Hello out there! So, this is just a random idea I had knocking around my noggin about the LXG and another character. I know there are a ton of these kinds of stories out there, but I'll try and keep mine somewhat unique. This will end up being a multichapter deal, and I'll make sure that I let you know if there's any cautionary content, like swearing, which I don't anticipate, in the chapter. I'll try not to write myself into a corner, update when I can, and I am eager to hear what everyone thinks, so please, read and review. I know this chapter is in our world and has next to nothing to do with the LXG, but I'm getting there in the next chapter. This one is also incredibly short. Please, don't think that this will become the norm with this story. Anyways, I'm not terribly sure what else to type here, so I guess I'll shut up and let you read. Enjoy!


I look up from my math homework as I write down the answer to the final problem. Quietly, I pack up my supplies. The hushed air around me is comforting as I move about silently, like I always do.

Libraries. They are my home away from home, my own version of heaven. Here, silence is the expectation, and being quiet is the norm. For once, I'm not out of place. I can almost feel normal. That is, if I can avoid situations requiring interaction. If I can't, then my feeling of normalcy becomes about as existent as my ability to speak, and disintegrates like crumbling ash.

I can not remember having ever spoken in my life. Not once. Mom says I used to when I was young, but I don't recall doing anything of the sort. Add to that the fact that on a normal basis, it is literally next to impossible for me to look people in the eye, and you have the grounds for a first class freak show, or at least that's what it feels like. Of course, I can speak, with my hands. I have enough signs to hold up any kind of conversation, but who would learn them? Besides, I get enough odd stares- why add to them by speaking with my hands? So I don't talk. I don't stare at anything but the ground. Above all, I don't interact with real people. I interact with books.

Silently, I sling my backpack on my shoulders and stand, pulling out my library card from my pocket and heading over to the new arrivals section. There's a book there, with shadowy looking characters on the front, most of them with their faces hidden. The only thing shown in clear detail are the letters LXG.

Intrigued, I look at the cover, picking up the book gingerly and flipping it over to the back.

London, 1899. As the British Empire lies in mortal jeopardy, a top-secret initiative unites several of the most illustrious (and sometimes infamous) personages of the age: Allan Quartermain, famed explorer and adventurer; Captain Nemo, master of the undersea submersible Nautilus; Dr. Henry Jekyll, and his brutish alter ego, Mr. Hyde; Rodney Skinner, the Invisible Man; Dorian Gray, the ageless subject of a diabolical portrait; Mina Harker, surviving victim of the late Count Dracula; and a scrappy American secret agent named Tom Sawyer. Together, they form...


When a criminal mastermind known only as "The Fantom" plots to hurl the world into war, the League must race across the globe to foil the masked madman's insidious scheme. But they may not have reckoned with the traitor in their midst...!

Interesting… I think. The book isn't terribly long, and doesn't look like a bad read. I take it and hold it comfortably somehow on my arm and against my body before browsing the other selections. I find a few, check out the books, then go outside to the parking lot. Mom is waiting outside, and I clamber into the backseat of the car.

We are silent on the way home, save for a few comments from Mom about school, which is fine by me. I stare out the window in silence all the way.

Little happens in the evening. I go home. We eat. Normal happenings around the house. I turn on quiet music and begin to read the story called LXG. In an hour, when Mom forces me to go to bed, I'm captivated by the adventure, and fall asleep with thoughts of the League in my head.

The next day, things do not go as well.

Mom has received my term grades, and I am failing in many parts for class discussion. Of course, it's not like I even can participate in discussions, but no one seems to care. So instead, I get poor marks.

But Mom can't see this as I do. All she sees is a child who used to talk and does no more, and a girl who refuses to listen to reason. An immature child is all I am, and she shows her thoughts clearly as she reproaches me. I do nothing but finger my wallet in my pocket and stare at the floorboards as we head to the library and she screams.

"You insist on acting like you're two. I know you're not mute. I've heard you speak. You used to look at people. Why can't you look at me anymore?" she yells. I don't do anything, just keep continuing an epic stare-down with the floor.

"Why can't you speak, Riley? I'm sick of this game!" Mom screams. I flick my gaze up for a moment, peering through the windshield, then resume looking at my feet again, at anything but her. Even if I could, I don't think I would want to see the disappointment in her eyes. I raise my head slightly and keep my eyes averted.

"This is useless! This charade of yours is pointless! Stop acting like this and stop pretending! I know you can, Riley!" I can hear the anguish in Mom's voice, but I still do nothing. I can't. Even if she thinks I'm pretending, even if she doesn't trust me, it doesn't matter. With no voice, I can do nothing to change her opinion.

"Look at me!" Mom screams. Suddenly, there's a crunching sound and my head snaps up unwillingly. The world is spinning in a blur, and it's all happening too fast to do anything. I can see Mom as she frantically tries to turn the steering wheel, and I can see the green blur of trees. And then there's another crunching sound, right by my side. The windows shatter and something slams into my head.

That's all that I remember before the world goes black.

Now you know what I mean about the length and the content of the chapter. Like said, don't worry too much about this being the norm- it won't be. Promise. Just read, review, and let me know how it is so far. Danke! (German for thank you, for those of you who don't know). Auf Wiedersehen!