Bruce hums softly to himself, drumming his fingers on the mahogany table, awkwardly chewing on the inside of his cheek. He glances over to his left and meets chilly jade eyes, staring unblinking. Cody, sitting next to him, says nothing, and lets his light green eyes drift back to his book.

To his right he spots Melanie, across the kitchen, toting a paint-stained smock, scarlet pastel smudged on her cheek, hovering over her canvas.

There is silence in the Willoughby house, save it be for the broken, nameless melody that Bruce hums, his fingertips taping on the kitchen table.

His eyebrows knit together and he sighs. This silence is all too familiar, all to mundane lately. But mundane doesn't meant comfort and Bruce hates this eerie silence more than anything else.

With bitter nostalgia, he recalls those moments long ago when it was laughter that filled this room, sweet laughter, not this lull quiescence. He recalls fondly those days when they would walk the sandy beach, the three of them sharing smiles and chuckles.

His memory of happy days is too taunting, and he doesn't want those memories to be just memories anymore.

He wants the bliss of a close-knit family to be tangible once more.

They hardly ever even talk anymore. Dinner is silent, free time is spent in solitude, and 'family' is all but a forgotten word.

Bruce hangs his head and ceases humming. He stops taping on the table surface. He lets out a low sigh, and slowly glances up, gnawing on his bottom lip.

He glances once more at Cody who does not look up from his book, intently studying the pages. To Melanie setting down her paint brush, turning to meet Bruce's gaze, frowning slightly.

And there, slumped over the table, Bruce makes a silent promise.

His family- his brother, his sister- must become a family once more. And he will be the best big brother ever. And Melanie, Cody, and him will smile together. And laughter will ring through this kitchen once more.

A.N. So. It's AU. Yeah. And it's about the Oceania family. (Obviously.)

This piece isn't written very well, I know. But it was late, I was tired, and it was just a bit awkward to write. Please pardon me, I shall try to write better in the coming Chapters.

So if you couldn't tell, Australia is Bruce, New Zealand is Cody, and Wy Melanie. All with the surname Willoughby. And their family doesn't get enough love like England's family, or China's family. Or even the German Nations or Grandpa Rome with the ItaBros.

Upon further reflection, I just might add in England in a few chapters. Like as his father. Or something. Meh.