Hi everyone! I know I shouldn't be starting a new story but this is going to be a short one, less than ten chapters for sure but I don't know how long the story will actually be. I couldn't help but love this idea and in my opinion Brady would be an adorable kitten! Without further ado, I present chapter 1 of Meow, Meow, (That Means I Love You)!

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Brady POV

"Hesitation is confirmation!" Candace accused Mikayla of her feelings for me. After these words I quickly backed up before turning around and running back to the castle. On the way I tripped over a root and fell. I stood back up before I continued running back to the castle. Once I arrived I rushed up to my room I shared with my brother before quietly grabbing a backpack and stuffing my belongings in it. I quickly grabbed a piece of paper before writing a letter for Boomer, telling him why I was leaving and that I knew he would be an awesome king. After I finished writing I set the letter down on my bed. I then looked down at my king ring before taking it off and setting it down on top of the letter. Not going to need the ring anymore, since I'm not going to be a king. I then glanced at my brothers sleeping form before softly smiling. I'm going to miss him. "Good-bye Boom." I whispered before grabbing my guitar and leaving the room. I was walking down to the throne room when I heard voices. I quickly jumped down from the castle and into the jungle.

"Candace, just drop the subject already!" I heard Mikayla say to her friend, exasperated. "Not until you admit you like him!" Candace challenged back. "Can we just talk about this in the morning? I have another guard shift at ten in the morning tomorrow and I really want so sleep first!" Mikayla asked exhaustion clear in her voice. "Fine but I will get you to admit it!" Candace declared before turning and walking out of the castle. Mikayla sighed before she began climbing the stairs. The only thing was she was going to my room. She's going to notice I'm not there! With this thought I turned and fled into the jungle. As I was leaving I heard Mikayla calling for the guards. "Guards! Brady's gone! Find him!"

Mikayla POV

As I said this Boomer came running down the stairs. "Brady's gone? We have to find him!" He then turned and was about to leave the castle when my dad stopped him. "My king, you need to stay here. We can't afford to lose both of you. We need you to stay until we find Brady." Boomer then cried out, "But he's my brother! I have to find him!" Boomer tried to go around my dad but was stopped once more. "My king, go wait in your room. We'll find him. Trust me." Boomer then glared at my dad before turning around and stomping up the stairs. My dad then turned to me. "Mikayla go ahead and get some rest. You just got back from your patrol and you need some sleep." I opened my mouth to protest when my dad spoke again. "I know you want to help but you need to try and get some rest. We'll find him. Ok?" I closed my mouth and nodded my head before turning and walking back to my own room.

Brady POV

By now I was near the dark side. When I reached the border, I stopped running and paused. Since every time Boomer and I had gone into the dark side there was only trouble, I was a little hesitant to go in. It's only half scary when someone's with you. It can be really scary when you're alone though, especially if it's nighttime. I heard the guards running behind me. That was all I needed. I quickly crossed the border and ran into the darkness. What I didn't know however, was that I was running straight for a cliff. As I ran right over the edge I yelled as I fell. While I was falling I hit some branches before slamming into the ground, all of my breath being knocked out of me. I looked up to see the guards standing at the top of the cliff looking around, probably for me. I felt something land on me and was able to look really fast and see little flecks of light starting to cover me before I blacked-out.

The next day….

I woke up, my head hurting slightly. I stood up and looked around for a minute before realizing I was on the dark side. Why am I here? And why, do I feel like I have fur or something covering me? I saw a pond a few feet away so I walked over to it. When I looked into the water however, I gasped. My reflection looking back at me showed a little black cat with bright brown eyes staring back at me. I lifted up my hand to look at it only to discover it was a paw and was covered in black fur. I sat down and looked myself over. I was covered in solid black fur, my feet and hands were paws, and I was a lot smaller then I used to be. I hopped up before running over to my backpack, which was now bigger than me, and trying to unzip it. I unfortunately failed, having no thumbs so I could grab the zipper. I growled at the zipper before attacking it. "Stupid zipper! Open already!" I howled at it before I realized I was meowing. I froze in my assault of the zipper and looked at myself once again.

How did I get turned into a kitten? This crazy island must have done something to me! I then noticed a wall with vines climbing it. I glanced at my "hands" to find I had claws. I smiled, or at least tried to, before walking over to the wall and climbing it. When I reached the top I looked around, noticing I was once again on the border between the light side and the dark side. I then heard footsteps near me so I quickly dived into a bush, slightly thankful I was so small. As the footsteps became closer I peeked out of the bush to see who it was. The footsteps belong to ….Mikayla!

I ran out of the bush and over to her. "Mikayla! Mikayla! It's me! Brady!" She looked down at me before crouching beside me and picking me up. "Awe a kitten! You're so cute!" She cooed at me. I don't know whether I should be happy she's holding me or extremely embarrassed by the way she's talking to me. I moved around slightly in her grip. She smiled before setting me down. She than began to search through my fur around my neck. "Do you have an owner little guy?" I shook my head "no" in response. She than glanced at her watch before turning her attention back to me. "Well, since my shift will be over by the time I reach the castle I might as well take you with me!" She then picked me up once more and began to carry me back to the castle.

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