The Ten Year Reunion Letter

"Hey Dee!" the familiar voice of her husband emerged from the kitchen, "You got a letter from our old high school, something about a reunion."

Without bothering to look up from her laptop, Daria replied loudly, "Throw it out."

She then put her focus back on the story she was working on but felt the presence of him entering the room and she clicked her tongue before saving her work and clicking out of Word.

Daria looked up at the big lug's face and noted the look of concern and asked, "Something up?"

He simply replied, "I just wanted to ask, why aren't you interested in the reunion?"

Daria just shrugged, "I wasn't a big fan of those people and I'm still in touch with the friends I did make through Facebook so, why bother making the trip to Lawndale?"

She then laughed, "Hell most of those friends now live in New York like we do anyway, so if I needed face to face contact, all any of us have to do is meet at a diner or something."

Her husband smiled at that, "Yeah, but I got the note too and Tommy Sherman got the vibe that he don't have a choice."

Daria gave him a long look and he said, "Sorry it just came out, thinking about High School brings out the old tick."

"It's ok," she replied as she got up off the couch and walked up too him, "and you do have a choice, so do you, Tommy Sherman want to go to your old High School for the ten year reunion?"

"No." he said flatly and enjoyed the look of surprise on his wife's face.

"Really?" Daria replied.

Tommy smiled at that, "Really, I don't want to go. Oh sure I was the big man on campus at the time, the big football star who brought home the state championship two years in a row, outdoing that Kevin guy who got himself killed by mistaking drain cleaner for vodka, and yeah I had a lot of fun but..."

Tommy then sighed and Daria hugged him when she noticed the look of pain on his face, "But the whole bye thing messed up my grades and after I screwed up my elbow I had to go to community college, who'd have thought that colleges cared about learning stuff? Not the so-called 'good old Tommy Sherman' that's for damn sure."

"But you improved," Daria replied gently, "And I was the misanthropic girl in High School who screwed up her friendship with the best person there for a rich guy in a faux-rebellion stage. Granted I found new friends at Raft but... Jane never spoke to me again."

It was Tommy's turn to comfort his spouse and he whispered to his wife, "It's ok Dee, we both fucked up in High School and thank God we met in Boston cus I don't know what I've had done without you."

"I don't know either." Daria replied with her face in her husband's still muscular chest, though his belly was starting to go to seed.

Tommy lifted up Daria's face and said, "I don't like thinking about the past like this."

"Me neither."

"So we don't go, screw it and screw them too!"

Daria's Mona Lisa smile said it all, so Tommy's next kiss included some tongue and Daria kissed back and soon enough they found themselves on the couch making out like teenagers.

And very thankful that the kids were at a friend's house that night for a slumber party, though their parents were starting to get nightmares about the teenage years that loomed over the horizon for their three daughters.

The two letters from the Lawndale High Alumni Associate were forgotten for now and were destined for the recycle.