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Brady POV

A few minutes later we reached the castle. As we walked into the throne room, I noticed my brother was pacing back and forth. When he noticed Mikayla he immediately rushed over to her. "Did you find anything about Brady? Any signs of him still being here?" Mikayla shook her head no. "I didn't see anything Boomer. We know he's still on the island because all of the hot air balloons are still here and there weren't any boats that left last night. We still have guards searching the jungle for him though." Boomer nodded before he noticed me. "Where did you get the kitten?" He asked Mikayla. "I found him in the jungle, near the dark side. Isn't he adorable?" She gushed over me. Boomer nodded his head in agreement while smiling. "Can I hold him?" Boomer asked Mikayla with his arms stretched out to take me. "Sure thing! Just be careful with him!" Boomer grinned as he took me into his arms and began to pet my head. Against my will, I began purring.

As much as I tried to stop, I couldn't. Darn cat reflexes! I mentally yelped. Mason then walked into the room, carrying something. He had my backpack and guitar. "My king, we found this just over the border of the dark side, at the bottom of a cliff. There weren't any traces of your brother though. I'm sorry." Boomer then looked down at me before looking back at Mikayla. "Where did you say you found this kitten again?" Mikayla looked thoughtful. "I found him near the dark side. Why?" Boomer than looked at me and back to Mikayla before responding, "I have an idea. It's a little strange but I need you to show me exactly where you found this cat." Mikayla nodded before leading the way out of the castle, with Boomer, who was still carrying me, behind her and Mason bringing up the rear.

I squirmed in Boomer's grasp, mainly because I wanted down so I could walk on my own two- I mean four feet. Unfortunately, Boomer's grip became tighter on me. "No kitty. I'm not letting you down until we see if my idea is right." Finally, we reached the spot. "This is where I found the kitten." Mikayla spoke while looking at my brother. Boomer, however, turned to look at Mason. "Is the area where Brady's things were found near here?" Mason nodded before walking forward slightly into the dark side. We all followed him until we reached a cliff. So this is where I fell from! "Down there is where we found the backpack and guitar." Mason pointed to the bottom of the cliff. Boomer nodded before looking back at where we had just come from. "I guess my idea was wrong. Sorry guys." Boomer then turned around and began to walk back to the castle, with the Makoolas in tow.

Once we reached the castle once more, Mason walked off to go train the guards while Mikayla followed Boomer to the throne room. "We'll find him. Trust me. Everything's going to be ok." Mikayla tried to comfort Boomer. He sighed before looking at her. "What if we don't find him? What if he was taken by the Tarantula people and they threw him in Mount Spew or something? I can't lose my brother!" Boomer was hysterical by the time he finished speaking. I really wished I could be able to tell Boomer that I was right here, and that I was fine, asides from being a cat, and that he didn't need to worry. He then handed me to Mikayla. "Here, he's your kitten, not mine." Mikayla took me from Boomer before setting me down on the couch. She then walked over to Boomer and gave him a hug.

I hopped up from the couch and walked over to my love and my brother before rubbing on their legs. I figured while I was a cat I might as well make the best of it, especially since I'm probably ever going to get this close to Mikayla again. They both smiled and looked down at me. "At least we found this cute kitten! What are you going to name him Mikayla?" Boomer asked her. She looked at me a moment before snapping her fingers. "We could call him Mitchel, since it's Brady's middle name!" Boomer nodded in agreement. "Alright then, Mitchel it is!" He then picked me up. "Hi there Mitchel! How's it going kitty!" I rolled my eyes on the inside but decided to play along so I meowed in return. "He responded to me!" Boomer was grinning widely now. Mikayla was smiling as well.

We all continued to play this game, where one of them would say something and I would meow back. We must have played for a few hours before Candace came in. She was about to say something to Mikayla when she noticed me. "Oh look a little kitten! Move kitty!" She then proceeded to push me away from her with her foot before sitting down beside Mikayla. Oh yeah? No one talks to me like that! I then growled before jumping on her lap. She shrieked when I touched her. "Get off me you crazy cat!" She pushed me off her before I jumped back on her lap. Boomer and Mikayla were trying hard not to laugh. Candace then pushed me off one more time before standing up and stomping out. As soon as she left Boomer and Mikayla broke down laughing.

"I love this kitten!" Boomer yelped while laughing. Finally, after a few minutes Boomer and Mikayla were able to calm down. "Would you mind if I kept the kitten here then?" Mikayla asked my brother, a hopeful look in her eyes. Boomer nodded. "Of course you can keep him here! He's such a good kitty! Isn't that right Mitchel?" Boomer finished speaking while looking at me. As much as I wanted to roll my eyes, I couldn't. So I settled on meowing.

Lanny then walked into the throne room. He stopped when he saw me. "Is that a kitten?" He questioned, coming closer. "Yes. Why?" Mikayla responded. Lanny walked over to me before crouching down beside me. He then picked me up and began carrying me towards the courtyard. "Where are you going with Mitchel?" Boomer yelped as Mason walked in. "I'm taking him back to the forest. I don't want him to eat Yamokoshi." Lanny responded as he passed Mason, who plucked me out of his arms. I squeaked in protest as I was being handed from person to person. "If King Boomer wishes to keep this kitten, Mitchel was it?" Boomer nodded. "Then Mitchel can stay here in the castle. Besides your fish is bigger than this kitten anyways. There wouldn't be a way for him to eat Yamokoshi." Mason finished as he handed me to Mikayla. She smiled before yawning. "I'm going to bed. I've had a long day. See you guys in the morning."

She then carried me to her room. "You sit here Mitchel and I'm going to get ready for bed ok?" I meowed in response as she turned around and walked into her bathroom. I then curled up on a blanket on the ground the best I could since I was still getting used to being a cat. Right as I was about to fall asleep I heard Mikayla walk up to the blanket I was laying on. She softly pet my head for a moment before she climbed into her bed. I had made sure I wasn't on her bed and that I wasn't anywhere near her while she was getting ready for bed so I hopefully wouldn't be in too much trouble when I was changed back. The last thing I wanted was for me to become human again and have Mason kill me because I was in his daughter's room without her knowing it was me.

I then had an idea. I stood up and walked over to the door before trying to open it by pushing on it with my paws. When that didn't work I began to rub my paws on the door, creating some noise so Mikayla would open the door for me. It worked. I heard Mikayla get out of bed before she walked over to me. "Do you want out Mitchel?" When I meowed in response she slightly opened the door before going back to bed. I, on the other hand, left the room and ran for my own. When I reached the stairs, I realized they were a lot bigger than I thought they were going to be. I then nodded my head in determination. I crouched down, read to leap. After another moment of encouraging myself I leapt. I successfully landed on the first stair. I cheered on the inside before leaping again. Now I was able to get up the stairs and I kept on jumping from step to step until I reached the top. I then walked into my room where Boomer was asleep. I internally smiled before jumping up on my bed and curling up on the pillow and falling into a peaceful sleep.

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