Since I can't currently commit to writing an actual story for 'The Host' I've decided to create a fanfic that consists of Jelanie one-shots that have been lying around on my computer for a while now.

There's no pattern to these one-shots. They vary from AU to canon, before, after and even during 'The Host'. Some one-shots are possible ideas for a story, some are linked, and others just standalone as they are. Basically this is a collection of all the possible scenarios that I imagine Jared and Melanie to be in.

If you have any ideas, thoughts or opinions on any particular one-shot I'd love to hear them, or if you think that I should turn any of these into a fanfic of its own then let me know.

Disclaimer: 'The Host' and all of its characters are the work of Stephanie Meyer. I'm just a fan of the book with one over-active imagination.

Melanie Stryder nervously rubs her hands together as she sits in the passenger seat of a jeep, staring at the little one-story house in front of her through the haze of a grimy window.

Her stomach is tying itself in knots, the palms of her hands are all clammy and warm and she's slightly annoyed at herself for behaving this way. Of being so on-edge. She wasn't this anxious when she had to meet her ex-boyfriends' families after all. But then again this isn't just anyone's family.

"I don't think I can do this Jared." She whispers, her gaze now focusing on the sandy-haired man sitting in the driver's seat beside her.

"Of course you can Mel." Jared says as he twists himself around to face her. "I wouldn't have brought you here otherwise."

Melanie shifts uncomfortably under the intense scrutiny of his gaze and ducks away in embarrassment. A corner of his lips tugs up into a smile.

"Come on Melanie." Jared pleads. "If something's wrong then tell me what's going on inside that pretty little head of yours."

A small, shy smile briefly flashes across Melanie's face as she sees Jared smiling at her encouragingly, his sienna coloured eyes begging her to tell him what's wrong.

"Well, what if they don't like me?" She asks, curling her legs up to her chest. Her arms wrapping around them simultaneously.

Jared frowns. "Why wouldn't they?"

"I don't think they'll approve of me." She answers somewhat timidly. "I mean, what if they think I'm too young for you? They'll see me as some pathetic, naïve little kid who-"

"Mel, Melanie stop." Jared instructs while taking hold of both her hands in his. "You've nothing to worry about. There's no need to sell yourself short. If anyone should be worried about anything it's me."

The dark-haired teen raises an eyebrow incredulously.

"I mean, let's face it. I'm the one whose looking down at the wrong end of a shotgun here."

"What do you mean?"

"Well if anyone's gonna look bad in this relationship it's me. You'll be the poor, innocent teenage girl that got charmed into loving me. The twenty-six year old pervert."

Melanie opens her mouth to object but Jared continues. "I'm serious. What would your father do to me if he knew the truth about us?"

"Nothing actually." Melanie retorts. "In fact he'd probably be ok with it. My mom however…I can't even begin to describe how worried you should be if she ever found out what's going on between us."

Jared grins mischievously. "I'd bet she'd skin me alive and serve me up as stew if she knew how much I love you."

Melanie scrambles across the front of the car and sits sideways on his lap. She rests her head on his shoulder and hugs his chest. "I'd hate her forever if she did."

Jared tucks her head under his chin and wraps his arms around her tightly. "No you wouldn't. She's your family. If your mother does anything to me it'll be only be to protect you."

"But I don't need protecting." Melanie argues. "You already do enough of that already."

"I know. But maybe things would be easier if I was some college frat-boy instead."

Melanie wrinkles her nose in disgust. "Ugh. Don't ever say that again. You're worth ten times more than what any of them could ever be."

Jared laughs. "Yeah. I really couldn't imagine you going out with one of them. You'd eat them alive."

"Well I do look older than 18." Melanie reasons. "Do you think I could pass as being twenty? Maybe it would make introducing me easier for you."

"Nah. I've already told them your age anyway."


"And my dad didn't even bat an eyelid. I'll admit my brothers are slightly concerned about the age gap and Ethan won't stop teasing me about you being my jailbait, but other than that they're just happy that I'm happy. Although they do hope that I'm not stupid enough to do anything that will get me into trouble."

"Not that you ever let us do anything in the first place." Melanie grumbles.

"Exactly." Jared grins. "Anyway, you're gonna find out exactly what my family think about us for yourself in a minute."

Melanie lifts her head. "Huh?"

"It's time." He states, tapping his watch which indicates that it's almost three o'clock in the afternoon.

Melanie's face turns pale and something about her horrified expression reminds Jared of a startled deer in the face of headlights.

"Can't we just here for a few more minutes? I'm not ready to go in just yet."

He chuckles, kissing her temple. "I promised we'd be here for three and I never break a promise willingly."

Melanie groans in frustration, swinging her legs around reluctantly to jump out of the jeep and onto the Howes' drive.

Jared follows her, chuckling, and she shoots him a glare as they make their way towards the front of Jared's house where his father and three elder brothers are already waiting for their arrival.