Monroe and Nick hauled stuff from the car and dumped it in the front room for most of the morning. They had a good time talking and laughing as they sorted clothing into one of the three laundry buckets Monroe had brought down. They laughed and threw clothes at each other, doing more playing then cleaning.

Nick danced around using one of Monroe's shirts as a skirt, and Monroe flying tackled him as he tried to run off. They were tumbling around in the living room with Monroe winning only because he sat on Nick's butt. Nick flailed his arms out gasping for air, still giggling like a child.

"God dude you weigh a lot..." He groaned and thrashed again. Monroe smiled and his eyes flashed red, and he leaned down laughing "give up yet Grimm boy?" Nick curved his back down and popped it up fast bringing his knees to his chest and rolled out from under Monroe as Monroe fell off to the other side.

Nick grabbed Monroe and hauled him to the side and Monroe leaned too, so the lay side by side staring at each other. Their breathing warmed each others face, and Nick looked at Monroe's red eyes.

They were both staring, neither moving. Nick didn't feel weird, just calm, this was perfect, he loved this. This was home for him, the realization hit him like a brick. The time that happened in the past was the past, and he was so happy, so free for once in a long time he smiled the biggest smile every and rolled Monroe so he lay on top.

"I AM KING OF THE ROCK!" Nick yelled at the top of his lungs thumping his chest. Monroe laughed smelling the elation coming of Nick. He vulgaed and stood lifting Nick with him and spinning him around. Nick laughed as Monroe set him down and Nick scratched behind one of Monroe's ears.

Monroe changed back and hugged Nick tightly, and Nick wrapped his arms around Monroe resting his head on his chest. The hug went on neither ending. Monroe looked at Nick wanting to kiss him, but feeling like that would cross a line. "Well," Monroe said gruffly releasing Nick and looking anywhere but at him, "now we have to watch Mulan." Nick laughed, "I didn't know you recognized that movie line." Monroe nodded and turned away and heard Nick say softly, "if you were looking for the opportune moment... You just missed it."

Monroe looked around at Nick who stood right behind him. "What?" Monroe said not getting his hopes up. Nick stepped forward saying, "I hope this is okay." And kissed Monroe softly and quickly on the lips.

Monroe's eyes flashed red and Nick smiled. He darted backwards his innocent smiling becoming devious. "Guess so." He chuckled and Monroe looked like he was about to eat dinner. "I'll huff..." Monroe said advancing slowly and Nick took a step back again, running into one of the laundry buckets, toppling it over, and he fell on his ass.

"And I'll puff..." Monroe said still advancing as Nick regained his balance and stood. Monroe's voice was low, and Nick saw his eyes glow red. He glanced. He could dart for the back door, or the stairs. "And I'll blow this house down." The last sentence was a dark whisper and without thinking Nick turned and bolted for the stairs.

Monroe was right on his heels and he flung himself around the staircase darting for the end of the hall. He slammed the door shut and heard Monroe slam against it. He slid under the bed, and he began to crawl further under when the door slammed open.

His heart pounded as he shot faster under it, but too late. Monroe grabbed his ankles and pulled hard, and he sat quickly on his behind again. Nick heard the growling from him, and he felt the claws sink into his shirt.

The shirts was torn off him and suddenly he felt hot breath on his spine. Monroe kissed up Nick back, and Nick writ her under him, moaning, looking up towards the ceiling, exposing his neck which Monroe took no time in biting gently.

Nick flung himself around under Monroe, and kissed him hard, surprised that Monroe kissed him back just as hard. They writhed around on the floor together, kissing, Nick trying to growl and groan like Monroe.

He felt the connection deep in his stomach, and from Monroe's face he felt it too. He looked at Monroe who smiled widely and kissed him hard, Nick laughed and placed a hand on his stomach. "What was that?" Monroe smiled and looked at him deeply, "when wesen find their mates they bond." Nick looked at his face for a split second before kissing him even harder.

They both panted laying next to each other, Nick's sweaty torso sticking to the wood floor. "So," Monroe said panting looking at Nick, "will you date me?"

Nick's spare hand that wasn't pinned under Monroe flopped up on his chest and he grinned. "Hell yes."


Nick rose the next day at 7 when his phone chimed him awake. He grinned and sat up and ran down the hall to the bathroom, and dressed himself quickly after he showered. He was so excited. He was finally in a relationship with a man. And he could tell deep down inside that this was the right one.

He thought it funny that he knew this, but he knew Monroe felt it too, and he could tell, that no matter what happened that he and Monroe would never part. He felt tied to him, but he knew he couldn't rush the relationship.

He ran down the stairs and grabbed the bagel that sat on a plate. He ripped a large chunk out of it, grabbed his keys from the bowl and spun around again.

Monroe walked out of the washing room, arms full of laundry. "Oh sure!" Monroe said scoffing at him, dropping the clothes on the couch and straight inning his shirt. "Just take off for work and leave me with all the laundry."

Nick grinned and choked down the bagel and sauntered up to Monroe. "Hey, I'll make it up to you kay?" Monroe grinned back and shook his head, and leaned down kissing him softly. "Whatever cop boy." He said swinging Nick's holster around his waist and fastening it.

"Come home in one piece." Monroe said seriously as Nick walked out the door and Nick grinned and nodded.

Nick was grinning all the way to the precinct, and he even felt elated walking up the giant staircase. He spun around on the first the floor and went to buy two coffees, and nearly walked into Renard. Nick took a step back, feeling shocked.

Deep inside him he could feel the connection. The same thing that connected him to Monroe, connected him to his own handsome captain. Sean looked down at him feeling the pull of the Grimm bond. He felt like stumbling back like Nick did, but he stood his ground, patting Nick on the shoulder.

"Nice to see you again Nicholas." He smiled at his captain. Missing half the words he said. What was happening to him. He was going to jump Renard the same way Monroe jumped him last night.

Renard turned and hearted up the stairs and Nick dialed Monroe's number.

"Just can't live without me?" Monroe's voice said from the other line.

"Monroe, remember how you were talking about wesen having mates?"

The line was silent for a moment before Monroe said slowly, "yeah?"

Nick inhaled and looked up and down the hall, "I know you're one of them, but I think I have another."

Monroe was silent for a second, before he said "holy crap Nick. That means he's my mate too." The line was quiet for a second before Monroe laughed, "swell, get on with your day, and bring him home for dinner."

Nick started laughing as Monroe desperately yelled "I meant to eat with dinner! I meant to eat at dinner with!"