have aimed your lamp, ninja or otherwise."

The voice called out, "If I become visible, will you guys try not to shoot me? I'm here on behalf of my family."

"And who would that be?" Natasha replied, not lowering her gun.

"The Greeks", the voice said.

"Avengers, lower your weapons. You have authority to attack if he tries anything."

The Avengers begrudgingly lowered their weapons. As soon as they did, the owner of the voice came into view. He looked to be in his late teens, and he was tall, about 6 ft. He had messy, shaggy black hair that kept falling into his eyes, which were so black, it was impossible to distinguish the iris from the pupil. He was lean, but still muscled, and he was extremely pale, yet he still managed to have an olive complexion. He was dressed in a black aviator's jacket over a black t-shirt with a skull on it and black jeans tucked into black combat boots. He was handsome, if a bit emo, but there was also a dark aura around him. One that radiated fear and death.

The Avengers were tempted to attack, but they followed Fury's orders. The Captain stepped forward.

"Who are you?" he asked, suspicious unmasked in his voice.

The teenager scowled sullenly as he took in all the people in the room, and shifted restlessly. He twisted the skull ring on his finger before speaking.

"I'm Nico di Angelo," his accented voice echoing clearly through the silent room. "Son of Hades, Lord of the Underworld and god of the dead." He smirked slightly at the look of shock on Stark's and Banner's faces. The others kept their faces blank.

"Pleasure to meet you."

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