Nick Burkheart of the Portland police service was a very meticulous individual. He house was always clean everything had a spot where it belonged and if used would always be returned their. His clothes were always clean and ironed with liberal amounts of starch to keep them looking orderly throughout the whole day. His desk at work would always pass the white glove test.

Nick followed rules. There really were no exceptions for him. Their was a solid line, right and wrong, good and bad. He was a police detective and it was his job to bring justice to those who had been wronged.

It could be argued that Nick had a deep seated obsession with capturing and punishing those who committed murder after his own parents were brutally smeared across a highway when he was a young kid.

He had a small secret. Or a large one depending on how you looked at it. Not only was he a grimm but he fancied a guy. And not just any guy, his own boss. Nick could be clean, he could follow orders but he couldn't get his boss out of his head. Sean Renard was powerful, and strong. In a crowd he would be easy to spot, nearly 6 foot 7 with prominent shoulders and a strong jaw line he also had the air of command. Nick was drawn to him, like a uncontrollable need to be around him.


Sean Renard sat in his office hands folded and resting on his desk. His brows were pushed together and he surveyed his task force. Being in charge took a lot, it should have stolen his patience, his energy to do much outside work. It should frustrate him that his time and life were being wasted away in a small office. Yet it didn't.

Renard had many secrets and knew about most his staffs. No one knew of the world he was from, or the luxuries he used to have. He came from the grimm world, the world of vessen and animals, but to cap that off he was a prince, from one of the 4 remaining ruling family's. His royal blood gave him affluence over every vessen he met.

Renard had grown up with more than a silver spoon in his mouth, but if truth be told his childhood was never easy. By the age of four he was fluent in latin, english, german, Italian and french. At six he accompanied his father to the political meetings and debates, he saw misbehaving vessen slaughtered, and looked down on them uncaring.

Sean saw many things as a child yet every other moment he was tugged away for training. He did not cry. He was never allowed to do so. He eventually became a surly teen and decided at 20 that he would leave his home, and go to america to try and start something new.

If truth be told he was not entirely sure what he was doing. He didnt want his own army, but the ability to have affluence and command over others without his family informing him how to do things was satisfying enough. Their was a grimm. His grimm. All his.

He protected him from the shadows, keeping his safe from others. He knew that he couldn't always be their for him and he knew for a fact that two reapers had slipped through his defenses and panicked worrying about his young grimm but they never turned back up. It had been stressful but his grimm came into work each morning still bright and cheerful never afraid to come tell him about a case. His heart thumped painfully for a moment as he thought of him and shook it off.

Nick would never know his love.


Nick left work at 6:05pm that evening and took a moment as he got out of the office building to inhale the fresh air and stretch his legs and sore muscles. He looked up and down the street and at darkening sky. He had missed the sunset sadly, but he had more pressing matters on hand. His gut was twisted with guilt thinking about the two bodies of the men without heads buried deep in the woods. He sighed, they attempted to murder him that was fair, and they never would have stopped. But it didn't follow the rules, His rules by any standard.

Nick felt the guilt and sheer uncomfortableness with the situation made him nauseous and feel faint. Their was a lump in his throat and his eyes burned. He needed someone to talk to, and save for telling his vessen with weaker stomachs he took off up the street and climbed into his grey car and drove to Monroe's.

The light was on at Monroe's and Nick wasted no time in shutting his car off and practically running to the door. Monroe opened the door right before he could knock and he stepped in. His legs however gave out and he landed rather hard on his knees and he bunched up trying to protect himself from the world.

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